Humboldt County Nixes Casual Crop eXchange; Marijuana Educational Series Takes Its Place

A bud in the hand.

A bud in the hand. From Casual crop exchange

The Humboldt County Planning Department slammed shut a door on the Casual Crop eXchange, a medical marijuana farmers market held in Southern Humboldt multiple times since March of 2016. According to an article in the Times Standard,  John Ford the Planning Department’s director said, ““If you’re selling cannabis right now, you fall under the dispensary ordinance…The dispensary has to be within a building….It requires a permanent location. To do it without a permit is not legal.” Backers of the Casual Crop eXchange open an educational series in response to Ford’s ruling.

Last December the second Humboldt County Cup had to be moved from the Ferndale Fairgrounds when a similar concern was raised about consuming cannabis. On-site sales and consumption occur at many other festivals throughout the state in restricted areas outdoors. The Emerald Cup and the High Times Cup were both held in Sonoma County this last year. Both brought thousands of attendees filling hotel rooms and restaurants for miles in each direction. One estimate placed of the economic effect of the 2016 Emerald Cup alone on Sonoma County was “in the tens of millions of dollars.”

In an odd coincidence unreconcilable with Humboldt County’s position, recently Northern Nights, a popular music festival, straddling the border of Humboldt and Mendocino announced that it would expand its medical marijuana zone. A blog from the festival announced, “The game is changing for how festivals will approach cannabis use in the future and Northern Nights is continuing their pioneering efforts to remove the stigma around Cannabis use…The Cannabis Tree Lounge highlights Humboldt, Mendocino and Northern California cultivators…”

A press release from the originators of the Casual Crop eXchange  states that they “look forward to presenting the Humboldt County Planning commission with an application for a medical cannabis dispensing permit.” The release states, “They’re hopeful the County will develop and allow on-site consumption and a farmers market permit for the Casual Crop eXchange.”

Now that Humboldt County has nixed the Casual Crop eXchange, the backers will offer a series of educational cannabis events the second and fourth Sunday of each month at the Trim Scene Solutions store in Redway. The next presentation, Light Dep Summer Growing and Greenhouse Tech with Eric Branstad, will take place this Sunday, July 9 at 1 p.m.

Below is the entire press release from Humboldt Local and Trim Scene Solutions:

Humboldt Local, Inc. and Trim Scene Solutions are proud to announce their new Casual Sundays Educational Series. Based on the popularity of the speakers at his monthly Casual Crop eXchange, Trim Scene Solutions owner Joey Burger (commonly known as Humboldt Local) decided to create a series of lectures and presentations focusing on issues of importance to the Cannabis community. Open to the public, the bi-monthly series will take place the second and fourth Sunday of each month at the Trim Scene Solutions store in Redway.

The inaugural event, Cannabis and Permaculture: A Brief Introduction to Ethical and Sustainable Cultivation for Farm and Profit, was incredibly well received. Permaculture Designer, Consultant and Educator Rico Zook, a cannabis farmer from the early days of Southern Humboldt’s Cannabis Industry, imparted his fourteen years of knowledge practicing Permaculture in India, Laos, Thailand and around the globe to an eager audience of locals.

The next presentation, Light Dep Summer Growing and Greenhouse Tech with Eric Brandstad, will take place this Sunday, July 9 at 1pm. Brandstad, a cannabis greenhouse expert, consultant and the general manager of Forever Flowering Greenhouses, is a recognized authority on greenhouse site development and greenhouse efficiency. He has served as a consultant to growers around the country for more than 10 years and empowered thousands of people through his radio, television interviews and public appearances with his cannabis greenhouse expertise. According to Joey Burger, “This guy really knows everything there is to know about greenhouses.” If you have any questions about how to improve your greenhouse game, or merely want to learn what a paid consultant teaches his clients, be sure to join us July 9 at 1pm.

For the foreseeable future, the Casual Sundays Educational Series will replace Trim Scene Solution’s extremely popular Casual Crop eXchange Farmers Market. In order to be in compliance with a new Humboldt County land ordinance, the 215 event is temporarily cancelling all future events. Humboldt Local, Inc. and Trim Scene Solutions look forward to presenting the Humboldt County Planning commission with an application for a medical cannabis dispensing permit. They’re hopeful the County will develop and allow on-site consumption and a farmers market permit for the Casual Crop eXchange. Trim Scene Solutions would like to thank all the attendees, vendors, speakers, sponsors and everyone else who participated in the Casual Crop eXchange over the last year and a half. “We made a very special community celebration,” Joey Burger explains gratefully. “And we hope to have many more.”



  • Burger: “whhhat??? We need a permit?
    Well Hey, let me tell you sumpthin…..We don’t need no stinking permits.
    We can do whatever we want”

  • Just go with a loop hole. You can purchase this rolling paper and I will give you a free gram. Purchase this jar for $35 and I will throw in this 1/8 oz of fire OG. Easy

  • The state regulations say no light dep so good luck with your educational series .You should educate yourself in the laws of ca and the regulations coming from the state .These are the same people that were selling butane by the pallet

  • Read about it in a book..

    Fuk the beaurocrats .

    Pulled my first tarp in 19fucking87. Taught my neighbors who then taught their friends. Special ordered the first damn roll of panda at dazeys …The rest, as they say, is history.

    The Humboldt county planning commission has their heads up arses. Ignorant money bleed. They don’t grow in square feet they cannot be regulated it’s a fucking plant . Free the weed like peaches . Or kale .

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    In Humboldt? There is so much weed the homeless are giving it away outside Rays…

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    This is a positive step in protecting children from marijuana addict propaganda.

    I’d like to see the people running these drug dealing events stand trial for their terrorist activities.

    Including marijuana in permaculture is more silly stoner propaganda. Permaculture is about sustainable gardening, saving seeds, and building soil webs. Marijuana growers buy and throw away soil, kill soil through over fertilization, spray pesticides while making the organic claim, and strive to sell dope to small children.

    Marijuana growers know absolutely nothing about agriculture, can’t spell, human traffic, destroy forests and fish, steal, rob, murder, traffic in illegal firearms, trespass, wreck communities, toss garbage everywhere, herd free range pit bulls, steal water, blow homes up with butane, and engage in terrorism trying to bring about The Marijuana Caliphate.

    Those are true words describing marijuana growers.

    • Pplhatethetruth

      True,all true!

    • Literally not one grower “strives to sell dope to small children”. You should consider your poor grammar and syntax before throwing stones over spelling. Nearly every assertion you make here can be applied to the general public.

    • Triniboldticino

      Those are the words of a lunatic without a life , with an obsession for trolling. Period. Quite sad.

    • “herd free range pitbulls” yikes…that sounds awful. And since nearly every residence in the county and beyond is engaged in some sort of canna bis cultivation, I’m surprised the Animal Planet hasn’t shown up to film a special about these so called “herds”…me personally would love to hang out with a herd of pits, they might lick you to death, or sit on your feet till your legs go numb… As to the “propoganda” you site…let’s replace the “Marijuana” word with Cannabis, the plants true name, not the government created propoganda name given to the plant when the war on this herb began in this country…(also please get a life.)

    • Wow, there is social media then there’s the truth, you must read far to much social media because you seem to believe it. It’s not entirely your fault, it’s simply lack of knowledge on your part… There’s more good people involved in the cannabis industry then bad, you just don’t read about them because they are not making social media headlines.

    • Moneyscrew T.R.U.M.P.

      So true, C.H.U.M.P. I only wish there were more brave patriots out there like you. It runs so much deeper. No one wants to discuss it. The caliphate being controlled by isis is coordinating the Bulgarian and Mexican cartels in an effort to steal our precious bodily fluids. It’s almost worse when you consider they’re all conspiring with Obama to force white, Christian women to have abortions. But they’ve created such a thick, hazy, marijuana fog everyone is too stoned to notice. Down with the caliphate.

    • I see this name and skip past. It’s fairly simple.

  • Bummer….hope u figure it out….

  • Well right or wrong in the eyes of the law, they are straight up selling a schedule 1 narcotic, in the open to the public, so yeah cry me a river, burger should have been in jail years ago. If I go sell drugs on the street I would end up in jail, well maybe not here but in the real world I would, and so would you.

  • Veterans friend

    Humboldt county government is just incredible. Able to shoot themselves (and us) in the foot every time, no matter what they aim at.

  • Dumb ass county
    Fennel and Wilson are to blame.
    No integrity

  • Veterans friend

    The game has truly changed and our stupidvisors are still playing by the old rules (and apparently without helmets)

  • How is anyone not surprised, and the Southern Humboldt Community Park was involved to make a buck or two, as stated in the TS article; “Burger said the entrance fee revenue from Sunday’s event would have gone to the Southern Humboldt Community Park”.

    Funny, that the same thing happened to the SoHum Community Park Board by the Planning Department, when they got a cease and desist order for having un-permitted commercial concerts back in 2007/2008, which made them have to rezone the Park, to the tune of over $375k.

    I wonder why the SoHum Community Park didn’t have this event at the Park? After all, they are a fully permitted Rent-A-Park to have an unlimited number of public and private events for up to 800 people per day, 5 events per year for up to 2500 people and 1 big 2 day festival for up to 5000 people once a year, with all events going until midnight if on Friday/Saturday. Maybe they just forgot, like, “Dave’s not here Man…”

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