‘Give Me All Your Money’: Man Badly Beaten and Robbed

Assault FeatureAt approximately 2 a.m. on July 18, a man was walking down Drake Hill Road near Fortuna when he says he was struck from behind on his head by unknown suspects with what he believed was a baseball bat, according to Lt. Mike Fridley. This was followed by 10 to 12 more hits about his body.

According to the victim, they then told him, “Give me all your money” and took his backpack before fleeing in an unknown direction when nearby residents began responding to his cries for help.

The victim described both suspects as tall teenagers. One was wearing a camo sweatsuit and the other was wearing a brown jacket.

The victim was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka. At this point, the extent of his injuries have not yet been confirmed, according to Fridley.



  • Pirates! In the friendly city?
    OH! 0200. In the country.

    Interesting story… HEY! Free medical care for you! You are welcome…

    • What the heck! No one deserves to be beaten and left for dead. Are you really that much more important than this person

    • He is eligible for State Compensation (Victim Compesation Board) VCB

      CalVCB may reimburse the following expenses if they are necessary due to a crime and if there are no other sources of reimbursement available such as health insurance, worker’s compensation or other benefits. Caps or limits may apply.

      Medical and medical-related expenses for the victim, including dental expenses.
      Outpatient mental health treatment or counseling.

      Funeral and burial expenses.

      Wage or income loss up to five years following the date of the crime. If the victim is permanently disabled, wage or income loss may be extended.

      Support loss for legal dependents of a deceased or injured victim.

      Up to 30 days wage loss for the parent or legal guardian of a minor victim who is hospitalized or dies as a direct result of a crime.
      Job retraining.

      Medically necessary renovation or retrofitting of a home or vehicle for a person permanently disabled as a result of the crime.

      Home security installation or improvements up to $1,000.
      In-patient psychiatric hospitalization costs under dire or exceptional circumstances.

      Relocation expenses up to $2,000 per household.

      Crime scene cleanup up to $1,000 when a crime occurs in a residence or vehicle.

      Veterinary fees, or replacement costs for a guide, signal or service dog. (GC § 13957(a)(10))

      Roundtrip mileage reimbursement from your residence to medical, dental or mental health appointments.

  • Not Right, but don’t be walking down any street at 2:00am?

    • Why cant you walk down the street at 2am. I am leaving my house to go to work at 2am. Should i not? Is that not allowed? What a stupid comment

      • I expected a comment like yours. Bad things shouldn’t happen at 2am but they are more likely to happen at that time of night, I should have said don’t go out if you don’t have to go out at that time, what we should be able to do, we can’t always do. Give me a break.

        • People should be able to go out whenever they want to. Shouldn’t live in fear someone could just as easy come in your house and rob you. SMH

          • In m experiences in this area, the only people I see walking by my house at 2 am are those that are going through the dumpsters looking for bottles, trinkets, people’s mail and personal information… or someone (usually the same people) trying to break into our cars… just sayin….

    • How else are you supposed to get home when you spent your money at the bar ? No pleasing folks , drive home you are evil, walk home and you are stupid, guess unless folks only follow your moral compass they are just wrong ?

  • Nothing good happens after midnight?

  • U can’t do anything anymore with all this hate

  • 2 am on Drake Hill Rd on a Tuesday/Wednesday??? All seems out of the norm. Sumpin smells like haddock on this one.

  • Critizing someone when we don’t know all the cirmstance or all the facts just seem cruel to me.
    Being so judgemental is very unattractive!
    Im sorry that violence was done to someone in our town.

  • Thank the growers. Crime breeds crime. Lawlessness is the norm in HumCo. Neighbors allow it, allowing their neighbors to grow. Everyone smiles at each other knowing what is going on while the grow dozers belch black diesel smoke all over the roads and streets of this once fair land ….

    • Yeah theyre just empowering teens to steal and hurt people….uhhhh not, your comment makes no sense. Teen boys can be brutal and obviously youre not aware just how many teen boys are in a gang, with quite a few aryan nation gangs around. Hey mckinleyville was one of their strongholds, i doubt theyve gone away.
      So i blame a society that teaches us to dislike one another, who lets the “boys will be boys” thing mean teen boys can get away with violent acts and people like you who throw blame in the wrong direction thus wasting time energy and money on a segment if society not related to said crime thus not putting needed resources in the proper direction.
      I bet these two teens come from homes with money, and they were probably drunk or maybe came from one of the pill parties where kids steal meds from whomever and put them all in a big bowl they mix up and then take handfuls of. Or perhaps they needed money for more tobacco to use for bing hits that they take after popping xanax as it makes them “fish out” as its been described to me. They basically have a small seizure and pass out for a few minutes.

    • Audrey Dahl Gallagher

      Unbelievable… Gotta blame someone. No it sounds like it was 2 teenage guys… Thats what the guy said. Stick to the facts. Trying to put blame where it doesn’t belong, just adds to the problems.

    • Lawlessness is the norm in rural communities with poorly funded law enforcement agencies. Just like poorly funded hospitals, mental health, child welfare, schools, you name it.

    • Actually, if the suspects are who I think they are, they have nothing to do with the growers. Their worthless excuse of a father brought them up this way. I’m not excusing them as I don’t like them or their sperm donor. I’m just saying stop jumping to conclusions and get the facts.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Wonder what made the backpack so valuable?

    Kinda strange place for a random crime…

    Fortuna started going downhill when they allowed a hydro shop to open.

    Hydro shops bring more crime than dispensaries, and both should be banned because nothing good has ever come from either.

    • NOTHING GOOD ever comes from YOU either, CHUMP!!! Sadly you’re still here, even though Kym has repeatedly said how much you irritate her especially as well as others!!! So why don’t you give it a rest for awhile!!!! Try saying something POSITIVE for a change!!!! It might be a new experience for you!!!! You may even find you like it, but I’m thinking that is WAAY TOO much to hope for!!!!!

      • Responding to his crap just makes him do it more. If Kym really didn’t like him, she’d do something about it.

        • “Responding to his crap just makes him do it more.”

          Exactly. Do not feed a troll. Do not acknowledge a troll.

          “If Kym really didn’t like him, she’d do something about it.”

          It’s time she did; the troll is like a sub-editor at this point.
          It directs and encourages nonsense dialogue in the comments section. Bad move; totally derails and disables logical, sane discussion.

          • I’m pretty much done coming here for awhile until the tide of trolls goes out and stays out.
            Same troll nonsense on just about every thread.
            Useless drivel filling and poisoning the comments section, which used to be quite valuable here.

            • Well that’s fine no one forced you to come here. Personally I enjoy all the comments from all sides you couldn’t go anywhere and pay to see the views of some of these characters, it’s great entertainment if you don’t get your feelers hurt. I think it’s great, thanks Kim, sorry if I’m a pain sometimes, it’s always in good humor tho

          • Hes not a troll, just a crazy wingnut. Hes spun and has mental issues due to consuming too much LSD. I would guess he makes money from cannabis or at least is affiliated with it in some capacity. Hypocrite for sure.

      • I know its hard, but if we all would just NOT feed the chump-troll, he will eventually starve.

      • Dan, you’re wasting good energy. That person is a troll; they’re getting off on your displeasure. Do not respond at all, please. You’re fueling the fire.

        Take it up with Kym; it’s her responsibility to allow or not allow that nonsense.
        She’s said it’s ok but only up to a point. That’s not going to work, though; trolls don’t care about rules much less other people.

        It’s time for an outright ban on all things chumpy, in total and in full. My opinion, of course.

        I’ll be staying away until the nonsense cleans up.
        This place isn’t so much fun of late.

        • If you think Kym’s Blog is bad for Trolls hanging around, you should try LoCO, in particular Thunderdome!!! Although Country Club is becoming overrun with them also!!!

      • Veterans friend

        I didn’t know leopards would eat my face said the guy who voted for the candidate of the leoparslds eating face party

    • What proof do you have that about your claims? I’d love to see sources.

  • I got beaten and left for dead in my drive way March 28 .I just got informed buy Investigator Cox that the DA Maggie Fleming yesterday is not going to prosecute my case,and I gave physical evidence his boot shirt necklace ,and hat to the deputy investigator Cox told me that they can’t prove it because he has an alibi and she’s lying ,so the victim gets nothing thanks ,for nothing Maggie fucking Fleming, so I guess you can get half murdered in Humboldt County Left 4 Dead in the driveway ,and the victim has no say wtf I hope this victim gets more justice than i did . thanks to Maggie Fleming I got nothing .reasonable .doubt is the word they used .to the victim I hope you get justice, but sorry to say I doubt it .oh i guess you have to have a eye witness .i am a eye witness put me in tbe stand ,but i guess that dont count.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      That’s a terrible story and I hope you and your child are able to reconcile things.

      As a parent I can not imagine how painful it must be for you.

      Pray God will intervene in your lives and bring healing to everyone involved.

    • She’s too busy chasing White Collar crime right now to deal with anything else!!!!

  • Ah the friendly city….unless your a hippy,african american,muslim,latino,gay,indian,or happening to be walking down a street after dark.

    • A hippy African American Muslim Latino gay Indian can walk in Fortuna whenever they want, no more likely to be assaulted then anyone else, however I recommend getting your ccw if it’s after dark anywhere in the country regardless of who you are. (just be sober and don’t pull it on the police)

  • Thank you mr chump for the kind words I really appreciate that .Thank you I just wanted to relay my thoughts on our shitty no good for nothing justice system. I wish I didn’t feel this way ,but I’m moving forward ,and I am going to be in auto expo one of my cars is going to be in the judged show ,and I am going to have a blast .it’s my 1974 viper red challenger 1 of 3 known to excist. it will be the only one there like it .

  • Y’all.people in Humboldt are fucking crazy. Mt. Grow

  • My grandmother use to sit in her front window so she could have something to talk about. What the fuck is wrong with y’all

  • In Fort Bragg a few years ago some guys got it together to jump on some guy and sodomize him. They just took him over, lined up on him and gave him a righteous ol’ buggering. He said it was “at least 5” and it came to light when photos of the activity turned up. I guess they were so proud of there creativity they wanted images for posterity. The buggeree said he wasn`t able to work for 3 days due to intense pain. Some of the buggerers were denied bail due to concern they would flee to Mexico, where they were citizens. Nasty!

  • And the brown butt pirate governor has plans to take your fire arms,in times like these. This is why they made guns, for self protection.
    Clowns like this would be staying home instead of robbing people in earl morning hours if they knew most folk have their little friend with them and its not worth bleeding out like a pig at 2 am due to getting popped in the face with a 45.

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