[UPDATE 4:13 p.m.] Fire Reportedly Burning in Vegetation East of Bridgeville

Vegetation FireAccording to scanner traffic at approximately 4:09 p.m., a vegetation fire is burning near mile marker 28 on Hwy 36 about three miles east of Bridgeville.

Multiple resources are responding.

UPDATE 4:13 p.m.: The Incident Commander reports that the fire is about a 1/2 acre and spreading moderately fast.



  • When is Calfire going to occupy the new Bridgeville station. Crews were there before it was built, no there is nobody. Looks like Bens house is for sale, now who’s going to respond?

    • To the best of my knowledge the “NEW” Cal Fire Station never happened, they ran out of $ & scrapped plans to build a new one!!!

      • It was built. Brand new right on the river where the old one was. Access same place, through Bridgeville school. It has not been staffed. I’ve seen one vehicle there at a time and that’s it.

        • Interesting the “On the River part of the location was supposed to be one of the min reasons for building new facilities from the getgo!!! Supposedly the station was too close to the river to close to the Flood Plain where it was!!! As I said… interesting indeed!!!

        • It is staffed during fire season which is now! And has been for several years. It was completed and not scrapped….. and by the way the crew are usually very nice people who can give you great advice and printed information on making sure your property.amd home have adequate defensible space, water supply with the right Fire Department hose connections (2-1/2″ national hose ) and the appropriate road width, clearance and turn arounds . The awesome Bridgeville volunteer firefighters get some help from Cal-fire in the summertime.

          • I must go by when they are gone. I’ve only seen 1 pickup truck and have never seen a crew or engines. It always looks empty. Before there was lots of activity going on.

    • Has anybody reported the constant dry lightning hitting every 60 seconds over in Benbow ? No kidding this is really weird Lightning with no thunder no sound, just like the Canoe Fire some 10 years ago.

      • We’re seeing it more by Laytonville and LEggett but you’re seeing it by Benbow?

        • Kym from my vantage point [ Garberville Airport ] it looks like it is over the hill in Benbow, but the Garberville fire station stated it is in Laytonville/ Leggett area with rain, so that is a good sign, you were correct in your estimation.

  • Speaking of Bridgeville, how the hell is there a big grow right in the town proper that hasn’t been busted? Are they going to allow tours of the grow during Bridgefest?

    • Not on the agenda for Bridgefest at any of the meetings I’ve attended!!! If so it will be those doing the growing NOT the Community Center which sponsors & directly benefits from funds raised at Bridgefest!!!

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