It’s World Breastfeeding Week in August, Which Means The ‘Global Big Latch On’ Will Be on The Arcata Plaza

Reporter’s note: This post was meant to be published during World Breastfeeding Week.  Due to a miscommunication between the author of this post and the editor of this website, the post was published today. Just for clarification, the event is on August 5, and World Breastfeeding Week starts August 1. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

This is a press release from Global Big Latch On:

Feature photo from Wikimedia Commons by the United States Department of Agriculture



  • First!

    How stoned are people around here ?
    Making these worldly claims.
    Elsewhere people have to work and elswhere breadtfeeding isnt a phenomenon like it is to some arcata hippies,
    who,by the way arent changing the world one bit by hanging in the plaza.
    And why would you promote this idiocracy?


      There are events in other countries occurring, therefore, global.

      Also, you are right, it is strange how the US seems to have a hard time embracing breastfeeding as a natural part of a child’s life. This is why this event is happening globally, not just in Arcata.

    • You must be a man with that kind of attitude. A few years ago, when the County Fair set aside a separate area specifically for breastfeeding moms, I was STOKED because it meant I wouldn’t have to be subjected to judgemental stares and comments like yours.

    • I provide space on my website for widely divergent points of view whether I agree or not. That said: This nothippie breastfed all of her babies –publically if that is when they were hungry because I’m very concerned that my children have the healthiest nutrition. I fully and absolutely support this action.

  • Militant Breastfeeders Untie!

    What a concept.

  • In most parts of the USA women also have to go to work and thus for many women breastfeeding is not an option. My wife returned back to work 2 weeks after giving birth and was not able to breastfeed. I worked nights and she worked days. However many women in Humboldt are weed growers or spouses of. So they have lots of time to breastfeed. I take my kids to playgroup and i am surrounded by smug grower moms desperate to get a reaction when they get their boob out to feed little moonstone.

    • Or….alternately, their baby is hungry and in order to feed it they “get their boob out.” No judgement of you nor desire for a reaction, just a desire to feed their child.

    • Working does not take the option of breastfeeding off the table. It makes it harder, and more important to breast feed. I am sorry your wife was unable to do both, it definitely isn’t for everyone. Please don’t make it sound as though women have to choose. CA laws require employers to provide time and space for women to express milk. WIC will provide a pump if you cannot afford one. Support groups and lactation consultants can help through hurdles. Where there is a will there is a way.

  • Friend of a Mother

    Wow, it just seems crazy to me that this story got any negative feedback. Squawking against a public breastfeeding event? That’s low. Breastfeeding IS a phenomenon! That shit’s not easy. New mothers are working hard and need all the support they can find, whether breastfeeding or not.

  • shawn the fisherman

    A womans breast is a beautiful thing, Why tarnish that by making them a public non attractive thing? I dont get it. Not like the kids are starving and have to have milk on the spot. No humility these days.

    • Breasts are for feeding babies. They are not art objects, fashion accessories, or toys for men. Respect women, don’t objectify or sexualize them. Women are beautiful, support and protect them.

  • shawn is an idiot

    A perfectly misogynist statement. Obviously or hopefully, you don’t have kids. Breast feeding makes a woman’s breast even more beautiful. They didn’t evolve for your enjoyment, they evolved to feed children. Grow up.

    • Thank you for breast feeding your babies if you are able. Thank you for feeding them lovingly in whatever way you are able, if another option is healthier for you and your child. My mom tried to breast feed my baby sister and discovered she couldn’t, 45 years ago. She found it very hard to bond with her children and she wanted to try, but Rh blood type incompatibility made it medically unwise.

      My mom was right wing, angry and as politely regressive on social issues as any one I know. Though she’s dead now, it makes me very happy to know that she supported her young women friends who were able to breast feed and would have used her considerable energy to defend and support this event.

    • shawn the fisherman

      Sound like what an unattractive woman would say. I love all boobies. I bet you have never been objectified in your life. But hope you feel better. Doubt it though

    • shawn the fisherman

      BTW Im all for beast feeding just not in public. Have some modesty. I know modesty is rare these days everybody just whippin things out, Boy and girl alike. Im old I guess soon the meek shall inherit the earth.

      • Guaranteed, and women are saving Humboldt County from the stupid men, such as yourself. Hiding to feed, being made to feel disgusting, being called ugly, women are tough enough to survive your abuse. Feel confident that women everywhere can do without you. Abusive, asshole men may predominate in Humboldt, but women are learning to do without you.

        • Well without the men you won’t need to breastfeed or have a world breastfeeding day thing will you.
          So I guess if you want to breastfeed, you will still need those pesky men.

          I am a woman currently breastfeeding and think this is silly. Although I generally avoid making a spectacle out of myself. I just breastfeed.

          If you others are really so worried about what others think when you breastfeed, we’ll then this event sounds perfect for you.

          • Since about half the people on this planet have breasts, “pesky men” should get used to the presence of same. Abusive men don’t deserve a woman. Having a partner is a beautiful thing.

          • Huh?
            This isnt about men or anti men. It also isnt about making women that cant breastfeed feel inferior. Its about ending the abuse against women breastfeeding in public. If you have a problem with it the problem is YOU. GROW UP!

  • I remember the joy I felt being able to breastfeed my daughter and I love seeing other moms breastfeed.

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