Three Men Sought in Home Invasion Type Robbery

Home with police tape

Eureka Police have a home at the corner of 6th and M partially surrounded with police tape after a home invasion type robbery. [Photo provided by a reader]

At approximately 8:20 a.m., three Hispanic males forced entry into a home on the 1100 block of 6th Street in Eureka and robbed the occupant, according to scanner traffic. A BOLO put out over the scanner describes the suspects as three adult Hispanic males in their late 20’s. Two of the men were carrying handguns.

After the men forced entry, they struck the occupant with one of the guns. The victim has a facial injury, according to scanner traffic.

They tied the resident up and took multiple items including a laptop.

The three men then fled in a black older model sedan that is possibly a Honda, according to the scanner. One of the men was wearing a white dress shirt with tie. Another was wearing dark clothing. The third is described as having dark hair.

Eureka Police have confirmed that they are investigating a report of an armed robbery but are still investigating.



  • Honda, three Hispanic males, sounds similar to the Arcata shooting on 12th and C except for the color of the car.

    • Correction: “The male suspects were described as white or Hispanic in their late 20’s or early 30’s.”

  • Surprised to hear about wearing the dress shirt and tie. Seems as though the fancy pants burglar has made everyone else step up their game.

  • Every girl crazy ”bout a sharp dressed thug.

  • I was parked near the corner waiting for a V.A. Appointment across the street when two cops came by with their hands on their guns and gave me a quick look and passed around to the alley. I got out of the vehicle and crossed the street. It looked like a dark haired young man was on the steps receiving help from the officers. The ambulance was coming down the street as was a fire truck. There were four or five police cars already there so excellent response from the police. When I exited from the building a few minutes later there was crime scene tape.

  • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheStory

    White shirt and tie at 8 in the morning? So he stopped for a home invasion instead of a latte on the way to work?

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  • Stealing their way back to Mexico.

  • Sorry, But I still like the Jehovah Witness or Mormon joke myself, except for the fact… why the heck did he answer the door anyway? dumb!! LOL

  • No one knows what these guys are; illegals, legal , Mexican or some other………
    But if illegals are caught breaking our laws, including over staying on a tourist visa
    They should be immediately deported, if caught again, 18 to 24 months Federal prison. 3rd time 4 years, 4th time 7 years. Use these convicts to build the Wall, with time off for working.
    The wall Won’t stop shit from coming in But the jail time will

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Landmines along both sides of the wall will keep us safe.
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      Mexico was originally made to be a prison, it only makes sense for it to be used that way.

  • It says the one man was posing as a P.G. and E. employee-that would be my guess for the shirt and tie!

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