K-9 Helped Catch Suspects Allegedly Growing Marijuana on National Forest Lands

K9 Johnny trinity county

K9 Johnny from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office.

This is a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Trinity COunty press release



  • Good doggy!

  • Johnny was the K9 stabbed last year by an armed Mexican national who was occupying this nations public lands.

  • Why would you grant bail to an illegal immigrant?

    • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheStory

      California is culturally sensitive, and doesn’t recognize labels like “illegal immigrant”. However, if someone forwarded this to ICE (if the agencies involved have not done so already)…

      • Triniboldticino

        Um, no. Bail is mandatory unless certain elements of danger and likelihood of flight are appropriately met, and only with a Judge’s Order, not your opinion. Contrary to certain beliefs, this is still America and hasn’t settled into the true dictatorship yet. Try to recall that many of these guys stuck in the woods are the lowest of the low-level in the cartels, and often are only there under threat of harm to themselves and their families. I doubt they’d be bailed before Homeland Security gets at them. But then they have to be prosecuted and sentenced, then they get deported years down the line. All at taxpayer expense.

  • Well done! Sounds like a very dangerous job.

  • These grows must be eradicated and if a dog can help, great. Get the criminal element out of the cannabis industry once and for all through legalization. Thanks.

    • Crimanal element out of a drug trade….. right. That has worked so well with even the most ” legal” drugs. Lmao😂 Oxy, vicaden , etc are all available on the black market with lots of crime envolved. Educate yo self sparkels! If its a drug, there will be a black market for it. Period.

      • Triniboldticino

        Yeah. I’ve been advocating NAIL all of the producers of the drugs starting with Purdue Pharma. They have profited off every single oxy pill they ever produced. It is INTENTIONALLY addictive, yet they lied about its addictive qualities. And they continue to profit obscenely from it no matter who tosses it down. Each pill diverted to illicit use is part of their profit margins. How absolutely Corporate America.

        • Legalization just means capitalism. But heh…… we are in america right. And no…. it wont solve the criminal element.

      • “If its a drug, there will be a black market for it. Period.”

        That is an extraordinarily revealing statement about the prohibitionist mindset.

        I hope it won’t be mistaken, though, for insight into drugs and markets.

        There are black markets for things that are not drugs at all, and there are drugs for which the black market is not significant.

        Alcohol, for one.

        There is not a significant black market in alcohol these days because it is so widely available at such relatively low cost.

        When California’s black market in weed continues, some people are likely to ignore the defects in our legalization plan–dry counties in major production zones, no interstate commerce, too-high taxes.

        For them, the black market will continue because drugs are morally evil, so of course bad criminals sell them.

        It’s circular. It misses the bigger picture. And it’s a key idea at the heart of American drug policy.

    • It’s amazing how many trolls are showing up on any board having anything to do with cannabis…

  • I’d like to buy that dog a bone!

      • https://www.purina.com/dogs/dog-breeds/belgian-malinois
        There are other Belgian working dogs (police, etc) other than the Malinois but
        it is among the most popular for police work.
        The “German Shepherd” was also known as an Alsatian during WWI as the breed
        was known to originate in the Alsace-Lorraine area which was under dispute between
        France and Germany from 1871.
        It was WWI which brought the German Shepherd/Alsatian to the attention of people who followed the war and appeared in films about the war.

  • What a handsome boy.

  • What a absolutely beautiful Dog!!Good job. Hope he got some special treats🐕

  • Eradicated 30,000 plants grown by… 3 people ???
    Eh ?

  • that’s exactly what I was thinking Mr bozo

  • 30,000 plants…with the caretakers for the plants coming from Mexico they were probably brought up from Mexico early in the season along with who knows how many other workers.
    Bring in a big crew, clear the land, lay out the water lines, put in the plants then move on to another area, another grow and just leave behind the three that were found.
    With that volume of plants I imagine they’re trying to get the men they arrested to provide
    more information on who hired them (etc).
    At this point it looks like a coin toss to me….wait to see if they give evidence and prosecute them here or if there’s an attempt to provide bail, call ICE.
    In this case, since the crimes they have been committing are on Federal land, I’d say give them to ICE, don’t waste Trinity County money prosecuting them. These men are not innocents however stupid they are to be involved in the scheme.
    And with all that trash there have to be old receipts (if only for food) that might help them track down the people doing the buying.
    All the grows being handled by Mexicans reminds me of the locusts that flew into the Salt Lake area almost destroyed everything.
    And then the sea gulls arrived.

    • Triniboldticino

      Bail? How does this stack up to lurking around schools or Courts to arrest people suspected of being here illegally? Dragging off parents at the school to pick up the kids? Why not just go get some of these guys? Answer: low lying, easy fruit. That’s how they roll.

  • Thank you sanctuary cities!!! As long as California is a safe haven for illegals, they will come.

  • Johnny… sounds like a name a [edit] would give their drug sniffing attack K-9.

    • Black Rifles Matter

      Wrong. He is named johnny, our other k9 was named cash. Get it people person???johnny cash!!! Duh….We are country out here, so the name is fitting for the k9’s and his handler who is a damn good man and cop. Not a pig as you referred to him as. Cash had health issues so he was retired. I believe the other k9’s name is ice. He was also stabbed I believe last year working with forest service and sheriff dept hitting cartel grows in southern Trinity.

      • OK [edit], let’s get one thing straight. We are in the Emerald Triangle. Most people listen to Johnny Cash around here. Secondly, there are plenty of piece of shit family men out there wearing a badge so just so we can all acknowledge that we can move foreward. Why you don’t take this message to your superiors… you are never going to win the war on drugs, but if you insist on waistingbour tax dollars so you can seize assets and put on violent criminals in jail, why don’t you guys go after the street peddling death merchants that move more pounds of heroin and meth here in the emerald triangle than any other place on the west coast per capita. Send that message to your boss will ya? You are NEVER going to win. We have more money, more people, and more to loose than you and all of your [edit] pals. Sincerely, an outlaw country family man cannabis farmer. It’s a plant. Go get some real bad guys please? Then maybe people won’t raise their children to hate and fear [edit].

  • Its 110 am i live on 162.and i passed 17 cop car and a tank thing jusy now also 2 slow moving ambulences anyone no about what happend.zombies?

  • It looks like a serious chain collar on Johnny’s neck. Johnny be good or else.

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