Richard Enright: Some would say he was a legend

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Richard Enright

October 10, 1944 – April 1, 2017

Richard Enright of Whale Gulch died of natural causes on April 1, 2017,  while vacationing in Maui.He passed away with the assistance of Island Hospice and surrounded by his family.Some would say he was a legend, larger than life.

He is survived by his wife, Barbara, his daughters Holly Enright and Brandie Enright, son in-laws Ricky Vargas and Robert Juan, grandchildren, Kalea, Kealoha, Jaden and Angelina. 

There will be a Celebration of Life for Richard on August 13th at the Meadow in Whale Gulch beginning at 1:30.  All friends of Richard’s are welcome to attend. (No dogs please)

If you would like to remember Richard, a donation to our local hospice, Heart of the Redwoods, in his name would be most appreciated.



  • Rest in paradise….

  • Even towards his casual acquaintances like myself, Richard was as nice a person as he was cool. and he exuded both those qualities in massive amounts. It is a rare combination. In my experience, one of those characteristics pretty much precludes the other, yet not in Richard’s case. I am grateful to have known the guy at all. I can only imagine the loss those who were still close to him must feel.

    Aloha, Richard.

  • A good man. Sorely missed. He always had a wry smile and a chuckle to offer.

  • Friends and family

    Really you people ask for money to b gaven to hospice on a memorial page for a gathering but it’s not like hospice is putting in on for Richard, so if anything enjoy his gathering for some memories and stories people.and remember you don’t have to remember him for a donation trust me I knew Richard and he wasn’t like this all he wanted to do was sit back and smoke one with ya and talk stories and enjoy friends and family!!!!!

    • This is traditional for family to offer people who WANT to do something a place to donate. In no way is it considered something friends must do. But, speaking as someone whose father was helped by Hospice, I’m quite sure the family is wanting to help an organization that provided comfort for their loved one and them during a hard time. By all means, don’t donate if you don’t want to do so but please remember that other folks would like to help.

      • I so agree kym!!! My dad was helped by hospice in so cal and when i got back i gave donations to our local hospice as a pay it forward type thing i guess. I wanted to help make sure people in my community could receive the same care. My mom was stoked i did it, it didnt have to be the same hospice that helped my dad.

        Once you have them help your loved one pass you want to give, its so powerful especially in our dont talk about death in a real way society. I am incredibly thankful for everyone who does hospice work.
        I didnt know richard well but i do remember him being very supportive of our local community non-profit groups.
        Such a loss, you will be so missed Richard, may your spirit carry on and RIP.

    • Friends and family, I knew Richard pretty damn well and he always gave to the utmost in all ways. Very quietly though so if you really knew him, we know he supported a lot of causes. No one is Asking for $$ but some times people are compelled to offer donations and the local Hospice runs on community energy for the most part. They get no $$ from Insurance companies as most Hospices do.
      Personally I think Richard might not be so pleased you are railing against a little donation to a local cause on his behalf. Not his style at all. This is a hard time for his closest friends and family and we are just looking for folks to come and party Richard style – with a open mind and a happy heart.

    • @ “friends and family” post

      As Richards daughter, I ask you to take your criticism of his families wishes else where.
      If you dont have anything positive to say, dont say anything at all.
      At this very hard time the last thing we need are comments like yours that are very upsetting to me.
      Thank you for understanding

      • Sorry Brandie—-my comment below for you said Dawnie–but who knows maybe both of you remember that favorite car of Richard’s?

    • Something comforting? Something funny? Hospice is awesome! Richard was awesome!
      Are you being awesome?

  • Richard…he would look at you skeptically, seriously, make a comment that made you wonder what you did, and then there was always That Smile after…
    at Doug Green’s memorial i told him, “Who would have thought you’d outlive Doug.”
    Richard…one of the 60’s pioneers around here, like the rest of us he didn’t follow the rules, and ended up creating a loving family around him, lucky guy, truly did it all…
    adios ol’ boy…

    • Dear Commenter,
      Richard actually showed up in Whale Gulch in 1971/72. But he has left his mark. He was in the Windsor-Napa Valley before then. You are right, He never saw the rules as applying to himself in many ways.

      • What’s with the weird ” I’ve lived here longer than you ” stuff in this county . I know people that have lived here for 10 years that have more class than some that were born and raised . That said , RIP Richard .

      • See my comment below. Remember that car Dawni?
        About death: What could be cooler than trading in your worn out material body
        for a new one made out of Light?

  • I met Richard right after he first got here and one day met up with him by the big stump in Ruby Valley (store was open then!) to sell him a car Peggy and i were paring with. It was a two- toned turquoise 1956 Chevy Bel Air and he gave us $200 for it!
    It is the one car i wish i still had except for the fact that i can now remember the joy it gave Richard and he never let me forget how dumb i had been and then–that Smile –as he would slowly drive off honking!

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