Humboldt County Honors Retiring Sheriff’s Investigator

Todd Fulton with his wife and daughter

Todd Fulton with his wife and daughter

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Tuesday, July 11th, at about 9:15 in the morning, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors issued a resolution for retiring Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Todd Fulton.

Investigator Fulton has been employed with the HCSO for the past 14 ½ years. He has worked as a patrol deputy in the Garberville area, a livestock/rural crimes deputy in the Special Services Unit, he was a member of SWAT, and has had extensive training in search and rescue and firearms instruction. He has taken on another full time job, but will return to the Sheriff’s Office on a part-time basis as a firearms and defensive tactics instructor.

We at the Sheriff’s Office are happy for Todd and his family and he will be greatly missed at the HCSO.



  • Congratulations Todd! Thank you for your service!

  • Doesn’t retirement mean no more work ,yet he’s getting a full-time job somewhere else ?doesn’t make sense.when I retired it ment no more work for me ,but Thanks for all the years of service .

    • retire, retired, retiring
      1: to withdraw from action or danger : retreat
      2: to withdraw especially for privacy: retired to her room
      3: to move back : recede
      4: to withdraw from one’s position or occupation
      5: to conclude one’s working or professional career
      6: to go to bed

  • It seems like yesterday that you helped herd a stray cow back to her field by our house! Thank you for your service, Investigator Fulton.

  • Rex & Sharalyn Perkes

    Congratulations, Todd!

  • Congratulations my friend

  • Congratulations!! Love to see these happy times! <3 it

  • shawn the fisherman

    Sometimes its better to get the good ole boys out and get some new blood… I get it

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