With Departure of Chief Mills, Captain Steve Watson Is Appointed Interim Chief

Feature dsteve watson of the EPD by Mark McKennaPress release from the City of Eureka:

Effective July 21, Eureka Police Captain Steve Watson has been appointed as Interim Chief of the department. City Manager Greg Sparks noted that with the departure of Chief Andy Mills it is necessary to appoint an Interim Chief and to initiate a process for an open recruitment of candidates for the position of Chief of Police. He further stated that the city is fortunate to have an outstanding department of uniformed and civilian staff with two effective and experienced police captains in Steve Watson and Brian Stephens. The goal during this interim period will be to continue moving the department forward and provide the critical law enforcement services that our community depends upon.

The city will be contracting with an outside firm to assist in the recruitment and will focus on the desired background and experience, leadership style, skills and abilities that have previously been determined as necessary for the Chief of Police of Eureka. City Manager Greg Sparks stated “the Chief of the Eureka Police Department is one of the most important positions within the city organization. It is vital that we hire the right person to lead the department and to further the strategic objectives of the city to providing high quality, community based policing.”



  • Bring Harpum back. Did you see the crazy video of him chasing a bear with a flashlight?

  • Without trying to give a comprehensive history of the EPD and its effect on the economy and quality of life of the entire county, it is important to now demand that the community have significant input into this critical decision. The council must demand that Sparks give the council’s and the community’s concerns a heavy weighing in this decision. DON’T LET YOURSELF BE SHUT OUT. DEMAND TO BE HEARD AND LISTENED TO.

  • Thank you Captain Watson for stepping up to fill this important role.

  • Saw a flyer yesterday for a some sort of “Have coffee with the Captain” event at the Eureka COOP. Great and: 1. Unless it is posted someplace visible, instead of on the glass generally obscured by sliding the glass door whenever it is open (which is a lot), how are we to see it? and 2. Posting it for a couple weeks would give time for people to see it. 3. Have it during weekday evening during in addition to a weekday morning or instead of.

  • I think we should just keep watson at least we know what we are getting.

  • Conducting an immediate nationwide search at this time seems a pointless waste of taxpayer dollars.

    Instead, give Steve Watson six months and see how he does. I predict he will be fine and ultimately chosen anyway.

  • That’s great news! And I also hope you will consider writing a book. Maybe even hosting a “Humboldt Live” TV show.

  • I’ve heard a lot of lame brain ridiculous rhetoric from you c.h.u.m.p. but never have i thought you really were being serious & now you say this & you are serious,
    Where do you come up with this stuff ? Enlighten me

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