[UPDATE 8:47 a.m.: Located] Sacred Yurok Tribe Dugout Canoes Taken Overnight

Yurok Canoe

Overnight, thieves are believed to have stolen sacred Yurok Tribe dugout canoes and the trailer they were on. Below is information sent out by the caretakers of the canoes. If you have any information, please contact Tia Peters at (707) 362-6447, Chris Peters (707) 845-9944 or Arcata Police Department at (707) 822-2428.

CANOES WERE STOLEN! CALLING EVERYONE TO ACTION: The redwood dugout canoes that you all know and have seen have been taken in the early morning hours from our home! They are on a custom made double canoe/boat trailer. Two were stolen.

One of the canoes stolen has NDN terraced designs carved in the sides — see in photos.

Yurok Canoe with design

See the designs in the sides.

Look out for them my peoples …. These are sacred beings that were made to help renew traditional culture. They have been in ceremony to heal and renew the world, and these canoes have transformed so many lives.

These are sacred canoes and HAVE BEEN STOLEN. LOOK OUT FOR THEM. REPOST THIS … LET’S FIND THEM. CALL US.Yurok home with canoe Yurok canoes

UPDATE 8:47 a.m.: We have received word that the canoes have been located. We’re still trying to learn the details.



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