58,700 Marijuana Plants Removed Near Hyampom

Law enforcement on marijuana raid near Hyampom

On Thursday, July 13th at 7:00 a.m., approximately seven vehicles were parked on Forest Service Rd 3N10 on Pelletreau Ridge southwest of Hyampom. There were two Forest Service law enforcement vehicles, Trinity County Sheriff, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and several unmarked trucks and SUV’s. It was on Trinity National Forest near Johnson and Cold Creeks. [Photo provided by a reader who reported this information.]

Press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office:

July 13, 2017 the Trinity County Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force, United States Forest Service Law enforcement Officers, and Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP), conducted a marijuana raid and eradication operaton in the Shasta Trinity National Forest.

Officers eradicated over 58,700 marijuana plants;no suspects were located. This complex of marijuana grows was the largest site found in the last several years on Public lands in Trinity County.

Agencies Involved:Trinity County Sheriff’s OfficeUnited States FOrest Service Law EnforcementCampaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP)



    • I used to hunt in the area of this eradication, but stopped after repeated confrontations with large grows. Couldn’t believe the damage these things cause – creeks pumped dry, chemical containters everywhere, poaching, etc. – not to mention the risk of getting killed. Keep it up LEOs and Forest Service (and if you see one of these type grows, report it directly to the Forest Service field office, they do respond).

      • Once in the Yolla Bolly’s we camped just south of North Yolla Bolly Mt. at a hunters camp and found an enormous pile of whisky bottles and old cans but at least they left when the hunt was over.
        That and later a dead horse in a ridge top lake that was fouling the water.
        Most visitors there use the Central Valley access.

      • #lawenforcementproud

        It’s Disgusting what these POS are getting away with!!!!!
        So happy to read news like this!!!!!

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Years ago, I was hunting with a buddy off Usal Road and we found a hunter’s camp full of scattered garbage. This was way before massive outlaw gardens.

  • Drugs….Cant get enough. Enough crimes, habitat loss, stupidity……that is.

  • tenderHummingbirdneckbbq

    brainwashed thugs eradicating Gods gift,…whoopie

  • thats a lot of plants, must have been a neighborly effort/joint venture,….all that work, what a bummer, oh well still time to replant after these nazis are gone.

  • Thinking allowed

    Or in pursuit of brainwashed thugs destroying God’s gifts in the pursuit of mammon? On public land?

    • you ever been there? on that public land? yeah i didn’t think so!

      • Thinking allowed

        So it’s natural waste land that can’t ever be anything else so why not let the illegal growers have at it? If you mean something else, you need to be clear.

        • When mother earth or the lord created nature, I don’t think they thru it all in a pot and said awww what a waste. Its all part of the earths natural hydrolic system. It is doing something, like helping sustain the environment & world we live in.

  • Great Job! Sure wouldn’t want to come across this plantation when I was hiking. Wonder how much it was potentially worth?

  • Holy shit!!!! How is it possible for that many plants to be grown on National Park’s land without anyone knowing??!?

    With all the satellites in the sky, someone knew.

    How would you get all your supplies to your plants without kicking up a whole lotta dust. Guess the FBI needs to look into corruption in Trinity County as well.

    That many plants on public land….cartel work? Guess the cartels either pay well or seriously threaten…

  • 50,000 grows, 10,000 plants, lessee, that’s one billion pounds of product, or about 100$/lb…

    • Hell, you won’t be able to give it away!

      • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

        Not you per say diesel, but there sure are a lot of people exited for the market to tank. I just don’t think we’re there yet.
        Maybe with this particular kind of boof swag.

        We have a few years on high quality having value. Mark my words everyone, it’s not over yet.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        You mean like booze, cigarettes, and coffee? Can’t give it away.

  • Any pics of the grow?

  • its a joint effort by all neighbors thats how ,… can’t grow on your own land so use public land, its everybody

    • 👎👎👎👎👎 stay the fuck off public land. Of course you can grow your own land, unless you’re a coward.

  • victimless crime

  • I’ve always been skeptical of these high numbers. I can’t fathom it. A July 11th bust on private ground just inside the Humboldt County line, outside of Hyampom netted 5,491 plants growing in 15 greenhouses and 7 outdoor grows. That’s 1/10 of what this article says was confiscated. I just can’t believe these numbers.

  • if this plant is so evil why would God or the Universe or Mother nature have brought it fourth.
    yet man made alcohol is so awesome right? get a grip

    • People are evil, not plants…

    • Alcohol occurs naturally in fermenting fruit, I have seen videos of drunk wildlife man had nothing to do with. A little Satans saliva to go with your cilantro?

    • God/nature made many dangerous things. I have at least three different beautiful flowering plants growing in my garden a could easily and quickly kill someone with. So the argument God/nature made it so therefore it is good is a fallacious argument.

    • Alcohol is a double carbon group substance can occur naturally through fermentation (CHOO2). Quit with the God created – I have never heard a reference to weed/MJ in the Bible. With the recent busts if you claim it is medicinal then there is enough weed to get everyone in the country high several times over.

  • they are throwing numbers out is all. standard procedure, name a number, spend some time hiking and slouching, let everyone know what a great job you did, get a promotion, repeat.
    they don’t need to prove anything, they will let us have pictures when they decide its time we are ready for them. typical corrupt bs

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Less drugs for growers to sell in schoolyards or trading drugs for food stamps.

    Sad what the 10 road has become, but that’s why the forest circus hires those Mexican contractors cutting brush, it catches growers producing drugs & trafficking in humans.

    Since the Garden Of Eden when Eve smoked marijuana, every grower is only focused on selling drugs to small children.

    That is why it’s The Devil’s Lettuce.

    For every Lettuce Head out there, I sincerely hope they chop your plants and take you to jail.

  • Beautiful Country

    Umm…okay… but why did you stop there? There’s a lot more right nearby. Some are HUGE. Top of Lake Mountain, Top of Big Creek, Kerlin Creek, Pellet Ridge Rd all very obvious and easy. Just drive up, cut down and Bingo!! You will have done your job. For that hill. Hint- the roads go directly to the plants and you won’t barely have to walk far from your air-conditioned trucks! Bring a lunch and a cooler. It’s that easy. Do your job, please!

  • What amazes me is all this traffic and activity on Forest Service land and Ranger Rick, who is supposed to patrol the land, has no clue what’s going on. Does he think all that traffic is picnickers or bird watchers? What a joke!

  • Sheriffs and other agencies are shortchangiing themselves with these vague press releases and no photographs! The public should see the level of industrial planting going on in the backwoods and appreciate how much effort it is to deal with.

    • I would not consider the TCSO a professional outfit. Ever walked into their office? Yikes….

      Their detective’s work on violent crimes work seems virtually nonexistent.

      I’ll bet the TCSO didn’t lead this operation , they were there cause they were asked or obligated to be.

      • I agree, Trinity Co. Sheriff’s Ofc. will not go after any growers. I’ve filed multiple Code Violation complaints for the last 6 yrs. against the illegal/unpermitted commercial growing operation next to my home in Trinity Pines, human waste being discharged into the creek bed from people living there against County Codes, 4, 30x100ft greenhouses, using large diesel generators with the exhaust constantly blowing onto my property and into my home and dozens of other Code violations. I am a disabled senior citizen, have asthma and cannot tolerate diesel exhaust at all. I contacted 911 a week ago Sat. when the stench was extremely bad asking if they would just send a Deputy by to speak to the growers and ask them to stop. They refused to do so, even though Deputies drive right by Trinity Pines every day. I am a prisoner in my own home, having to keep my windows and doors closed without being able to open them to let the breeze cool it off in 90+ degree heat. I cannot get any help from Trinity Co.
        If anyone else thinks this is unacceptable, please contact the Trinity Co. Code Enforcement Officer Cpl. Ron Hanover at rhanover@trinitycounty.org and express your thoughts. Maybe that will help.

  • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

    Drug dealers and kids… anybody remember these flyers distributed around various cities.
    Suspected to be a hoax… some insight as to why in the article.


    • This story murdered the English language and its spelling so bad I had to stop reading.

      • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

        Looked it over again. Your right, I didn’t read it all the first time. I just remember the flyers posted around when I was a kid.

  • Pics or it didn’t happen!

  • Alcohol prohibition in the US was responsible for the massive expansion of organized crime in our nation. In its wake, murder, mayhem, lawlessness and destruction. Once the damage was done we were smart enough to repeal the idiocy of alcohol prohibition. Our government was stupid enough however to go forward and repeat the exact same mistake regarding other vices like cannabis, further strengthening the crime lords we were trying to rid ourselves of.

    The “War on Drugs” that was launched in the US is still being forced on other nations and has been a complete global disaster. Shooting ourselves in the foot wasn’t bad enough, we then held a fiscal gun on other nations like Colombia, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica etc. and forced them to repeat the exact same mistake. This total debacle has resulted in the creation of huge powerful global crime cartels and a crime wave of epic proportions destroying the lives of people it was supposed to protect.

    Time to end the failed war on cannabis and legalize!

    • Putin trying to gain control of weed business through Bulgarian mafia for the last 20 years? German Bayer buys Monsanto for 66 Billion$ and says they will control all medical marijuana in the world. Keep Humboldt as wild as possible! Never give an inch!!

    • Yes. Actually legalize it. We don’t need the government moving in, acting like a cartel itself, raking its cut of the action. Just make it legal to grow and sell and smoke and eat or whatever you want to do with it, just like tomatoes. Period. Environmental regulations, sure, like any agricultural crop. But beyond that just legalize it. All of these problems, especially including the huge for profit grows, will go away. The market will collapse and the stuff will have no cachet, no mystique, no forbidden fruit attraction, and be worth no more than broccoli.

      • I disagree, to a point. You don’t get high on tomatoes or broccoli so it will always have more appeal to a kid or a criminal. If whisky grew on bushes in the back yard, kids and criminals will rip you off while your away.

      • So legailize it right. No crime?right! It would work, i agree IF you legalized it country wide and made it so everyone who wanted to use could afford it. This means those pot clubs who are making 6-7k of a hard grown humboldt pound that goes for 1k and disguiseing them selves as ” care givers” for “their” “patients ” They need to give it to actuall cancer pateints and charge the rest of the rec smokers 8$ an eighth. Until this happens, there will be crime just like ALL other mind altering drugs. “Here…,weed is a medicine bro, it heals…now let me tickle yo balls while i steal your wallett”!

    • Thinking allowed

      The idea that Prohibition was responsible for violence is only true in very small part. It was pushed by the social engineers of the time as a way of stopping the constant drunken violence that took place daily in the times when there were taverns on just about every block. The US had an international reputation for alcoholism and brawling, fighting and drunks killing each other. In fact that was the primary duty of police in that age- confining the drunken mayhem and vices to a minimum.

      The thing Prohibition did do was organize some of the violence but it also shut down huge numbers of bars and taverns that never came back. A mixed result that did wean some of the population off their daily drunk.

      Calling Prohibition a failure is one of those simplifications that people swallow whole because they like their booze. Same as pot users love their pot and so blithely ignore inconvenient reality. And nothing will convince them otherwise.

  • As a bit of fun…

    Who wants to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar….

    Rather, who wants to take guesses on what “operation yurok” will post as their plant #’s this year…

    I’m going to say 43,201.

    Whoever wins gets a jelly bean

  • 58,701 because they have to break this season’s record

  • Getting all they can,while they can. I know folks who have 30 green houses and say it’s not enough!! Wholly shit when is enough enough?take care everyone

    • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

      Depends on the size of the greenhouse. 30 pvc 10×96 hoops would be 28,800sqft sounds like a good brag to say 30 greenhouses. Then you top it off with a “but I need more”.
      Those folks you know seem like frenemies.

      • Their blowing it up!! Most growers are. They must think the more they grow the more money they’ll get. I don’t see that anymore. There’s always one rotten appel in the basket.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    Kinda seems like you would need an army to plant and tend 60,000 plants… No arrests were mentioned?

    Amazing how few facts, and how much speculation. Perhaps there is more info about this incredible exhibition of environmental degradation and criminal greed.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      TCSO when approaching a terrorist site form a skirmish line in a half circle around the enemy positions.

      This allows an escape route for the terrorists that can be captured fleeing vs an all out firefight. It’s in The Art Of War.

      Not having a blocking position allowed the terrorists to escape.

      Even so-

      A moderate terrorist staging scene is knocked out, nobody was injured, and weed isn’t being shipped to middle school children from there.

      This bust shows the need for A-10 and Comanche aircraft involved in dealing with marijuana terrorism.

      A1-Abrams with berm breaching gear and air cover could end the Marijuana Caliphate in a week.

      Marijuana growers are behind 911 and are actively planning another event, report them to authorities, pour Garlon in their water tanks, and squirt super glue in their gate locks.

      • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

        Garlon in the water tank, super glue in the locks. You should write an anti-lettuce handbook. Is human cloning available to the masses yet? A small army of you and I think the Marijuana Caliphate would buckle under the pressure.

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  • I have an adblocker also. Aaaaand, I turn it off for trusted sites that give me value. I want to help them so they can continue to provide me information.

    Should you feel the urge to turn off your adblocker here, I promise local ads, no moving ads, and no talking ads.

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