[UPDATE 10:50 a.m.] Car Reported Flipped in the Air and Rolled During Collision With Other Car

Traffic Collision Car AccidentTwo vehicles collided on Hwy 299. Reportedly, this flipped a green SUV in the air and it landed on its roof. This is blocking the westbound Hwy 299 connector to southbound Hwy 101.

Both occupants are out of their vehicles as of 10:39 a.m. According to the Incident Commander, they have minor to moderate injuries.

Emergency vehicles are responding to the area.

UPDATE 10:50 a.m.: A reader sent us this from the scene.

Car wreck



  • Slow down..

    • It’s not the speed, it’s the lack of ability to drive…

      • And the speed! -17 year E.M.T.

        • Ty.
          Speeding is so prevalent.
          You may want to do a public service announcement based on your experience.

          • Ask ANY E.M.T. or emergency room tech. Not a whole lot of deaths/injuries due to slow speeds. (I dont recall ever seeing any, actually).
            People like ‘j’ are the ones who think they are special, so can risk others lives, to save 5 seconds to the next stoplight.

  • charles engebretson

    Know anything about the fire and police at the drive way to Carl’s Jr on Broadway?

    • Just as I was driving by there was a person laying on the ground in front of a red pick up. The fire dept hadn’t arrived but I saw them near Henderson, coming south on Broadway. Don’t know what happened. Only got a glimpse.

    • Reportedly a pedestrian was hit but I haven’t had time to follow up.

  • This is absolutely crazy, accident after accident every day. It isn’t safe to drive around here, it seems like we need more patrol, people drive way to fast on 101 and the safety corridor, they don’t pay attention to other drivers, it’s out of control. I drive 101 every day and just hope I make it each time, I’m including Broadway which is a total disaster.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    So many wanted the bronze medal of lettuce to LA, this is what you created.

    Money, greed, hookers, drugs, cars, everything to downshift and floor the gas pedal on what was quietness….

    Call me old, but all these things you created and wonder why.

    Chop every plant of anyone under 60, force them into tree planting labor camps, then toss them over the Great Mexican Wall with deportation papers.

  • Kym its becoming time to think about an alternate comment section for that satirical “humor” some people want to write, you could name it after the original, “comment section CHUMPchange$”

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Nothing satire about the above post…

      You just have an issue with reality and refuse to acknowledge the destruction your people have caused.

      I’ve prolly got scars older than you.

      You’re angry because I never got a degree in advanced basket weaving and I’ll tell you through years of wisdom why exactly people don’t like marijuana growers.

      Reality is hard to face for a marijuana addict, but deal with it.

      Certainly grew more than you could imagine long before 215, without pissing people off, wrecking land, shooting people, stealing water, or flaunting my life.

      Check your ego, grasshopper, check it twice.

      • Jerry Saves.

        • As much as i dont like Mayer and he absolutely sucked the first year with dead$co, he has stepped his game up.

      • Hypocrites words are WORTHLESS! Your drivel about Toyota’s and weed is old. You an old grower who couldn’t keep up. You cant grow one year and go psycho against it the next and expect anyone to take you serious. Your comments are worn out. You fixate. You have issues that need to be addressed. You are all bark with no bite.

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          Take your dose of medicine serious… Lol!

          Old that can’t keep up!

          Try trailblazer that feels sorrow that my past allowed dirt bag buyers to roll in.

          If you buy dirt, soil isn’t dirt- the term is dirt bag.

          The Triangle was cool long ago…

          Jerry, Sculpture Races, Magic Happens…

          Now, just too many bags of dirt around, truck fulls- heck they flip over spreading bags of dirt over the road.

          These Neo Grows…

          Lots of bags of dirt!

          Mugshots should include the stacks of dirt bags strewn over the land.

          You’re correct-

          It’s a brown acid buzz to see bags of dirt everywhere.

          Shame on you, get some manners- you’re a trail walker, not a trail blazer.

          Big difference, son.

          • Mr. Chump, you have no clue. Shame on me?? Really, I’m not the one running my mouth about narcing on people. Snitches suck, especially when the snitch is guilty himself. Yes, the triangle was cool long ago. I was here. Things change. I think all these people suck as well and wish more than half would go back where they came from, but that doesn’t mean i’m going to go on tirades about f@cking tacomas and growers. You need some manners. This caliphate talk is horse shit. Ive asked before, ill try again, name one part of Humboldt controlled by muslims. You weren’t a trailblazer, you followed the group. Too much acid has turned you into a wing nut!

      • Your people?aren’t we all people?just wondering are you different?

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          They are different..

          We didn’t wreck things around us, we went back to the Earth.

          They tear up the Earth and spit on the very path they walked BAREFOOT.

          No values, honor, respect…

          They really deserve to face off with a Marine Expeditionary Force…

    • The overwrought, overwrote, overdone boring, trite nonsense derailing serious and even not-so-serious dialogue discourages me from coming here.
      I’m sure other readers and commentors feel the same.

      It should never have been encouraged with a post directed at it;
      that post gave it credibility in its own mind and obviously with some other commentors.
      Since then, emboldened, it’s ramped up its commenting and has spawned imitators and fans.

      This comments section has become “an alternate comment section” and it’s not so much fun as it used to be just a couple of months ago.

  • I wonder how long the chump has lived in Humboldt co?I bet it’s around 5 yrs just guessing .I would bet my ssi check for this month that he is not a native .Humboldtian .if he would just move away from the heavens lettuce ground zero .I’m sure many many of kyms commenters would be thrilled .Im sure kym would be thrilled also.Mr chump you are fighting a losing battle you should concentrate on the real issues .meth ,and heroin offer up some ideas about combating it the real source of the crap going on in our county.

  • I sure have grown very weary of the comments of HB CHUMP and others clogging kymkemp.com with mental emotional illness garbage. They have nothing better to do than sit around arm chair trolling our community news. The BS coming from such compulsive addictive obsessive minds, leads one to believe they must be on zombie pills, or other poisons PETRO Big PHARMA chemicals fake medicines? Bad diet? Bad lifestyle.

    I am sick of mental illness pervading comments and having to wade neck deep through the comments… Even intelligent comments in retort just a waste of time when HB CHUMP is so totally incompetent to engage in intelligent dialogue!

    I could not allow such garbage to flow continuously on a community news comments
    Service! Doesn’t every public service publisher have editors rights to NOT print such garbage, especially when the senders are such well known repeat offenders!

    Is it possible kymkemp and HB CHUMP and others living nearby hold threats to kym kemp… And you feel you have to tolerate this madness in your news comments, to protect you personally from whatever abuses mental or physical they threaten?

    So much of the time these nonsense bullies dominate the comments and derail the story, facts!

    • Not a hostage to blackmail just a hostage to the idea that even idiots are entitled to express their ideas and sense of humor such as it is.

      • Is he the same CPS guy from Craigslist rants section?

      • Kym, that’s admirable but not serving your community-at-large.
        Many other commentors have noted over the past few days, the chumpness is taking over this comments section and it’s turning us off from reading this blog and from commenting on it.

        That’s something that you ought to address and swiftly, in my opinion.
        It’s taken over and it’s very unpleasant for many of us, likely the sane majority.

        The person is an admitted internet troll. Such individuals are patently divisive and only post for their own personal pleasure, which is predicated upon the annoyance of most others.
        That’s just not cool and it’s not something worth supporting, again, in my opinion.

      • There’s a huge difference between MOGTX and various chumps.

  • Wow, paranoia is ugly…

  • runnin on empty

    nothing like a reformed “anything”, reformed smoker, drinker or even grower.

    they are the loudest to complain that everyone should think like they do,
    now that they have it right
    when not so long ago they were the offenders.

    I agree with those that are tired of chump crap.

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