Marble Fire Continues to Chew Through More Forest and to Threaten Structures

Map of Marble Fire from 7/21

Smoke rising from the Marble Fire on July 20.
[Photo by Will Harling]

The Marble Fire, a wildland fire burning in heavy timber off of Hwy 96 northwest of Somes Bar in the Six Rivers National Forest continues to push further east from where it began two days ago. The incident is now at 280 acres and only 10% contained. Homes are threatened.

The infrared map below shows a hot crescent leading towards the east and the Patterson Ranch with cooler areas to the south and west.

Map of Marble Fire from 7/21

No structures are within the fire’s perimeter but several are in danger as the blaze continues its march east. The map below (click to enlarge) indicates dozer lines that are situated to protect structures in the area.Map of Marble Fire from 7/21

Cleanup continues along Hwy 96 at the western edge of the fire making sure that flames cannot come back to life in that area.

NorCal Team 2, a type 2 Incident Management Team, took over command at 6 a.m. today. They’ll be struggling to deal with hot, dry and windy weather with a potential for lightning through Sunday.

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  • We used to be the country of loggers, tourism, and swimming and fishing.
    Now we are nothing but forest fires and algae bloom.
    Yay progressives? I think not.
    Beware, always, of agendas based off tunnel vision.

    • Yeah well being that the slashing of forests is the sole cause of distructive forest fires then this is just the end results of all those years of blissfull logging when everything was great.. did I mention what unchecked logging has done to our rivers… sorry can’t make amerika great again by logging when every hillside already been slashed.. Beware, always, of agendas based of making a quick buck off nature without regard for the future. Duh!

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Don’t forget dope growers, human traffickers, yoga instructors, and social justice warriors…

      Can’t forget those.

      Definitely need some billboards explaining these things as people drive along the 101.

    • Hey Shak…We raped and pillaged the timber in the 70’s and 80’s. looking back at it when I was kid…money was good…men worked and drank like men…mothers were damn good moms except for those damn cigs of course….it was a better time for kids to grow up around here…but let’s not lie to ourselves about the problems we are having now to that era gone by…time to restore our natural resources for the future great great great grandkids

  • Thank you for the updates and excellent maps and photos. We did not wake up to heavy smoke today and we appreciate the fire fighting crews, both air and ground who have worked diligently to protect our neighbors homes.

  • Sounds like “not stupid” is pretty stupid. I agree with the first comment.

  • Sound like a bunch of rose colored idiots.

  • Slash is the term used to describe the debris left after logging. Be it selective or clear cutting. slash piles are usually burned in the fall after the first rains according to my log falling neighbor. The fuel load in our area is high due to winter tree fall. The plantations put in after the logging above Patterson Ranch road are thick with brush. Would be awesome if there were funds for mechanical conifer release.

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