19-year-old Fortuna Man Wanted for Attempted Murder

This is a press release from the Arcata Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Elijah Stonebear Williams.On July 16, 2017, at 2:45am the Arcata Police Department responded to a shooting call at the corner of 12th and C Streets in Arcata.  Officers located a 17-year-old male with a single gunshot wound to his upper thigh.  The victim was transported to Mad River Community Hospital where he was treated and subsequently released.

Arcata Police Department Detectives have identified the suspect as 19-year-old Fortuna resident Elijah Stonebear Williams. A warrant has been issued for Williams’ arrest for attempted murder. Williams is described as a Native American male adult, 5’6″ tall, weighing 165 pounds.

Williams is considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with information about Williams’ whereabouts is asked to call the Arcata Police Department at 707-822-2424.

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  • This guy has future repeat offender written all over him. Let’s nip this one in the bud and permanently put this wannabe gangster menace to society away before he achieves his goal of becoming a career criminal and wreaking havoc on our community.

    • Isn’t prison suppose to be about rehabilitation than permanent slavery?

      • Thinking allowed

        Should be about protecting the public first. Rehabilitation as a goal supposes that the prisoner wants to be cooperative. Good for society if it can be accomplished but it is secondary to the public’s needs for safety as it is far from being effective no matter how much money is thrown at it.

      • So..what’s Yer point ? Irregardless of what prisons are supposed to be for.. This wannabe thug needs to be sent to one !

        • Was just pointing out, what seems like everyone in the comments here, act as if prison is not for rehabilitation but a place to be permanently. Not saying he doesn’t belong there for his actions!

      • Not for the backwards thinking regressives.

      • Hmmm,. Not on this planet. Slavery was never abolished, just modified and classified to give us the illusion of more options in life, so we’ll play along nice-like.

    • Brends Firestone

      You know nothing about my nephew.
      You dont know what he has or hasnt been through in his life to judge him..
      You talk about him because of the way a picture looks.
      Check it out.. No one is perfect..NOT EVEN U NOR UR FAMILY..

  • Wow Muggin’ that comment is so racist and ignorant. He looks determined and like he could have a lot of potential, giving the right opportunities. You who is without sin cast the first stone. Time for some self reflection my friend.

    • Fed up with this shit

      Wow you really see potential in someone like that, then go tell the judge you’ll take him into your house and make a good person out of him. I really don’t understand people that say what you said and still do nothing.

      • Wow Candice, could you please explain why Muggin’s comment is racist? That’s a real nasty slur in case you don’t realize it. I’m sure you do though. Good luck and keep working towards maturity.

      • Brends Firestone

        My nephew is a good person..
        Are you?.
        Take a good look inside urself before u talk shit about someone else.

        • Good person… your nephew is a p.o.s.

        • Your wonderful nephew robbed me at gunpoint a year ago. And I told him I forgave him because I knew him a long time and I told him he could be a great person. And no i didnt do anything to deserve it i only helped him out. My 8 year old son even looked up to him. It looks like he hasn’t changed anything in this last year. It’s hard to be a good person when you chose the thug life and decide you would rather impress a bunch of scared little bitches. All people can change maybe this is what he needs to change a huge wake up call. Or maybe it will just put him deeper into the game.

          • Brends Firestone

            Yea sure he did..
            Keep the lies going.
            Why would he hold u at gun point for..hmmm?
            He has his own money ..he dont need.nothing from u..
            Do u know who i am as well?

    • He looks determined… to be a wanna be gangster.

    • Your comment is ridiculous, he actually shot someone, on purpose, muggin didn’t mention anything about race YOU did, a violent pos is a pos no matter the color of skin. He is a danger to society and needs to be dealt with as such, that kid could have bled out and died on the street so easily! Then what would you be saying? it’s sickening you would say such a thing. YOU need some serious self reflection!

    • No Candice, It looks like Elijah could have a racist problem. But we don’t know yet, what caused this to happen. Why would you ever take a gun to a party? Seems to me like this outcome of shooting someone was definitely premeditated. He looks like he is mad at the world. There are a lot of young people these days that are followers. Trying to be cool doing all of the wrong things just tagging along. Maybe he could cut his own swath, instead of doing gangster wannabe negative things. He probably is less than 1/4 of the way through his young life.

      It looks like he is going to have some time soon, to figure this all out. I hope the guy he shot totally recovers without any problems in the future. Choose the positive way out. Don’t wallow in all the anger and negativity of things that happened years ago, when none of us currently living, were here on this planet! Move forward.
      Learn from the past, but don’t live there.

    • ig·no·rant- lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular

      This sounds more like you Candice, gratuitously playing the race card. Million to one you’re a liberal; if only I could make that bet.

    • Patrick J Walsh

      Well said

    • Nice one considering he shot a teenager with a gun. Pulling the race card only perpetuates what you are against. Nice try

  • Racist? Good grief. This is a guy who packed a gun to a house party, shot a 17 year old kid, and then fled the scene. His facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/eli.williams.5832) is full of pictures of him wearing all red, throwing up gang signs and his middle finger, bragging about being stabbed, and “hustling my way to the top.” What kind of person does crap like this? One likely to become a responsible, positive, and contributing member of society or one well on their way to a life of crime? This isn’t about opportunities. It’s about his lifestyle choices and the threat he poses to society. You can put your race card away now. Time for some self reflection my friend.

    • Sound of crickets coming from Candice

    • what kinda person a kid that kind-your an adult you should know better-YOU SHOULD-

    • the devils advocate

      What kind of person does something like that? Children pawns sucked into the lifestyle of criminal behavior. He’s been groomed for this shit, probably since he was 10yrs old. A victim who is now a perp. Similar to some raped children, who become the molester. Candice thinks your racist cause your not making a fuss about the boy on trial who may or may not have killed the kid from HSU, Jossiah. Most folks are posting in support of him despite his long track record of violent behavior. The reactions to this case verses the other are ironic, considering how many similarities Josdiah & Elijah have. Now he really does have a 99.9% chance of being a career criminal due to the fact no one stepped in sooner or had unsuccessful attempts to set him straight. Also if he ever gets out, he still only has a 99.9% chance to turn his life around someday, because of people who label kids caught up as pawns, in a dirty game, are permanently screwed. The boy who shot up a black church on the east coast, killing 9 people during a church gathering? Well families of the victims, forgave the known white power killer. They weren’t trolling the mediasphere with, rash hateful comments. They decided to not fuel the fire he was trying to start. They decided to not give into hate & prayed for the boy, to receive the help he needs. Just food for thought.

      • the devils advocate

        Correction Kyle & Elijah.

      • I’m going to ignore your absurd and imaginary justification for why someone else who’s too chicken shit to back up their claim has labeled me a racist and stand by my view that gang members “groomed for this shit since they were 10yrs old” and who “really do have a 99.9% chance of being a career criminal” (your words, not mine) need to be removed from society. Regardless of how he was raised he knows right from wrong and has the same responsibility for being accountable for his actions that everyone else does. If he does get out of jail someday he’ll have a long way to go to earn the trust of the society that he has so blatantly disrespected in more ways that one. There are vey good reasons why business owners and regular citizens prefer to hire and surround themselves with people of integrity rather than those with a reprehensible criminal past.
        The desire for him to be arrested and locked away isn’t about hate, it’s about the simple fact that as a civilized society we can’t allow violent criminals to run amok.

    • Right???….

  • Sadly, his father is the one who raised him to be this way. He was taught the “talk shit, get hit” mentality and the violence is the answer to everything. Oh no, he called me a brat, I need to shoot him. I knew he was going to grow up to do life on the installment plan.

  • Thankfully, it sounds like the victim is going to be OK. Hopefully, Elijah can get his life on the right track before it is too late.

  • Kym. Why are u deleting me.

  • Everybody knows its not attempted murder to shoot below the waist line,
    Damn the DA is dumb as a dingleberry.
    Its nit gonna stick, besides theyll have a pleas deal ready ,.
    We all know the pencil pushers hate the pen and paper besides them all being buddies, hey howbout some fish tacos for lunch and shit,..pffffff

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Did you even bother to read what you typed before you posted insults to the DA and offered your uneducated view of the legal system?

  • Mr. Williams is a poster boy for the need for a strong, progressive eugenics program. A significant part of this would be the sterilization of anyone who is convicted of any serious crime of violence. This would be a strong deterrent to those like Mr. Williams who believe this sort of violent conduct is “macho”. If their conduct resulted in their permanent inability to reproduce, it would be a bit less “macho”. This would be a reasonable first step toward improving the genetic composition of the population.

  • And not one comment about those eyebrows. 👀

    • I know! Yesterday, I passed up my chance to be the first commenter on this article, and mention how perty he is! Waaa! Facepalm! Oh, well. Guess I’m still learning how to be hard.

  • I see from the comments on this article that he learned to be a piece of shit from his family. I don’t know his “Aunt” Dawnetta, but her comments show the ignorance this young man was brought up with. Pretty sad really…. hopefully he’ll spend a few years in prison & learn that he’s not the tough guy he thinks he is.

  • Wow eugenics, really? Who are you all to make decisions over someones body. I wonder if you are pro-life also? Do you also approve of using someone else’s body for medical experimentation, like the US did to minority inmates and native american women in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s? It’s a very slippery slope you are on, being judge and jury over someones reproductive future. It’s way more important to work on the root cause of these young men being attracted to gangs, drugs and guns. Why not do some outreach and work with these young men at an age before they are drawn to gangs, give them role models and alternatives to violence.

    • Best comment so far! You give me hope for the future tm

    • Tm…I have tried that with family numerous times…sadly trash breeds trash; that’s all they know and all they wanna know. The easy life…welfare, stamps, and more than likely prison

      • Well I’ve been working in Rehabs, homeless shelters, and with at risk youth for almost 20 years now, and while it’s challenging seeing the inter-generational patterns of behavior caused by a variety of addictions, (including pot) there is also the beauty of helping youth and others make healthier choices. Do they all suddenly change? Of course not, but by consistent, long-term, on-going mentoring and providing positive role models there are those that choose a healthier live style for themselves, their families and communities. You call someone trash long enough that’s what they’ll convince themselves they are.

  • All good lefties have to play to the race card, it’s part of their mental disorder!

    • how original you r

      & All good righties have to play the insult game, its what their taught by their party nowadays. No logic answer needed, just insult lto win!

      • We all suffer when our attempts at communication degenerate into slinging insults. Please, don’t do anymore.

        • My comments were worse than these?

          • Hello, because you change ip numbers it’s hard to track your comments but to the best of my knowledge I just deleted the one that referred to the young man in prison as likely to be raped. The way you did it seemed to be pleased and I don’t allow encouragement of violence. These guys are trashing on lefties and righties and pushing towards insulting each other but not outright doing so.

  • The word on his hat says it all .

  • Primitive | Definition of Primitive by Merriam-Webster
    Define primitive: of, belonging to, or seeming to come from an early time in the very ancient past : If this young man is a descendant of the original peoples in the Humboldt region,with ancestors living here estimated at 10,000-12,000 years ago, then yes the hat is appropriate and actually something to be very proud of. Maybe it does say it all. It sounds like he made a terrible decision, however he hasn’t been found guilty in the Courts, if and when he is found guilty hopefully the punishment will match to crime, not all this other judgmental stuff. Why are there not calls for sterilization of all these other shooters in the County? Equal opportunity, right?

  • Didn’t your Grandmas ever teach you not to judge a book by its cover? Whadaya mean “yes, but this guy has the look of a gangster”?

  • Oh jeez!!! And you all say pot isn’t a drug…nine outta ten he was/is higher than a kite. I’m all with CHUMP

  • Sad just sad, I dont care that he looks like a gang member thug, he is just a kid, i hope he pulls himself out of this mess…

  • Brends Firestone

    I agree my nephew should be charged for his actions as anyone else should as well.
    For the record the news article states that the victim had
    non-life threatening injuries
    Therefore how could my nephew be charged with attempted murder??
    Plus the so called victim and his friends whom already beat my younger nephew..whom also pulled a knife on this nephew different times..
    So dont u feel that some one who pulls knives on other people should be in trouble also plus where is this guys photo so we all can judge some one by the way they look in a photo..that’s the dumbest thing ive ever heard.
    My nephew isnt a drug addict nor is he an alcoholic nor has he been to prison before when he hasnt even been in jail not one single time has he..
    So those of u who judge from only looking at half the picture are a bunch of follwers..u just fo with whatever everyone else is saying not knowing the whole story. Now dont u feel like an ass for assuming something only on ur own imature thinking..
    Now on to my next thing..
    How would u feel if this was ur nephew..child..grandchild..brother..cousin and people like some of u were on here talking madd shit about someone u love?
    Before u speak another negative hateful harmful disrespectful word about my nephew..why dont u have some consideration for the rest of my family and what all this is doing to us and ng to deal with bullshit conversations about u fucking think about it plus still trying to swallow whats happened as well.
    No we dont like whats happened and Eli wasnt raised to go shoot people but he raised with morals and values as all the rest of us were too.
    Plz can u tell me what u might do if someone pulls a knife on u to possibly hurt u muchless kill u..
    No 2 wrongs do make a right but the one who pulled the knife and the onea who beat up Eli’s younger brother shouod be punished as l cuz if that didnt happen first the maybe just maybe none of it would have happened at all..
    Mrs. Firestone

  • Brends Firestone

    Look my family isnt trash nor will it ever be so plz stop posting rude ass shit..
    Some of u keep saying some very hurtful things on here about Eli when u dont even know him as a person.. You dont know what a good kid he is or how smart he really and that he really is a kind and very loving person. You dont know what hes been through already in 19 yrs of life or his heart breaks and his pain.
    My nephew is a strong native young man who owns is own 2016 Mercedes-Benz and no not from selling drugs or anything like that.. From his 18 money and his inheritance…
    So my nephew is trash at all he was at the wrong place at wrong time and made a bad chioce.
    Someone pull a knife on me i would just kick the shit out of them to teach them a lesson..
    Plus if he was trying to seriously hurt or kill that person he woukd have done it and shooting someone in the thigh is not attempted murder..shooting someone in the stomach..chest..head is considered attempted murder plus the guy went home that same night..

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