A Traffic Accident Sent a Car Into the Slough and a Woman to the Hospital

A traffic accident sent a red sedan and its driver into the Eureka Slough this evening. [Photo by Mark Harris was taken from a plane]

An accident around 5 p.m. today shoved a red sedan into the Eureka Slough. According to the Lost Coast Outpost, the sedan and another vehicle were headed northbound on Hwy 101 when the other vehicle struck the sedan sending it into the water. A female occupant of the sedan was taken to the hospital.

Northbound traffic backed up for quite a distance after the accident.



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    • [edit] Yes there are accidents every day, there are over 20 million registered vehicles in this state. Those are the odds. It’s not that fucking hard to google search risk of car accidents.

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  • Unfortunate accident. OK outcome. Great photos. Kudos to citizen journalists.

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    Is she OK and out of the hospital?

    Cool drone pics of the scene.

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  • It looks like because this person was obeying the speed limit her reward is to get run off the road into a ditch full of water and almost killed by an aggressive driver who could care less for another human life.

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