Gas Leak Causes Evacuations in Scotia

PG&E truck parked near where residents are not allowed to return to their homes. [Photo by resident Sarah Kasso]

A gas leak in Scotia caused approximately 15 households to be evacuated today. An excavator dug into a gas line in the alley behind 560 B Street causing gas to escape, explained Jacqueline Ratto spokesperson for PG&E.

Fire personnel visited homes from 540 to 578 B Street about 2:30 p.m. near the south end of town telling residents to take family members and leave.

“I asked if I should take my dog [and] he didn’t really say yes or no,” said Sarah Kasso. She took her pet with her and tried to keep her family occupied since then.

Kasso returned to her neighborhood to see if she could re-enter about 5:40 p.m. but was told that she still could not return.

Houses on Main Street just across from hers were not evacuated, she said.

Ratto said that crews were able to secure the area about 5:45 p.m. Residents may now return.

One customer is still without gas, Ratto said. “Our crews are on site now working to restore service to the one customer.” She estimates that the customer will have gas service back by 9 p.m.

map of evacuated homes

Rough map of evacuated homes



  • Old infrastructure, of course they want to sell these homes, before they fall apart…

  • Our gas was restored around 5:30 this morning thankfully. Had to use an electric skillet to cook dinner last night which was something different, but not too bad.
    All I cared about was getting my shower this morning.

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