[UPDATE 8:58 p.m.] A Vegetation Fire With Power Lines Down Past the Garberville Airport

vegetation fire iconAt approximately 8:30 p.m. a fire was reported burning in grass and oak woodland not far past the intersection of Sprowl Creek Road and Old Briceland Road, past the airport about a mile out Old Briceland Road. Power lines are down.

Garberville Fire and Redway Fire are responding.

UPDATE 8:44 p.m.: The fire’s forward progress has been stopped. PG&E has been notified.

UPDATE 8:58 p.m.: The burn was only 10 by 100 feet.



  • Is the fire on Sprowl Creek or on Old Briceland ?

  • So is Pge billed for these fires (two this week locally) or do taxpayers foot the bill?…

  • We have a tree that’s hanging over our lines that PGE was suppose to cut and they never did, it’s to high for us. I hope they come cut it soon! To many lines down causing fires lately!

  • Call the number , 1800-pge-5000 and voice your concerns about the tree in question, But in the mean time where is this problem at ? Or get the Money together and Go Solar . Be independent . And changes to your life . You don’t need power lines anymore . Unless you want to try and sell it back the corporation .

  • It just says that lines are down, didn’t say that is the cause. Probably some trimigrant going to their bosses grow site and flicked a cig but out the window. People do it all the time and don’t even think twice about it! They would rather start a fire than use an ashtray!

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