[UPDATE 4:50 p.m.] Carjacking at Gunpoint on the Avenue

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Image: “Crime” by Abu badali, via Wikimedia Commons 

A woman from Minnesota was parked along the Avenue of the Giants near the Immortal Tree just before 8 a.m. when a bald white male adult “approached her and pulled her out of the car at gunpoint,” said Lt. Mike Fridley of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department. A white 4-door sedan is possibly associated with the suspect of the carjacking as it was seen in the area and might have dropped him off.

The stolen car was last seen headed southbound on the Avenue.

At 12:19 p.m., the Sheriff’s Department received a report that the vehicle had been located south of the dump on Dyerville Loop Road. Deputies are still on scene with the stolen vehicle and an investigation is underway.

UPDATE 3:50 p.m.: Press release from the Sheriff’s Office:

On 07-24-17 at about 0755 hrs a woman from out of state was parked along the Avenue of the Giants near the Immortal Tree. She was approached by a bald White Male Adult who pulled her out of the vehicle at gunpoint. The suspect was last seen driving her vehicle southbound on the Avenue of the Giants. The victim reported seeing a white 4 door sedan, possibly Toyota, leave the area as well. It is a possibility that the sedan transported the suspect to the scene.

Later that day at about 1219 hrs the Sheriff’s Office received a telephone call from a resident who lives on Dyerville Loop Rd near the dump. The resident reported finding a strange vehicle abandoned in his driveway. Deputies responded to the area and found the abandoned vehicle was the reported stolen vehicle. The suspect was not located after a search of the area. Deputies are on scene still and additional information will be released at a later date.

The Sheriff’s Office asks anyone with information regarding this investigation call 445-7251.


UPDATE 4:5O p.m.: These audio recordings from the scanner give a description of two suspects and give more details of what occurred.

UPDATE Tuesday: Two Suspects Sought in Yesterday’s Carjacking



  • shawn the fisherman

    Are you kidding me? Sorry lady let me be the first to apologize this used to be a wonderful place to be. Came all the way here to get robbed! Figures. Getting to be that one has to be aware of ones surroundings at all times even in the Avenue at 8am.

  • I wonder if it was the same bald white male who stole the bladders from the water tanks

  • Yes, blame all the baldies.

    “Later that day.” You mean today, sheriffs? LOL

    • Hey wait now, some bald people lost their hair naturally, while others shave their head as a conscious decision! Are we lumping all the cool, awesome, head-shavers in with the fragile, impotent, decrepit old geezers now? HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO INVESTIGATE WITH THIS LEVEL OF HIRSUTIST DISCRIMINATION?!

  • The hills have eyes

    “The Sheriff’s Office asks that anyone with information regarding this investigation call…”. Then how about a little more information now rather than later…basic info like if there is more description of the subject, maybe a little more description of the stolen vehicle. Even though it has been found, there is a lot of traffic on Dyerville Loop Road in the morning hours. Someone may have seen it parked in the turnout at the dumps, might have seen the suspect walking on the road. The residents along the ridge would appricated knowing what to watch out for. Rural residents are a little more observant because help is never closer than their closest neighbor.

  • Probably stole it because of the out of state plates, figured they had a bunch of weed or money for weed. Sad.

  • Veterens friend

    Kenny Springer, wanted fugitive, used to live quite near where the car was abandoned…big guy, shaved head last wanted poster…..

    • Sorry Vet friend but he has never lived up fruitland, that’s his father whom hasn’t spoken to him in a couple years

  • Kenny Springer is the biggest pos theif drug addict plane and simple wasn’t he just arrested and put in jail for Southern hum bolts Most Wanted I guess he’s out already

  • Time for all good people to get concealed weapons permits.

    • So how would having a concealed weapon have helped in this situation? Would the women have had time to grab a concealed weapon and use it while being pulled out of the car? It’s more likely the assailant would have ended up with another weapon, or the lady would have ended up shot. Better that she got away.

      • Think about it, conceal and carry. If she has her pistol on her side loaded with one in the pipe, she most likely could have been able to defend herself and her property.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    Jeeze, pirates much??

    OH Dyerville Loop! Never mind…

    • Dyerville goes a lot of different directions. Gateway to Alderpoint, blocksburg, ft Seward and every place in between not to mention hwy36.

  • No wonder people don’t want to come here. It’s zombies,drugs,crime crime crime.im so sorry to the folks who were robbed.NOT EVERYONE HERE IS LIKE THAT.We need some serious help,soon.Im praying for all of us!😟

    • The only reason property values are high is because of the devils lettuce once that goes away it will be a good place to live again

  • Real disturbing to think this happened in our beautiful Redwoods, an attraction I love to show family & friends any chance I get. I am a woman from the Midwest who travels 101 frequently, & because of a medical issue I take a break every 30-40 minutes & often stop in a secluded redwood grove. Well, no more. Carjacking has been the furthest thing from my mind but due to POS like this, I will never take my safety for granted again. Apologies to Ms. MN- we are good people here, really we are!

  • Concealed carry…

  • How many uninvolved people will be shot in the crossfire of the shootouts-to-come in your vision of the gun-toting future?

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