[UPDATE 6:36 p.m.] Pickup and Car Crash on Hwy 255 Causing Minor Injuries

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA Dodge Ram pickup and a white Jeep collided on Hwy 255 about 5:50 p.m. near the intersection with G Street. According to scanner traffic, two patients received minor injuries in the collision.

UPDATE 6:36 p.m.: A reader, Jonathan Beck, sent us this image of the Jeep being towed.

car wreck being towed



  • Yep I never shop in or go to arcata anymore, drivers there are awful!!

    Dangerous to cross the street as well, easy to be killed by drunk driver or party goer these days!
    And if you do drive drunk and hit someone then drag them while theyre screaming to stop and their friends are on the corner screaming for you to stop but you dont and you drag that person to their death in front of their loved ones, you’ll only get a year in jail.
    No incentive to not do it, why bother risking it when half the towns out drunk every wknd. People used to walk home from the bars in arcata, not anymore!

    • A 70 year old man in a handicap scooter with a safety flag got hit on the sidewalk in front of Victoria Place by Carl’s Jr in Eureka yesterday morning and did not even make the evening news. He died of his injuries. I guess this kind of stuff happens so often it is not news anymore. Condolences to his family and friends.

  • There are some kind of wrecks it seems daily.

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