[UPDATE 6:25 p.m.] Vehicle Hit a Big Rig; One Lane of Hwy 101 Closed Near Piercy

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAbout 11:18 a.m. a vehicle that was reportedly all over the roadway prior to colliding with a big rig is now blocking part of Hwy 101 near Piercy. The big rig is on the roadside and the vehicle is on the double yellow lines partially blocking the inside lane.

Cal Fire, an ambulance, and Redwood Towing are all responding

UPDATE 12:51 p.m.: The roadway is open and CHP reports that this is a minor injury accident.

UPDATE 6:25 p.m.: A reader sent us photos.

Wrecked black car

A black sedan was badly damaged after an encounter with a big rig today. [Photos by Caleb Clark]



  • Glad to hear there are just minor injuries. Sounds like it could have turned out a lot worse.

  • Yesterday i was almost hit by 2 cars racing each other on the 101 just past CR. They must have beem going at least 90 and the one coming up behind me almost clipped me when it went around me.
    Also a car that was zipping around every other car doing about 80mph. Super dangerous, i can only hope when they crash they only hurt themselves. And hopefully hurt enuf they dont drive anymore. Sorry but if they dont care about my familys lives why should i care about them.

  • People are driving crazy. Glad no one was hurt to bad.

  • Another straight stretch highway wreck…Take their license away for 6 months or a year just like what happens to a drunk driver. I don’t see much difference since the public is at risk whether they have been drinking or not. Distracted driving and impaired driving are about the same in my book…. It leads to injuries and possible death.

  • Driving home from Auburn/Lincoln today, the LAST terrifying event…Hwy 101, Stafford area, Large Motorhome, doing over 65mph hauling a Jeep. Strayed into the fastlane, where a fullsize pickup already was!!!!!!! Overcorrected…almost flipping the Jeep!!!!!!! And killing MANY, including me, my youngest daughter, and MY 5yr old Grandduaghter!!!! Truly thought the SPEED LIMIT for any vehicle pulling a trailer…55mph! Oh…wait…I’m right! SIGNS all over the Hwy say so, to remind you! Stop endangering so many others!!!!! BAD FORM!

  • I believe you are correct! 55 mph is maximum speed when towing another vehicle.

  • Where are the CHP and all of the rest of the reporting agencies such as Forest Service, Sheriffs Department, Cal Trans and BLM. I’ve reported many unsafe drivers on US 101 and not one have ever been stopped. Dispatch will only send a unit on a call when it’s a accident or suspected DUI, any other call has low priority. What happen to one unit per 30 mi stretch of road. You just don’t see a police unit sitting along side the on ramp or around a curve anymore. Something must of happened internal in the Department that put a stop to this.

  • That’s Piercy Fires green type 3 fire engine 5661 in the second picture ….. Great job Chief 5600! Thank your local volunteers and all the emergency services personell!

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    101. The highway of death.

    Another day on 101: speeding 4×4’s, too many travel trailers and RV’s, lots of folks racing down the on-ramps at 80mph, everyone towing trailers and doing 75, depressed folk coming over the line and crashing into random victims, drunk and drugged drivers everywhere, tourists who stopped off in Goobsterdam for some local product driving 15mph in the morning fog, deer and the occasional elk suddenly appear from nowhere on the hill going south to Laytonville and between Hooker Creek and the Redway exit… WAY too many rigs being operated very unsafely, by operators who are extremely entitled…

    This is a dangerous road, and in Summer, wow, it gets much worse.

    Save yourself – drive 60-65 maximum, 55 with a trailer, watch the mirror for crazies, watch the shoulders for wild creatures like deer, raccoon, skunks, possums, dogs and the humans who choose to live outdoors, pay attention to the behavior of the oncoming traffic, LET PEOPLE PASS YOU, use the turnouts, don’t speed up in passing zones, drive carefully on on-ramps, expect drunks and DUI’s,
    CALL 911 to report drunks, general craziness, drag races involving diesel pickups in Fortuna, etc.

    The CHP appreciates your calls! Be specific, report the direction traveled, any landmarks, any part of the licence plate you can safely note, the color, age, and general description of the vehicle, description of the driver etc.

    The CHP can’t be everywhere at once, so assist them by driving sober, driving like you want to arrive alive, and being the example of sanity. Driving politely is always best. Help the other drivers get through their day too! Don’t follow too close, wait your turn, yield the right of way when things look a bit crazy! Use some sense, get out of the way if necessary. It is a crowded world, and it’s getting more crowded, so use some sense, don’t be in a hurry, have some sensitivity! Maintain your vehicle!

    Life on the road is just like everything else, give off a positive vibe, don’t be aggressive, protect yourself, and leave yourself a way out. Be the one who is in control.

    Be careful out there, I drive the 101 almost every day. It’s beautiful, but deadly….

    Drive safely, drive clean and sober, drive polite!

  • Thank you for this excellent summary of driving 101. I would also add to be on the lookout for bicycles and also other drivers crossing over the double yellow. Encounter these fairly often during my 101 travels.

    And it looks like further North on 101 today, you could encounter some Eels.


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