[UPDATE 9:47 a.m.] Fatal Accident Near the Miranda Offramp; Two Locals Dead; Driver Injured

At approximately 3:20 a.m., two passengers died after the northbound vehicle they were in went over the embankment just north of the Miranda Offramp from Hwy 101. According to a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol, Officer William Wunderlich, the driver was taken to St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka. At this point, they don’t know the extent of his injuries.

“We’re still investigating and won’t have the names of the fatalities [for publication] til later,” Wunderlich said. He did confirm that the occupants of the car were local but families of the deceased still need to be notified.

UPDATE 9:47 a.m.: Fortuna Man Driver in This Morning’s Double Fatal Accident



  • My sincere condolences to family. Praying for all involved.

  • My heartfelt condolences to the family’s 🕊

  • So Sad! I’m sending my love to all these people involved & their families today. driving by this accident rocked my world. I’m still crying

  • I am so sorry for all families involved this was my family last year around this time and please everyone remember this is someone’s family people are hurting i don’t know any details or anything just that sometimes people can get really mean and hurtful
    On these comments

  • So sad praying for all involved and family

  • how bout the name of the driver??

  • This is so upsetting.im freaking out waiting on who to morn.may God be with you and your family’s on this dark sad morning

  • I wonder if he fell asleep at the wheel. Sad for all involved. Be careful driving everyone.

  • Michelle Steele

    Prayers to all family and friends involved. I can’t imagine 2 great men are gone. I knew one of them well. R.I.P. may you both fly with the Angel’s and look over your many family members and friends and keep them safe

  • Every time I get on the freeway im driving 70 mph ,and i constantly get blow off the road its seems 85 is the new 65 ,and i never see any cops posted up at the usual spots ,and I never see anyone pulled over for speeding were are the CHP ?

  • Today’s solo car accident ends the lives of two wonderful Fortuna residents. Their lives were successfully established and under all other circumstances they would be living their dreams until they died of natural causes. This accident is NOT an acceptable way for anyone to have their life end so horribly.
    Tom Cooke passed away 12 years and 7 days ago from this date and today’s tragic accident adds to the those timeless memories we reflect on each yearly calendar.
    We all need to wake up and realize how delicate our lives are ,and to appreciate and love the people around us.
    Now-There’ll be endless auctions and construction projects for Dennis, and unlimited fishing and hunting for Roger to enjoy. They are both at peace without pain for eternity. May God give the families and friends the understanding and strength to endure this time of sorrow.
    Roger- thank you for your service in the military during the Vietnam War. We your comrades salute you!
    Today our Fortuna’s Veterans Memorial Building’s American flag flies at half staff in memory of you and Dennis!


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