CHP Releases Details on This Morning’s Major Injury Crash on 101 North of Eureka

Traffic accident

[Photos by Mark McKenna]

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On the morning of Sunday, July 9, the driver of a Chevrolet Pickup did not yield the right away to oncoming traffic and this resulted in a two vehicle collision with major injuries.

At approximately 10:34 a.m., 88 year old, unrestrained, Jose Homen of Arcata was driving a 1992 Chevrolet 1500 pickup on southbound US 101 and had entered the left turn lane to cross northbound US 101 to enter Airport Road. Pickup on a flatbad A 21 year old, Amber Parcher of Bakersfield was driving a 2016 Hyundai Sonata northbound on US 101 in the number one lane at approximately 50 miles per hour and approaching the intersection with Airport Road. As Parcher drove the Hyundai into the intersection, Homen also turned his Chevrolet and entered the northbound lanes.  CHP press release imageThe front of the Hyundai collided into the right front of the Chevrolet pickup.

After the initial collision, the Chevrolet pickup spun around and Homen was ejected but protected by the pickup as it came to rest blocking both northbound lanes.  Wrecked car on FlatbedThe Hyundai also spun around and came to rest facing southbound in the northbound number two lane and accelerator lane.

Homen suffered major injuries as a result of the collision and was ultimately transported to St. Joseph Hospital for medical treatment.  Parcher and her two passengers sustained minor injuries and were transported to Mad River Community Hospital for medical treatment.  US 101 northbound was closed for a short period to get emergency responders on scene to provide medical care.

The California Highway Patrol would like to thank City Ambulance, Humboldt Bay Fire and all other first responders that assisted with this collision.  DUI is not believed to be a contributing factor in this collision.

Earlier Chapter: Multiple Car Accident on 101 Just North of Eureka; Multiple Injuries



  • He didn’t fail to yield the right of way…he drove into oncoming traffic. Why is the English language so difficult for cops?
    As a person who will one day be too old to drive safely: thank God self-driving cars are being invented and I won’t be locked at home since I live in a country with p***-poor public transportation!!!

    • Big E it is not the cops choice of wording it’s your politicians in Sac. They passed this law using that language

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      E, you think self-driving cars are the answer? Hahahahaha. Right now they have trouble discerning between a kid on a skateboard and a tree in which to hit when it has to swerve. Not to mention they’re a hackers dream come true. Also, rural areas don’t have piss poor public transportation. Not to us locals anyway. We drive ourselves. And like it. Ever see a city bus navigate a road like say, Bell Springs or Mattole in bad weather? Neither has anyone else.

  • He evidently was NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer, the article clearly states he was UNrestrained!!! Not too smart IM9ns)HO!!! ns- Not So

    • I agree with the no seatbelt thing, but come on. The guy was 88, seat belts weren’t even mandated in cars till he was 40 years old and not commonly worn for another 20 years. I wouldnt dream of driving without one now, but I still remember standing on the back driveshaft tunnel on my parents 1979 Buick Regal just so I could see out the front window. I’m 100% on board the ‘seat belts save lives’ bandwagon now. It’s not hard to grasp that idea in today’s world, but his generation, it wasn’t a common thing.

  • It can be looked at 2 ways. He failed to yield to traffic.. or she decided to not let him. Yes it’s not required by law. But the thing to do is move over for merging traffic if possible. It also politely defensive driving . And if a 88 yr old still is able to drive then maybe the asshole 20 yr olds could try to be more polite drivers. Might lower the road rage crap Going on. God bless thus older gentlemen. Hopefully he recovers. Lots of disrespectful people out there. He was alive when the seatbelt was invented and half of you commenting don’t wear your belts always either

    • I believe he turned (Left) -crossing in front of Northbound traffic. Obviously,not yeilding to oncoming vehicles. Nothing to do with how politely one drives!

      • I believe you’re correct Taryn. I had to read it a few times myself.

      • That’s the way I read it as well.

      • The safety corridor was a great idea at the time, but now there is too much traffic and too many people are driving faster than 50 mph. It’s now time to put in overpasses where some of the feeder roads come in to take away the possibility of this type of T-bone accident. I think it has been put off so long because the road is so close to the bay and also the large amount of money it would take to accomplish this. Not to mention the environmental impact concerns.

        The feeder roads coming into 101 North of Rio Dell to about CR now have the center divide that has stopped traffic from entering and crossing the highway. You now have to go to the closest overpass or to the highway merge lane entrance to get on 101.

        There are enough accidents even when the vehicles merging into the highway are traveling in the same direction as the traffic flow.

        This idea of having traffic enter the highway from a right angle and at a slow speed from a stop sign, is becoming a thing of the past. It is way too dangerous and has cost many people their lives over the years. It is dangerous enough when you are having to drive through intersections in town at slower speeds! Too many vehicles and too many people in a hurry and also some driving impaired or distracted.

        When I took drivers training in the 60’s we couldn’t even play the radio for fear it would distract us!

        • Guesty,
          “highways of death”, “signal 30” didn’t send off your desk chair and down the hall screaming?

          those movies got my attention and i’ll next forget how easy it is to die on the roads if i don’t pay close & constant attention to my surroundings.

          • judi,

            I remember “signal 30”. It definitely was hard to watch with all the death and gore. The guys watching the movie would look away and when the girls ran down the hall screaming, we would go and console them and walk them back to class.

            Later in life I got hit by a drunk driver head on and survived, but it took quite awhile to heal and get well! Not something I would wish on my worst enemy!

        • Ocean’s rising.

    • It was the 88 year old’s poor judgement. There’s signs posted everywhere stating “cross traffic does not stop”. Meaning he could’ve waited until it was clear enough with traffic far far down northbound 101. As stated in CHP’s traffic incident report, the girl in her 20’s was traveling at the legal posted speed limit which is 50 mph. In this case the girl was not at fault for causing the accident. He was. I’m not bashing anyone’s age. I’m being very clear about that. I’m exposing the bare naked truth. At the speed the girl was traveling at with the amount of cars behind her, there was no way she could swerve out of the way to avoid hitting him, even if she slammed on her brakes to keep her car from colliding into his pickup truck, she could have caused a multi car pile up by making everyone else rear end each other, including her. If she swerved her car at 50 mph she could’ve launched her car into the ditch, still totaling her car and sustaining injuries herself, if she stopped at the intersection to let the 88 year old man into traffic, she could’ve backed up traffic really bad. I’m very sorry the 88 year old man got injured very badly along with the young girl and her passengers, but it was clearly a bad judgement call on the 88 year old man’s behalf.

  • Sam Sung,
    Maybe you should take a deep breath and read the article again and hopefully come away with a more clear understanding of the facts that were presented.

  • Sorry grandpa, driving days are over.

  • It is not our job to accuse either party….were you there?? I am sure not. Instead maybe be thankful that nobody was killed today and think about how that could have been you or your spouse or parents or child. Show some respect people.

  • Hasn’t anyone ever noticed the YIELD sign on every freeway entrance?

    Yielding to traffic entering a freeway is polite, but not always possible should there be traffic in the passing lane preventing a safe move.

    Entering traffic must yield. It’s the law.

  • Who gives a damn

    Hey Sam Sung, [edit]he pulled out in front of someone, he’s at fault and not wearing his damn seatbelt.

  • This unfortunate man was already on the freeway and was crossing to the other side and chose not to wait for cars to pass. Actions like his are exactly why the “safety corridor” was created. He should consider himself lucky the speed limit was only 50 there and the young person that was unlucky enough to hit him was actually doing the speed limit!

    • I agree. My Grandparents were struck while crossing. My Grandfather ended up dying and Grandma was never the same. That 50mph is due to the fact that my mother went to countless meetings and hounded anyone and everyone that she could for months on end. If because of the lower speed limit one life is saved, whether he was in the right or not, it was worth it. No one should have to get that call. I get so upset when I see people speeding to save time then we are both sitting at the same red light.

  • I would just like to say, I do 50 exactly when I’m in the safety zone and I’m also the slowest car on the road, EVERYBODY zooms by giving me dirty looks after they tailgate as long as their minds can handle. They really need to CRACK down, zero tolerance, go three over and get a ticket, if the speedometer is off just throw in a fix it ticket!

  • I’ve been told the intersection is destined to be closed when they build the indianola cloverleaf.the south end of Jacobs Ave was closed a few years back. So then the people who work on Jacobs Ave will have to drive 6 miles or more out of there way to get back to Eureka. I’ve had a shop there for 20 yrs and never once had a problem crossing the fwy… you just need to pay attention! UPS and fed ex will not be pleased, for the amount of these two companies vehicles that go through that intersection Dailey , I don’t recall any incidents or accidents. Maybe they should build a small bridge from south Jacobs Ave to the Harley dealership parking lot

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