[UPDATE 5:05 p.m.: Victim Identified] CHP Says Honda Civic Was on Wrong Side of Road in This Morning’s Fatal Crash

car and Logging truck accident

[Crop of a photo from Carlotta Volunteer Fire.]

Press release from the CHP:

At approximately 5:55 a.m., a 43 year old male, from the Mad River area, was driving a 2000 Honda Civic on SR-36 at mile post marker 10.41 [on Hwy 36].  At the same time Brandon Barnwell, of Bridgeville, was driving his 1994 fully loaded Peterbilt log truck westbound on SR-36.  For reasons still under investigation the Honda Civic was traveling eastbound completely within the westbound lane of  SR-36.  The Honda and the Peterbilt collided causing the log truck to roll onto its side, spilling its load onto the roadway, blocking both lanes of traffic.  The driver of the Honda succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the collision.  This collision is still under investigation by the California Highway Patrol.  The identity of the driver of the Honda Civic is being withheld pending family notifications.CHP Report

UPDATE 5:05 p.m.: The CHP reports, “The victim in the fatal traffic collision from this morning on SR-36 has been identified as Joseph Daniel Westcott, 43 years old, of Mad River, CA.

Earlier Chapter: Hwy 36 Closed After Logging Truck Spills Load; One Fatality



  • And there you are driving on the wrong side of the road can and will cause death .can’t blame 36 this time .

    • Thank you! I used to drive 36 daily and never had a problem with the road, just the other drivers.

      • The BIGGEST problem on Hwy 36 isn’t the road itself it’s the Morons who drive it like it was a 4 lane Freeway as opposed to the 2 lane Country Road it is!!! Both people involved in this wreck were locals, sadly!!! THE victim in the Honda should have known better than to be in the Westbound Lane traveling East but he’ll never make that mistake again sadly!!! Condolences to the family of the deceased!!! Wake up people & stay in your OWN LANE!!!!

        • The problem is they give out driver’s licenses to ANYBODY! Self driving cars cannot get here soon enough, although I will miss my 6-speed manual tranny.

        • Happened in the morning. Driver was EAST BOUND. At going on 6AM he could have had the sun in his eyes and been unable to see which lane he was in. Especially if the windshield was dusty or slightly streaked…
          Before you berate the fellow, consider the conditions.
          Of course, he could have had his cell phone out and not even been looking at the road…

          • Must have been a good day to die pull your head out of your ass. You don’t have to be a Rocket scientist to figure out how to operate a motor vehicle safely. Hiway 36 not for the faint hearted get on your A game when traveling.

          • he was headed home at 6 am.. sounds like he was out/up all night, running weed or partying.. may have fallen asleep or was loaded. looks like it happened right past the martin and shirleys store ..the sun wouldnt blind you in that spot esp at 6am. dont really feel sorry for someone who would have killed anyone else but a semi who was unlucky enough to meet them there. i’ve lived out hwy 36 for 17 yrs now.. the last 2 trips to the coast i had close calls and felt i could have died from reckless idiot drivers coming at me..one crossing the line in a straight stretch and one black growdozer w a black trailer going too fast around a curve and almost wiping out/slamming into me. its gonna be even worse with the backed up traffic from the roadwork. i remember when traveling the hwy was a mellow pleasure and people waved to each other.. boy, are those days gone. i really feel bad for the wildlife out here now.. must be so hard on the animals who need to cross the highway to get to water.

          • Unlikely to get reception there.

          • Thanks for your comment. The driver of the Honda Civic was a boy I have known all my life. Quite judging people – his family has lost their son and a little girl has lost her Daddy. Shame on all of you who judge. That’s whats wrong with this world……

        • What to much GROWER traffic PUFF PUFF PASS.Slow the Fxxx.down!!!

        • [edit] Back off mind your business! He was one of my best friends! I have only been on this site. But do you people have a life?

      • The people that blame ‘the road’ and not the driving are usually the problem.

      • Well good for you! Shit happens!! Tired!

    • Hey if my brother and best friend can not rip! Well for ever wil you be haunted. Remember carmas a bitch and she comes along!

  • Cheating corners will ultimately cause your death.........

    Even on 299 I have experienced vehicles either on coming or ahead of me cheating corners. I can only guess that cheating the corner was the driver’s fatal mistake. I contend highway 36 can be very dangerous for drivers who are not committed to safety first. Since 299 East is now passable I choose to not drive on 36. Almost entirely because of the other drivers. No road is safe to drive if there are other drivers driving unsafely. I learned defensive driving because of close encounters and I have my family to consider. They depend on me to keep them safe.

  • Did they fall asleep at the wheel? I remember as a kid going to swimmers delight and everyone drove that road fast,and camping at grizzly Creek and it never failed someone always takes that corner to fast. One time they drove off that cliff ended up nose down in the water and we just talked about it happening,and THEN BAM!! Please drive safe.

  • shawn the fisherman

    I hate to say it, But what a bone head way to go. 43 yrs old?
    ‘ old enough to know better young enough not to care?” Sorry to hear for sure. Prayers

  • Please no comments unless they are well thought. RIP young man….

  • Not sorry for the Honda driver. Very sorry for the trucker who must live with this for the rest of his life. He was making an honest living. Hopefully he will be able to continue doing so.

  • RIP to the victim. Hopefully the trucker can get back to work, soon. Give thanks for this life, daily!

  • Oh my gosh people!! All you know about this accident is that the Honda driver was on the wrong side of the road. You don’t know why!! Stop defaming him. Wait for the facts. This happens too much on this site, always the same folks blathering on about something you know nothing about! Remember!! It’s always better to keep your mouth shut and have people WONDERING if you’re stupid, than to open your mouth and remove ALL doubt!! (In this case typing fingers!)

  • drug related crime

    I guess they can take him off the most wanted list. http://www.trinitycounty.org/index.aspx?page=251

    • Yea. I seen that too trinity county most wanted. But still sorry for the family. But more sorry for the trucker.he has a living to make too

    • hmmmm. yup.
      i hope he’ll have a better life on his next pass through.

    • [edit] You do not know him and the crack head who put him on the list retracted her lie. So he’s not wanted. [edit]

    • He shouldn’t have been on it! Check the records. His jealous old girlfriend dropped charges. I am only
      Going through these messages
      Because my buddy will not rip with u horrifying life’s. He was a great man. And would never lures!

  • Rip sorry for the family

    • Thank you. This was my brother and I am so heartbroken. He was a good man and I can only assume he fell asleep. It was an accident

  • Patsy Yazzolino

    Seriously, all anyone knows is that he was on the wrong side of the road, not why. For all we know, he could have been having some emergency medical issue and lost consciousness, or his vehicle ceased to work, or maybe even for some reason he fell asleep at the wheel. I know everyone on here thinks they’re all knowing, but we’re not. So please stop being so judgmental, wait for the facts, and show a little compassion. Someone just lost their life, not to mention that his family and friend’s lives are forever changed by his passing. This is such a sad situation. My condolences to his family, and prayers for all who are hurting.

  • so a quick search shed some light on this sitch…
    joseph daniel westcott is on trinity county’s most wanted list..
    http://www.trinitycounty.org/index.aspx?page=251#JOSEPH DANIEL WESTCOTT
    weed, meth, guns, child abuse
    so like i said in my other post.. out partying/running weed/meth all night.. tweeked, loaded and stupid.. just the type that have made hwy36 so dangerous.
    i think its safe to say good riddance.. glad he didnt take out some innocent decent person.

    • Wow! I can’t believe how inconsiderate people are!! Did you know Joe? Do you know the circumstances? I think not. Have some respect! ….in other words “it’s really sad that people want to focus on everything except the fact that a life is lost regardless of what he did or did not do..his family and friends will forever be changed by the loss not to mention in a few short hours the sick POS that have nothing nice to say will have someone’s else’s tragedy to rip in to..hate to say it but those who have nothing better to do be careful because it could be you or your family that you just might be reading about and all their dirty laundry for the sick entrainment of pos low life’s that have nothing better to do..”
      You should be ashamed of yourself!!

    • And one more thing “bumblebee” I think it’s safe to say that you should be next! Then I can comment good riddance to you! You insensitive, heartless POS! You can judge when YOU are perfect! Asshole!

    • You do not know him asshole so shut your mouth. He is a kind hearted man.

    • You do not know him asshole. So get a life and posted your shit somewhere else lier! He was the kindest person I knew. So stop!

    • [edit] The charge off child abuse were from a former girl friend who was jealous. She actually dropped the charges. Do you know Joe [edit]!

    • Not any more loser his ex retraced her statement. Get a life

  • [edit] spreading a bunch of bullshit without any clue as to who he was. He was up early for work, and might have had a long day before. Yeah it was his mistake, but you’re all insensitive, he was a human being for fucks sake, show some damn respect.

  • To all of you insensitive assholes making comments. This is my brother and he was loved. He was not without fault, but his life was taken by an accident. Simply an accident. His family is heartbroken and devastated. So please have some compassion as some day you may lose a loved one too. This is not something anyone wants to see posted, especially his mother who is grieving terribly.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss!! Joe was a good man. He helped me out more than a few times. He was an incredible Father and loved his Daughter with every ounce of his being. He will be missed. RIP My friend.

  • I’ll just leave this right here.

  • WOW All these Drug Busts, girl not thinkn straight & unlocked her car. This sad accident. Drivers DRIVERS DRIVERS.
    So much has happened these past days.
    I must say, the comments section has been on point and no pissn & bitchin. I’m impressed.
    Thanks KYM. For all you do.
    Just thought I’d put this in …SUNDAY NITE WAS “THE NEW MOON”. Just sayin

    • Feeling bad for Joe’s Mom and Family! Time doesn’t heal…but it does get better! I’ve not lost a child yet, can’t fathom the pain! Sending good vibes to BOTH families! Hope the truck driver doesn’t have too many nightmares!

  • RIP my dear friend. You will be missed by many!! For those of you who have nothing but negativity to write, just remember that we are all human! We all make mistakes! No one is perfect! And your negativity and harsh words are no comfort for the friends and family that truly knew Joe!

    • Awww he was a good man I loved him this is so sad and close home some people really have a lot nerve it sickens me some these comments miss u miss Diana love Tay and brandie 💋❤️🖤

  • This is discusting. To read such crude and insulting comments about a man a father a son a brother a human being who lost their life. I’m sorry for the family and I feel there pain my mom lost her life as well on hwy 36 June 7th in Carlotta she hit head on to a redwood tree. She was a loving women and a fabulous Grammy. She didn’t do drugs but the stupidity of some people seem to think everyone in humbolt smoke drugs. Well guess what not everyone does. I’m sorry for your loss and in time you will heal. Just remember he is with god and in a better place. May he RIP

  • Sad news for my sister who is the mother of joes 3 young kids.

  • Bless everyone involved.my Condolences to the family. May he R.I.P.

  • Brandon is a solid , hard working young man. Hope he recovers quickly and may he sleep well knowing he is not at fault. Came upon another accident on 36 today. Please send the National Guard and take care of business !!!

  • Milieu is an idiot. The sun doesn’t come up to around 6:30 am. Maybe another transplant ?

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