A Driver Was Trapped When a Car Rolled Over Near Richardson Grove Yesterday

Traffic accident

Photo by Chris Anderson

Yesterday at approximately 3:14 p.m., a silver car flipped over on Hwy 101 just south of the Richardson Grove Park entrance.  A female driver was trapped but was eventually released with minor injuries. Both lanes of traffic were temporarily blocked for vehicle recovery.

Traffic backed up for over a mile.

Traffic backed up for over a mile. [Photo provided by Jonathan Beck]



  • Slow down, admire the view.

    I expect comments to follow will include trolling support to widen the freeway through the ancient trees. Trolls won’t discuss how accomodating 99% of vehicles to drive through the grove at faster speeds will actually increase the potential for disaster.

    • As D-trump would say: Wrong!

    • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

      Too many cars, too many travel trailers and RV’s, too many rigs, too many speeders!

      Don’t make the road wider, put in speed bumps! All the way from Laytonville to the border!

      Also: Try a toll booth at Piercy. $5.00 to drive north. $50.00 for trailers, $100 for RV’s, $500 for rigs. Speed limit, 45. Strictly enforced. Use the proceeds to fix the goddamned roads.

      Dump your rig in RG, go to jail… Six months!

      • Let’s not forget the danger bicycles are adding to the mix!

        • Charge 500 for trucks and look at what dinner is going to cost you and that’s only dinner everything you use arrives via truck, talk about instant inflation, even all the grow supply’s will skyrocket in cost, put that in your pipe and smoke it! Only problem is you won’t get high!

  • Damn cellphones.

  • How was this possible? Pay attention and drive somewhere near the speed limit.

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    If you slow down, your Prius won’t do this trick where it takes off and then rolls! It is generally known that a Prius can’t handle, brake, accelerate or do anything at all besides go 85 in a straight line. OH and get 45 mpg.

    Good gas mileage is important, in town. In Humboldt, you need a REAL car. An Acura, for example. A BMW. A stupid fucking 4×4. Just not a Prius.

    Please make a note of it. And slow down!

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      You mean something with a combustion engine and a ton of safety devices built in. An Acura and BMW are rather high end and low clearance unless you get SUVs. I’d go cheaper as a couple winters of your paint job getting rock polished will make your expensive bling-mobile look like hell. Maybe not a $90k growdozer either. Those roll off the sides of hills just fine too. But certainly something with high clearance, good torque and you can make it to SF on a tank of gas.

  • SLOW DOWN!!!

  • I LOVE my Prius, feel good about getting 42 mpg for the last 11 years and would not trade it for anything else! Somebody has to care about the environment………..oh, and I don’t really drive it on the dirt roads much. They maneuver real well, go fast enough for me, and pull over for assholes who have to tailgate and pass you on hills and corners that are really dangerous to everyone on the road. Just saying……GO ELECTRIC! It’s the wave of the future, because without it, we don’t have a future that will be livable on the planet kids. And don’t, please don’t, give me a lot of bs about how great your vehicles are! They stink, literally.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      G-S, I’ll go electric when an E- truck can pull a trailer to Montana and back in the same time it does now with combustion engines. You may not drive on dirt roads (you know how environmentally friendly asphalt is to build and maintain? Not at all) but a lot of us do. It’s part of country life. Your Prius is fine for you and your needs, but utterly useless for others around here, especially if you need to pull or haul any sort of weight.

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