A Little Curvy Coastal Magic Coaxes Money From a Car Company Into Our Local Economy

The coastline near Capetown

A hint of why the car company may have chosen to film north of Capetown on the Mattole Road. [Photo by Zachary Davis]

Yesterday afternoon, the beautiful stretch of the Mattole Road north of Capetown brought a crew to film a super secret new car commercial. The company presumably hoped that the film crew could capture a bit of that magic of the curving road winding through rolling green hills and above the Pacific Ocean and weave it into the ad and make the new vehicle almost irresistible to buyers.

Cassandra Hesseltine, the Humboldt/Del Norte film commissioner, tells us she has been sworn to not reveal the make and model of the car though the California Highway Patrol nonchalantly told us it was a type of Subaru.

Hesseltine tells us that the magic of the Mattole Road along with the other beauties of the Humboldt and Del Norte brought in over a million dollars directly to our economy in the form of fees and permits for the 2016-17 fiscal year and almost three times that indirectly from other expenditures and money circulating in the economy.

May the beauty of our area continue to weave such an enticing net.



  • Commander Lost Planet.

    The shiny new car, used for the filming, was destroyed by the Pothole in the photo.

  • Commander and I are on the same wavelength. I was going to say that I hope the car company will pave over that ugly pothole so it won’t appear in the commercial.

    • Subarus have great handling for adept manuevering around potholes. I drive one!
      Part of the allure of the road, I’d guess.

  • Bear River is a perfect setting!

  • Food for thought

    This place is the perfect setting for a Subaru add.

  • its been done before, in the eighties.maybe more than once.

  • Still like the truck commercial where the tide came in and swallowed the vehicle on Trinidad beach.

  • Over a million dollars into our economy? I bet not one cent goes to fixing that road, or any of our roads.

  • Slow down, admire the view.

    why even pretend that does anything for “our economy”. it sounds pathetic, like desperate feel good bullshit. a car company shot a commercial here, nuff said.

    • Subaru happens to be one of the best cars available for adventure seeking sports and n nature lovers. Oregonians as well as those in Washington, turn them over for newer models bc they put so many miles on them, for travel and recreation. That’s why I own one. To get out and about here. Subas are sold locally.

    • I’ve been finding locations for filming in Northern California and Southern Oregon for 25 years. The $$$ that are spent here absolutely add to our economy. Hotels, restaurants, assorted rentals, entertainment, air travel, location fees to property owners, local cities, donations and fees to city, county, state and national parks…and this is a short list. Filming is one industry that is non-invasive, hires locally, is getting more eco-friendly every year, and they leave town just about the time some people get annoyed by temporary inconveniences. Please support our Film Commission and those of us who work with them. The amazing outreach they do to bring the industry here, with a world wide choice of locations, is astounding. If you have property, a special service to offer, a classic car, unusual props or are interested in being part of film in Humboldt and Del Norte, call them and get involved.

  • Capetown resident

    Yea put half that money into that shit road i drive home everyday, cant appreciate the view when you are dodging tank traps

  • So since they used the road for a commercial…will that money be going towards fixing the road to mattole and the whole redwood loop the county ignores??? IT SHOULD!!!

  • Film Professional

    Excellent news!
    I have worked on projects large and small in Humboldt country. Patti is right. ‘The Industry’ brings lots of money into local economies. For instance, on my first feature here, I rented the room in a house near set so I didn’t have to take the long winding road home each night (after 14-16 hours of work; and when I needed to be back at work in 7 hours). That meant I was, helping support a family by renting their spare bedroom, eating in restaurants, etc. As were many crew members.
    National commercials often travel with most of their crew. Anyone know how many LOCAL CREW were hired on that commercial? And if few were, all the traveling crew still ate, drank, had a hotel room, craft service, used gas, cell service, bought supplies, paid police, etc, etc, etc.

  • Been quite a few car/tire commercials shot along there.

    • Around the year 1997 ish, Lost Coast…Windy Point, 3mi? out Prospect drive, in 1983 Subaru Wagon. The ONLY other vehicle, was 1985ish Subaru Station Wagon! No cell phone cameras back then…we always joked that it looked like a Subaru commercial! Go Subaru!

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