[UPDATE 10:40 a.m.] 101 Closed South of Piercy; No Estimated Time of Reopening

Press release from Caltrans District 1:

U.S. Highway 101 is CLOSED approximately 5 miles south of Piercy in Mendocino County. A tree fell down onto power lines and both lanes of the highway are closed.

This incident is unrelated to construction or slide activity at the nearby Horseshoe Slide, which is located a little more than a mile south of the downed lines.

There is currently no estimated time to reopening.

UPDATE 10:09 a.m.: PG&E is at the scene working.
UPDATE 10:18 a.m.: Traffic is backed up for quite a ways.

Traffic backed up

[Photo by Heather Haglund]

UPDATE 10:40 a.m.: The road is now open.



  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Life in SoHum… Whoops! Can’t go there…

  • They should just leave it there .keep the scum out we dont need any more .i think humboldt has about 35 % good people old school honest people left .just tweeker scum ripoffs homeless ,and no good cops .I’m a native born son ,and instead of Humboldt county it’s Humboldt county .I would move the hell out of here ,but I love my little pcs of heaven I own .I just close my gate, and let the world of shit float on buy ,and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does the same thing .I’m paranoid of the tweeked scum rip off s I’m on guard 24 7 .never used to be that way .

  • Mogtx,I’m so sorry you have to live that way. No one in HUMBOLDT should have to live in fear. But I’m reminded daily of the beauty that surrounds us. I shut out the Bad in order to see all the rest.🕊

  • Why don’t you turn off your computer too. Your hate filled words don’t add anything to this story. Shut the hell up.

  • Pretty negative comment MOGTX. Does every topic and conversation you have always have to turn to shit? Do you ever stop to think that you obsess about tweeking 24/7 and manifest it’s doom around you?
    Or maybe you’re just a closet wannabe ! If a tree falls in the forest and there isn’t a tweeker around to blame, does it still have to be about the tweeker? Sad shallow existence really.

    • Yes absolutely drug addicts are the systematically demonized face of our collective American Addiction. Money sex adoration land praise lovers work shopping etc etc etc were it not for our collective need for MORE this economy would collapse tomorrow

  • Traffic is now backed up past The Peg House on the north side!!!

  • Turn off your computer and go outside your residence for a bit mogwog.
    Its really quite beautiful out here. If all you see is negative and you dont see the amazing wonderment of nature and a lot of good folks, well i feel sorry for you and suggest you find some other place to live. Not to be mean, if youre this unhappy then maybe its not the place for you.
    There are loads of great people here. You probably dont know as theyre usually humble folks who are too busy actually doing something in their community and/or enjoying nature to toot their own horn. Venture out a bit and you’ll see them.
    Letting the negative things get in the way of all the good seems the american way right now, but i refuse to let it be the humboldt way. To each their own.

    • Amen. Amen

    • Umm he said about 35% good people not ALL bad. And I agree! I’ve only been here since ’81 so I don’t tell real locals what to think! I know areas like what he’s describing that have fell hard to crappy greedrushers and their ill effects. Also crank has really left the millyard and spread out. How dare you tell him to move from his home! THAT is some self-righteous BS cloaked as “positivity” ! I’m stoked we are about ready to push out the greedrushers and clean shop. Then we can get back to our small gardens and enjoying the beauty around us!

  • C.H.U.M.P. finally got his checkpoint. Now for car to car searches and detention camp sentences for all terrorists.

    • Yes he was right, the lettuce heads are getting antsy already, you can see them out of there cars pacing and jittering, that lost look in there eyes, salivating and plotting their next crime. On can only hope the fiends don’t drag the innocent out of there vehicles and punish them by stealing their bodily fluids.

  • Thank you G-MA you are so kind it just sadins me to watch what is happening or has happened to our beautifull home .

    • Right there with you! Always take a hike or a dip in the creek to cut the sadness. Nature don’t lie and we still have a decent slice of heaven here, my friend!

      • Firefighters wife

        Please no dip in the creek. I’ve seen what goes on in the creeks and rivers around here, not to mention the poison from big grows.

  • Thank you all for loving humblodt as much as I do you all just rock
    BTW .RECOVERED METH ADDICT 18 YRS CLEAN thats why i bitch about what meth has d one to us as a community’.just saying.

  • After 9pm. Did they ever get that open?
    Or is the traffic piling up (must be backed up to Ukiah by now).
    Inquiring minds would like to know.

  • Get over it folks, a tree fell down.

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