[UPDATE: Road Open] Woman Trapped in Red Sedan After Crash

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA woman is trapped following an accident at approximately 6:20 p.m. where a red Honda sedan rolled over between North Bank Road and Hwy 299. This is east of the Hwy 299 intersection with Hwy 101.

UPDATE 6:31 p.m.: The sedan is on its roof on North Bank Road near Hwy 299.  It is closed.

There are three occupants out of the vehicle, according to the scanner. Two are patients with moderate injuries being helped by ambulance personnel.

UPDATE: Road is open.



  • The rain quits, and people are driving 85mph 10 feet off each others bumpers. Unreal.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    Best thing you can do, stay out of the way. Drugs, anarchy, chaos. Summer is dangerous in Northern CA. Drive safely, drive sober, drive polite, be scared! There is ALWAYS some asshole who actually DOES own the entire roadway! Roadway deaths have been a daily occurrence this summer! NOT fun for those killed, injured, and those who have to clean up and care for the killed and injured!

    You can die! Being jacked up permanently in a wrecked vehicle is not a good lifestyle choice! YOU can’t afford the legal problems that killing someone’s children will bring!

    Speaking of legal problems: we got PLENTY of senior citizens who have the money to OWN YOU in court! Don’t endanger the elders! It will cost you everything!

    Note: Your 4WD may be able to haul ass in a straight line, but on curvy roads, you should take it easy. We have lots of deer, raccoon, bears and foxes who thank you for being safe! The tourists with their trailers, RV’s etc drive slow and in groups for a reason! Our roads are crowded, but we have plenty of CHP, Deputies, and local cops! Hauling you to jail is a welcome relief from running a radar unit… ALSO:

    Being high doesn’t make you a good driver! Please drive home and THEN do your drugs. Thanks!

  • Their should be signs warning people who drive 299,36,101,etc.that it’s not the roads that cause accident’s,but the careless drivers who drive them!!🚗🚛

  • Gotta agree with Victor G Flashman on this.

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