[UPDATE Thursday] Eradication Operation Nets Nearly 2,500 Marijuana Plants, 600+ Pounds of Hanging Marijuana, Firearms and More

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

Mendocino County Sheriff's Office MCSOOn 07-25-2017 the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office conducted a marijuana investigation/eradication operation on the Sherwood Valley Rancheria (22000 block of East Side Road in Willits, California) at the request of the Sherwood Valley Tribal Counsel.

The operation lead by the County of Mendocino Marijuana Eradication Team (COMMET) resulted in the following seizures:

2,421 marijuana plants eradicated

611 pounds of processed hanging marijuana

95 pounds of processed marijuana

Less than a half of gram of cocaine

8 firearms

6 arrests

More information will be made available by press release at a later date.

UPDATE from the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office:

The following persons were arrested on the following charges during the operation:

Rudolph Esquivel [3056 PC violation of parole]

Dennis Hoaglin [29800(a)(1) PC felon with firearm]

Gary Robinson [11358(d)(1) H&S cultivation of marijuana by sex offender]

Robin Phillips [11358(d)(1) H&S cultivation of marijuana by sex offender,
29800(a)(1) PC felon with firearm,12022a1 PC armed during felony]

Patrick Welsh [148(a)(1) PC resist/delay peace officer]

Gregorio Martinez Guzman [11350a H&S possession of cocaine]

The County of Mendocino Marijuana Eradication Team (COMMET) were assisted by personnel from the California Highway Patrol, Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Cal Fire and the Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force.

See also the Mendocino Voice’s story:



  • Isn’t that Robin’s hood?

    • isnt anyone curious about the internal politics of the tribal council calling the federales on its own rancheria?? what in the world is going on?

  • “Less than a half a gram of cocaine”… that was just the dusting leftover

  • I hear tell that Bear River is thinking about growing pot commercially up there on the hill that could be the most worst place ever to grow pot .one thing it’s cloudy no sun moist moldy it’s just going to rot on the vine, and another thing isn’t it an Indian Reservation which is federal, so they can just get away with growing pot now. I don’t think they can the feds don’t recognize calif law someone getting lots of trouble you think !!!!!!!But i could be wrong .oh one more thing even if they could grow out doors the zombie tweeker hoards will attack .I mean hell if they would rob betty chin what’s to stop them. If this is all true I love to see how this pans out oh they will sell through their tobacco store

    • Have heard(no proof) BIG tobacco companies buying up some Humboldt land so they can be in the money, too. As long as they don’t start ADDING chemicals like they do to cigarettes! Enough chemicals used already…

      • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

        Philip Morris has many rec grow Llc in Oregon. Doesn’t really matter much. They are not very good growers anyway and no you can’t just hire success to many liers with fake instagram portfolios out there. Throwing money at it does not make you successful either.

        Testing is the current price stabilizer. All the oversupply that is suppose to crash the market will fail test. It will be this way for a while.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Every marijuana plant should be chopped down and anyone growing it should be made an example of.

    • oh but honeydew, we now know (because you told us) you were an innovator in the sensimilla trade. so, you’ll have to be our first example. how do you look in orange anyhow?

  • 611 pounds of “processed hanging marijuana” I call bullshit.[edit] Smh

  • Devils Lettuce Crimes

    Good start! Now if they would only remove a few thousand more pounds from the light-dep greenhouses that have been put up in obvious view. Hurry- Before it hits the schoolyards across America!! Get it all!!!

  • Over grow the Government

    Wow, isn’t this the tribe that Mendocino and Willits residents committee horrible acts of genocide on from 1850”s till the 1880”s when they were completely banned from even coming into Willits ? Isn’t it rubbing salt into these old wounds to continue the erasure of a culture (genocide). It seems old Allman always has a racist ax to grind with Mendo”s native American peoples, from raiding numerous sovereign tribal lands to racial profiling…. not to mention if you are an Indian you are twice as likely to be arrested and taken to low gap for a misdemeanor or infraction than other nationalities, unless you are black or hispanic, the MCSO targets all racial minorities! Look at the booking logs, if you have a couple violations and are a good old boy white guy you will get off, but if you are colored, indian, Asian or hispanic/latino, you can expect to be arrested for the same crime white people in Mendocino would be released for with a promise to appear citation, the “officer discretion” is always used as an excuse to arrest minorities, of course, Tom Allman is a 33rd degree masonic “Grand Master” and takes part in the Masonic Temple “Lodge Ceremonies” where they worship Baphomet the goat….. Look up who the G or God is of freemasonry….

  • Freemason Illuminati

    Masonic Rulers of Mendocino

  • Freemason Illuminati

    Masonic God Baphomet holding the Virgin

  • Freemason Illuminati

    Father Time and the Virgin – Masonic Temple in Mendocino Town

  • Victor G. Flashman

    Nice haul there in South Garberville. Only 20,000,000 pounds left to seize in Mendo.
    OH and another 30,000,000 pounds growing in Lake…

    Growing weed is NOT legal… Six plants!

    Can’t wait to hear all the bitching about the low prices…

    • Victor G. Flashman

      Excuse me, “growing in Lake County RIGHT next to hiway 20… and in Mendocino County RIGHT next to 101… No greenhouse necessary… Although the guys left over from the 60’s still grow in GH’s…

      Nice to be nearer the market. Pretty soon, weed customers will not even visit Humboldt. Grow thousands of plants, get popped! Bye!

  • Why don’t the police go after the poison on the street. You know, heroin, meth. This is what is killing our children, not the marijuana. The people who think this is great don’t realize the waste of tax payers money that is being used to go after these grows. If these growers are cartel or out of state growers, fine. It doesn’t really matter because there is more weed grown than they can bust. When they do bust someone for hard drugs (meth, heroin) the culprit is let go and go on dealing as long as they snitch on someone else. Where is the solution in this act?

  • Chump loves the d

    How interesting , the tribal counsel calling on “white man” to come help cut down herbs on tribal land. Did chief no nuts call himself?
    And as fir bear river growing in the hil, they should, they can grow strains in a giant greenhouse that will make whitey crap his pants , fully automated.
    Breed their own house brand strains as well and call them bear river og,or bear paw cookies.
    Its simple enough, they got funds and man power, id gladly come show them how and make sure its high quality and pass any test to get it on a real market.
    Im hearing more than half if yhe county wouldnt be able to sell their product legally due to failing tests for mold and pesticides. Half of humboldt cant get right and that alone will stabilize prices.
    Chumps from hineydew will practically let themselves out the door!

  • 😣😲😝

  • shawn the fisherman

    I would think that the size of the operation was prolly a big factor, Seeing it grow into this huge monster made the Native Chief uncomfortable. Better to call in outsiders to handle the operation, Rather then have the perps upset at fellow natives. Bring in white face to represent big brother.

  • Best background on Free Masonry I’ve read yet: “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy.

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