Fire Crews Battling Vegetation Fire North of Somes Bar

A fire broke out in the area of Marble Mountain Ranch, which is north of Somes Bar, before 5:45 p.m. today. At this point, we haven’t heard an estimate on the size of the fire. Fire crews are using air resources to drop water on the fire. We’ll provide updates if and when we hear more.

The map below is an approximate location of the fire. However, it may not be exact.



  • Human caused ? Not much lightning lately.

  • Looked like it was just above the ranch but when I was there it looked like the helicopter was knocking out down quickly

  • It blew up pretty quickly.

  • Not looking good as far as wildfire goes. I hope it gets under control quickly but the fire in Mariposa is a bad omen for the first summer after a good rainfall year.

  • About a 150 acres, high potential for a much bigger footprint. Very hot dry temps two weeks ago really dried out the fuels, steep terrain with lots of snow down from this winter gives a higher level of complexity. Private property intermixed in the area with limited access only makes management more difficult. We will see what tomorrow brings.

  • This one is going long term. Lots of crew and equipment orders going out.

  • Please keep us updated. Our family live very near there.

  • >”Can you give an update, going to forks of salmon this weekend.”

    No matter what happens on this fire today… Forks may be smoked in.

  • shawn the fisherman

    I am sure grateful these fire fighters are out there! I do not think I could take the heat, Ash, Smoke, But mostly the heat. Glad theres people who want to do it! For sure. I will do the other stuff they dont want too. Lord bless

  • This shot taken from MMR yesterday. Why can’t I find this fire on inciweb?

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