Suspect Posed as PG&E Employee Before This Morning’s Robbery, Say Police

Home with police tape

Eureka Police had a home at the corner of 6th and M surrounded with police tape after an armed robbery. [Photo from a reader]

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department:

On July 19, 2017, at about 8:20 a.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the 1100 block of 6th Street for the report of an armed robbery at an occupied residence.

The victim told officers that an unknown male knocked on his door and claimed to be with PG&E. Two other male suspects armed with firearms then rushed the victim and assaulted and restrained him. The suspects ransacked a bedroom and took a laptop before fleeing in what appeared to be an older model black Honda Civic with paint damage on the roof.

The male suspects were described as white or Hispanic in their late 20’s or early 30’s. One suspect was wearing a white dress shirt and tie. Their vehicle was last seen west on 6th Street. The victim refused medical attention.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Bise at (707) 441-4109.

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  • There is a video of a guy and lady on her garberville what’s going on, they did get the license number a couple weeks ago and video of them being chased off

  • White dress shirt and tie makes me think of the mhong gangs i used to see breaking into cars at local beaches.
    Straight outta tarantino flik style, stark white shirt & a thinner black tie.

  • Fake cops, fake PGE employee, makes it hard to trust even the real ones.

  • I have heard many people saying strange people have been wandering around ther neighborhoods asking questions dressed up as pge, and other utilities companies, when questioned they get defensive and hostile and usually leave driving a car or truck with out of state plates. Could be something similar they are planning stay safe out there, it is not illegal to arm yourself in your own home yet, provided your not a felon,

  • Umm yeah I told you all years ago that this would happen. Greenrush winding down= more home invasions, more violent crime, etc. It’s standard economic-boom cycle stuff, not rocket science. This is what happens at the other side of an unbridled, wildly-stoked economic bonanza although ours has factors (criminality, drug use, police ineptness) that will make it even worse. Brace yourselves- this is just the tip of the iceberg. Remember how cool you felt voting for Gallegos and encouraging our greenrush and choke on your own stupidity. Enjoy!

    • Gallegos on ballsegos!
      What are muttering?
      Speaka dee englitsh.
      Gallegos ballegos, what the heck ever .
      Your nunnamakin any sensi either, lay back down sleep it off

    • What ruined it all was social media and that stupid show gloating about how you can just grow here! If everyone would have kept it to themselves there wouldn’t be the slew of people trying to get in on it……really though if you’re coming here now you sorta missed the boat lolololol

    • Umm,no, no I don’t.

  • Ya that probably wouldn’t go over to well in the middle of town lol

  • Wow,wholly shit,I just left my mom’s and this,1/2block from her house.yikes.she was broke into and everything destroyed WHAT’S WRONG WITH PEOPLE get a job and buy your own shit.This is getting hard to stomach these days

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