Felony Charges Filed Against the Fortuna Dentist Who Wasn’t

Press release from the Humboldt CO. District Attorney:

Humboldt District Attorney DA BlurDistrict Attorney Maggie Fleming announced today that her office has filed felony charges against Mazair Eshghipour, also known as Michael Eshghipour, related to Eel River Valley Dental, the dentistry practice he purchased and operated in Fortuna between 2014 and 2016.

Mr. Eshghipour is alleged to have unlawfully practiced dentistry without a license, submitted insurance claims representing himself as a licensed dentist, and created and used a fraudulent dentist’s license during this period.

The case is based upon an extensive investigation by the Fortuna Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office. Mr. Eshghipour was arrested on June 30, 2016. He has been released on his own recognizance. 

Today, Mr. Eshghipour made an initial appearance in Humboldt Superior Court.

He did not enter a plea.  The matter was continued to for October 2, 2017.   The case is being prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Tobias Hasler, who specializes in insurance fraud crimes.  

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  • How about all the lives he came in contact with and prescribed who knows what for who knows why,,,, with all the other shit mentioned above and they O.R. this fuckin thug in a suit,,,,,,”And the beat goes on”

  • I’d bet that this erstwhile dentist is looking a bit down in the mouth about now.

  • But you ain’t bonafied!

  • Dentists like doctors can move to another state and set up shop some criminal way or another. He should be sued for all the harms to people! OMG

    • So far I notice the criers are crying, but where are the folks who used his service? Maybe he was good? Maybe he was trained out of country and simply doesn’t have a u.s. license?

  • Was he the guy that would rather do extractions than filling a tooth?

  • I feel that all the people he “practiced” on should be refunded their money plus interest! If not convicted by a jury then a Lawsuit from his patients should be filed–appalling!

    • I had the money from my last visit refunded, along with a short explanatory letter from Dr. Parks. I just wish he had been the last dentist to have worked on me at that time. Two days after MR. Eshghipour worked on me, a crown broke off. It was only about a year old.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the dental insurance companies go after him once the DA is finished. Also, re checking licenses, etc., I strongly feel that Dr. Parks and his attorneys checked them. After all, Dr. Parks didn’t just GIVE him the practice as well as all that equipment (dental equipment is rather expensive).

  • Shit. If he did a good job I would hire him. I paid my Dentist in Redway $320 to pull a tooth and he pulled the wrong one and he wanted to charge me 320 more dollars to pull the right one I went to a different dentist I am done With Dentist.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    Didn’t bartenders do dentistry at one time?

    Caveat emptor! That means, check the license, here in the county where everyone ignores reason, law and sensibility. Dentists should come with references anyway, as there are many who are impaired, or otherwise lacking good skills. These days, anyone with time and money enough, can become anything at all, whether a PA, doctor, dentist, lawyer, whatever. A license does not make you good at it, and if I meet another doctor who is on Adderall or Methamphetamine, I may just retire. Professionals are not magicians, they are just people who focused on something. They have the same problems as anyone else.

    When I need medical care, I leave the area! Especially in Goobsterdam! Run like hell away from SHCHD…

  • shawn the fisherman

    Well sore subject! He was my family dentist. Ive had to go to another DDS to fix everything thats been done for the 2 years I went there. Dr. Parks even charged my insurance for work that Ishigapour did. Dr.Parks claimed he did my crown and sent in a bill under his name even though Dr.Parks never put a finger in my mouth ever. Now my new DDS wants to replace that crown and insurance wont cover cause Parks lied, Say I have to wait 5yrs. Its ugly and DDS Parks is part of the problem.

    • Get A. Recommendation

      Two bad dentists in a row? Here’s a legit recommendation or ask for others: Doctor Holland in Eureka. Great office staff, too.

    • Dr Parks was a victim, too. the phony doctor used his name to make insurance claims. I contacted my insurance as soon as I found out to let them know that I had seen him twice and my husband several times. The insurance said that the only claims they ever got were from DR Parks – (he was retired at that time)

      • shawn the fisherman

        Delta dental ins co gave me the dates that Dr Parks billed me for, Dr parks claimed he did dental work on me that he never did. Dr parks refunded 8000 dollars to my Ins co. because Ishigapour billed for work he did. Now Parks is billing for work Ishipour did and saying he did it. Yeah the only victim is me and my family. Parks is doing fraud. He never touched me so he shouldnt be billing my insurance for work that Ishigpour did under his name

    • Thinking allowed

      I was thinking that this man might have been qualified except for some technical defect in his licensing but it apparently is no such thing but is truly dangerous incompetence.

      I have sympathy for those patients so abused.

  • I only used him once, but I really liked him. He is a fully qualified dentist, but was waiting for his California license. There is not a great choice in Humboldt County!

    • I only used him once but I really liked him! He is a fully qualified dentist but was waiting on a California license. Choices in Humboldt County are limited!

    • I understand that the staff (same staff under Dr. Parks as under Dr. “Fake”) got suspicious of Dr. “Fake” and that was part of the reason the DA got involved.

  • Doctors and especially dentist are very over paid in the U.S. Dentist act like their service is a luxury. Most doctors and dentist are only slightly above the blood sucking lawyers when it comes to greed.

  • I started going to Dr. Parks around 1990. I have no complaints as to his work. Being a retired nurse, gives me a little extra sight. The work was done promptly. I never had any problems with his work. No problems what so ever until Mr. Phony Dentist took over.

    Did any of you notice the huge file cabinet in the waiting room? From observing those who used it, it was apparently the files on Mr. Phony Dentist’s patients. That means all of yours and miner. What ever happened to the Dr./Patient confidentiality laws? I do not appreciate my personal files being located where anyone who comes along being able to nose through them. Although I have nothing to hide, Somewhere in the past almost 30 years, I may have said something or had something done that was personal.

    Think about it people. Think about it and how deeply your trust was violated.

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