Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Releases Some Info About Last Night’s Officer Involved Shooting.

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Humboldt County Sheriff badgeOn July 14, 2017, at 2157 hours, Deputies with the Sheriff’s Office were on patrol in the area Highway 169 North of Weitchpec. The Deputy Sheriffs observed a suspicious vehicle in the roadway on Martins Ferry Bridge. The Deputies contacted the driver and solo occupant of the vehicle. He was later identified as George Robbins from Hoopa, CA. During the course of that contact an officer involved shooting occurred, wounding Robbins. Robbins was removed from the vehicle and first aid was rendered. He was cleared medically from the scene and subsequently transported to the Humboldt County Jail. A firearm was located in the vehicle and seized as evidence. The Deputy Sheriff’s on scene were not injured.

The Humboldt County Critical Incident Response protocol was initiated. Members of the Eureka PD, Arcata PD, Humboldt County sheriff’s Office, District Attorney and State DOJ Criminologist are actively investigating the case. The Deputy Sheriff’s involved are placed on administrative leave pending the investigation.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

Earlier Chapter: One Man Shot and Lacerated by Glass Near Martins Ferry Bridge, According to an Officer on the Scanner



  • So I take it the deputy shot him in the vehicle .I wonder what the prep did to get shot .did he brandish it or did the deputy just seen the weapon, and then shot at the deputy it will be interesting to see what if ever really happened.

  • Veterans friend

    Good luck with that. Deputies don’t have body cams…yet. Or do they?

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Those should be standard issue, but police unions are very against them, plus they often don’t work or the data is unrecoverable.

      Seeing how the unions are against them every single American is probably against them also.

      We’ve gone for centuries of law enforcement without body cameras and changing horses midstream is never a good idea.

      • The one thing I read on that topic said that most of the times they “don’t work” or are “unrecoverable” were operator-caused.

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          Never used one, but I do know with digital cameras the data becomes unreadable and the card must be reformatted.

          My guess is marijuana growers are spreading rumors that law enforcement would purposely misuse a body camera.

          Those of us whom are law abiding humans tend not to believe the lies spread by marijuana growers that behave like wild animals.

          I openly support law enforcement and encourage them to arrest marijuana growers and bring them to justice in hopes that marijuana will never be sold at schools and daycare centers, or anywhere else marijuana addicts sell their dope.

          • Way to be a biggot….cops kill people weed heals people

          • Lol they never said anything about marijuana lol hahahahahahhaaha

          • What a crock of shit what does this even have to do with Mary Jane ? Go pop some more of your prescribed big pharmacy drugs and stop blaming all your problems on others …… or move the Fuck to a state that meets your pitiful lifestyle

      • The horse is exhausted switch it out time for a new horse.

    • Bad idea lettuce junkys would target officers to steal their cameras to sell and get their fix! With satans cilantro around no one is safe.

      • Trying to copy the chump and impress him?

        • Sleepy Alligator

          Looks like CHUMP has himself a little following. A couple “coattail riders” so to speak.

          • Sadly it does appear that way, YES!!!

          • More and more every day, soon the tables will turn and no lettuce head will be left without fear of pollination and round up. The sky will thunder with helicopters that reach down and smite satins cilantro from the earth, tear down their Hillary posters and smash their collections of nazi memorabilia.

            • That would be “Satan’s Lettuce” unless of course you’re talking about the luxury fabric!!! As for the Nazi memorabilia, I sincerely doubt most “Lettuce Heads” would be caught DEAD, with any!!!!

              • No that would be Jazz Cabbage.

              • The Lettuce fiend can’t help it he hordes nazi memorabilia in hopes of the rise of the 4th reich, why else would he pick 4/20 to celibrate on hitlers birthday.

              • What ,what kind of person wishes something like that on another person . you need to pray for those people instead of wishing something like that on them. Beware what you wish for ! It may come home to you .

            • Warner Von Braun

              “Satan’s cilantro”, that’s awesome.

        • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

          Should be obvious, by now, that “Guest” and “Chump” are the same person…

  • He wasn’t a perp, he was night security for a construction company who has all their equipment right there.

  • Community member

    They do not have body cams and knowing the deputies we have out here in our community I know for a fact they would have had a very good reason to do what happened. Of course we won’t get the whole story right now because it’s still under investigation.

    • You won’t get the full story from the police. They actually screwed up on this one. The article fails to mention that before this incident occurred, the officers involved were pursuing another vehicle and lost site of it. So they assumed the first vehicle they came to was the one they were chasing, which was wrong. The deputy shot a man that was doing nothing wrong. And it doesn’t help that they fired close to 30 rounds into his vehicle before figuring out the man was doing his job, which is night security for a local construction company. Stuff happens, I’m just glad the man didn’t lose his life.

      • Sounds like the county has a lawsuit on it’s hands. We will need a heck of a lot more people spending well over forty grand for cannabis permits to pay this settlement off. Maggie Flemming time has come to turn another investigation over to the FBI.

        • You mean yet ANOTHER lawsuit for the “Clownty” of Humbug!!! & their 90 day Blunders Deputies fresh out of CR’s “Pork Academy” a couple of quarters of training & they pin a badge on them & release them into the field!!! On the unsuspecting public who are expecting well trained officers but instead get the Morons we have now!!!

      • If this is true it’s sickening, we need to band together as Americans and deal with the police use of lethal force, lives matter.

      • Yessss!!! Turrible, I agree 100%!!

      • 30 rounds??? Holy Crap have they been taking lessons from EPD on how to shoot the Sh*t out of anything suspicious??? Are they just naturally Trigger Happy, or …??? BTW The word you need is SIGHT in this case, not SITE!!!

      • I am confused about the fact that the perp-victim is booked into jail if he was shot while on the job protecting construction equipment. If I was down river guarding equipment at night I would be armed. Critters, human, bear, mountain lion, in an area that is not safe during the day, let alone at night. There has to be more to this situation than what is being shared.

  • Must not be African American or it would already be on cnn. Glad no one was killed

  • The Apache Warrior

    It’s sure nice that ALL of you so-called “fake” news media people can know what happened or could have happened before opening your mouths and showing your true mentality and IQ. Unless you were there in real life, give it a rest until the TRUE story comes out. Enough said about your stupid bias. Get a real life or a real job.

    • how about you get a life and a job, see stupid thing to say when you yourself don’t even know what you are talking about.

  • I wonder if there is a psychiatrist who
    does in depth interviews to all the new recruits to see if they’re mentally stable or not I doubt it.

  • This is the foreseeable result of recruiting people with an IQ between 90 and 70; a large proportion of whom are bullies and sadists too cowardly, stupid and lazy to be thugs and bullies on their own merit. They have to hide behind a badge, uniform and take refuge in the shadow of “big brother”.

  • what about heavens lettuce with out my pot It helps manage my pain .I’m not a stoner per say I see as arthritic pain relief or I just don’t care as much about the pain whatever it is I don’t want to ever be with out it .it gives me some quality life ,so in my case the heavens lettuce fits the bill.

    • Agreed 350%, Me 3 it helps me move without more damned opioids!!!

      • Let me guess you smoked lettuce before you smoked opioids. Satans cilantro tricked you again! It made you think lettuce is harmless because opioids are so bad, buy really you never would have smoked opioids if you didn’t smoke lettuce first. The wickedness knows no end. You can call it heavens gate way lettuce if you want. Reminds me of the heavens gate lettuce cult in San Diego in 97, Bad ending for them.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        You need to look into Heaven’s Gate that will help you.

    • Heavens gateway lettuce.

  • Native American, Weitchipec, nice car (late model corvette) must be stolen because its Friday night on the Rez. If your going to use your gun make sure you unload your clip and be sure to kill the “suspect”. This way only one side of the story. I saw the car this afternoon with all the bullet holes in the windshield and side. Unbelievable he was not hit. Sheriffs office had better stay out of the Klamath, your even less welcome now.

  • The fact that the shooting took place on the bridge makes the situation more complex than is being reported.
    Let’s go back to 2008 after Caltrans had the bridge examined and ordered it closed for safety reasons, remembering that Martins Ferry Bridge is within the Yurok Tribe Reservation:

    “The Tribe, County of Humboldt and State of California
    recognized the seriousness of the situation and by all
    declaring a “State of Emergency.” The Tribe has been
    holding regular meetings with Federal, State and local
    agencies to get the bridge back in operation.
    The bridge is technically part of the Humboldt County
    road system and it was up to the County to either replace
    or fix the bridge. The County has determined that the
    bridge can be rehabilitated.
    “We did everything we could to work with local, state
    and federal agencies to get the bridge reopened.” said
    Yurok Tribal Planning Director Peggy O’Neill. “We have
    held several meetings with local residents to assess their
    concerns and are forwarding this information on to the
    appropriate federal, state and local agencies.”

    So the County owns the bridge, other entities (state, etc)
    also have some authority over it and the Yurok Tribe holds
    the lands on both sides of the bridge and the Klamath River
    as tribal lands under their sovereign authority.
    The Tribe does have its own police safety department whose
    work :
    “Shall be operated in accordance with established department policies and procedures, appropriate tribal ordinances, applicable federal law, applicable judicial law, California law and acceptable professional standards.”

    I’ve read here on RHBB and a few other places that the HCSD works with the Hoopa Tribe police but Hoopa has the original authority but may call in HCSD (and do).
    It seems to me that the same situation would apply with the Yurok Tribe. And there is a Tribal Police Office in Weitchpec.

    So I think the HCSD needs to backtrack and make nice with the Yurok Tribe and if the man was employed on a construction site, it might have been on Hoopa Tribe land (Pine Creek area) and it’s not nice to shoot up the truck of someone who’s working on a project important to the tribe…

    One more thing which no one has brought up:
    What in the Sam Hill were the deputies thinking when they saw a truck stopped on the bridge. Did they think ‘this is a beautiful bridge over a magnificent river and the person in the truck stopped to look at it and maybe listen to the river’.
    I might have been that person, stopped, listening to the river. I really think LOE need to be aware of their environment not just as a place full of possible threats and dangers but as somewhere people enjoy being and just taking time to take it all in.
    People buy little desktop fountains so they can listen to the sound of moving water.. small to huge fountains are put in modern building areas because people DO enjoy being around and listening to water.

    But these are LOE and they’re trained to expect the worst. Which is sad.
    Maybe the man stopped to have a smoke before going to the jobsite where he would observe the rules and not smoke.
    And someone like that certainly wouldn’t expect a HCSD vehicle to come barreling down the road, approach him and start shooting.

    So this is going to be much larger than it seemed at first.
    And my two cents worth is to suggest that while I would like to call the two men idiots for doing what they did…what they did was follow orders and their training did not include alternate possibilities. My train of thought would not have shown up on their radar. I’m sure there are plenty of people who read RHBB that would have come up with better ideas than mine but the deputies wouldn’t have come up with those either.

    The law, to LOE is like a very large prison. There are laws (like cells) within laws (cell-blocks) and they’re all together in the State (or Federal) Code and you apply the law as you were trained to do.
    But all the trials, lawsuits, appeals, appeals of appeals don’t just happen. They come about because one person says no, not guilty and another person says, yes, he is guilty & I’ll prove it. Or a bill is enacted into law but it wasn’t well written and what the bill (now a law) doesn’t really do what we were told it would do…so someone sues and someone defends and so on.
    It is a very large imposing institution but the law is more like a huge airline terminal or train station. And maybe you can’t get there from here–or here from there. You have to go around or transfer or whatever.
    So in a situation if a LOE can take even a second (most situations could allow that) to ask him/her/them self: What if?
    We can learn, we do learn and it makes our lives better.
    Please LE leaders, teach your teams to learn and grow so they don’t just react and shoot.
    Thank you.

  • Sheriff deputies said they were down river doing their routine patrol of the area. They have never just patrolled the area, and don’t like to come down river after dark even in an emergency situation. If they had been doing a routine patrol, they’d have known the person parked on the bridge worked as the night watchman/security for Kepel Construction and the Yurok Tribe, as he has been parked in the same spot for months. This was a bad shoot and they are lucky he is alive! The officers screwed up big time… So, to those rude officers who were laughing and carrying on, while I searched for “the brown dog missing from the suspects vehicle”… HAHAHA joke is on your asses!

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