Imposter Claims to Be Lieutenant With Sheriff’s Office

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department:

Humboldt County Sheriff badgeRecently the Sheriff’s Office has seen an increase in telephone/internet scams. We have received reports of a person claiming to be a Lieutenant with the Sheriff’s Office calling and telling people they have a warrant for their arrest. The Lieutenant requests money to pay off the warrant. The suspects have even set up a telephone answering machine claiming you have reached the Sheriff’s Office when you call back. The real Sheriff’s Office does not call people to make payments on warrants. Any business with the Sheriff’s Office should be conducted at our Main Station located in the Humboldt County Courthouse, our Mckinleyville Station, or our two substations located in Willow Creek, and Garberville. Warrant information is considered a public record. You can simply call the Sheriff’s Office (445-7251) and we will tell you if you have a warrant. There has been an on line site set up to report imposter scams

Any imposer scam involving the Internal Revenue Service should be reported on line at the follow site.



  • My grandmother got this call a yr or 2 ago. They were trying to scare and pocket$ from a 88yr old woman. I got on the phone and told them to f off. He then tried to make me feel bad cause he claimed I will be responsible for her not paying and going to jail. I replied I have law enforcement in the family and am no lamb to his bs & he hung up. If Heaven really exists, Its not I who will judge him one day for ripping off the elderly.

  • These kind of people are the crap that scum poops out. Been scamed twice. Not a good feeling of how a person could be so low n careless, but there out there. Im on my game now and much wiser….. wait….gotta go. I just won a cruise to the bahamas!!!! Sweet

  • “You’ll never take me alive copper”!!… then hang up.

  • They called my mom saying her grandson was in jail and needed money to get cause he was standing right there she promptly told them to f-off. I told her to say no and hang up!!she’s 81 and assholes think just because your old your stupid.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Should post up the number so people can make prank calls.

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