Two Suspects Sought in Yesterday’s Carjacking

Today, after further interviewing the victim, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department issued more details from yesterday’s carjacking:

Humboldt County Sheriff FeatureAfter contacting the victim and obtaining a detailed statement we have updated information. The female victim was sleeping in her vehicle when she was awaken by a white male adult. He first asked if she was ok, and asked for gas money. She gave the man four dollars and he walked away. He soon returned and showed her a bag of marijuana asking if she wanted to buy it. The doors to the vehicle had been locked up to this point. She then unlocked the doors and immediately a second suspect appeared. The second suspect brandished a black semi-automatic handgun and ordered her out of the vehicle at gunpoint. Both suspects were last seen traveling southbound on the Avenue in the victim’s vehicle, followed by a white sedan, possibly a Toyota Camry. The Sheriff’s Office has started trying to issue these press releases as the incident is unfolding, therefore details will change once we investigate further.
Suspect one: White male adult, average build, short dark colored hair

Suspect two: Hispanic male adult, very short hair, black bandanna over his face, and black baggie clothing.

The Sheriff’s Office asks anyone with information regarding this investigation call 445-7251

Earlier Chapter: Carjacking at Gunpoint on the Avenue



  • Sounds like everything was fine till MJ showed up.

  • #lawenforcementproud

    Not a very smart gal…

  • Good one, Geust!!!

  • wait, so she unlocked her door after he asked if she wanted to buy some weed? are you kidding me? she must not be from around here…

  • So…did she buy the weed?

  • Should have floored it in reverse!

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Yet another crime of The Devil’s Lettuce…

    if she wasn’t a marijuana addict this never could happen.

    Nothing good comes from marijuana. It is the emerald path of destruction.

  • Another drug related crime.

    Thanks SNL.

    • That’s why theyl it right? I can’t stand closed minded people. You take a serious situation that happened and make your own assumptions about a girl you know nothing about. You don’t even know if she really smokes, your taking a sherrifs word, like they never lie right ? And then a news reporter, somebody who gets paid to come up with stories. But even if she does smoke she sure as hell doesn’t deserve to get carjacked. Your post basically says otherwise, which makes you sound like you need to get tuned up.

      • Wade, the funny thing is that I kind of agree with you. People jumping to criticize without having all the facts is a problem. But, let me just point out the weird logic in you complaining about a “news reporter, somebody who gets paid to come up with stories” and yet, in spite of your disbelief you are on here reading it….That makes no sense at all. I do my best to get the facts straight and to correct when they aren’t and I expect people to read my work with that understanding. They should know that I am doing my best but that errors can creep in. However, if you are starting out with the assumption that I am making up stories, why waste your time reading?

        • And his comment of,sounds like you need to get tuned up, may be annoying enough in all regards. So thanks for tuning Wade up Kym.” Tuned up Thanks”

  • Well said kym!😄happy wed.!😎🌺🌸🌼

  • Hope your having a good day Kym!

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