The Devil’s Lettuce?

Packages containing 3,707 pounds of marijuana seized by CBP officers at Colombia-Solidarity Bridge

Packages containing 3,707 pounds of marijuana seized by CBP officers at Colombia-Solidarity Bridge. [Photo from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection]

This one’s for you, Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P. I think you won this round.

Press release from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection:

 U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers assigned to work at the Colombia-Solidarity International Bridge seized nearly two tons of alleged marijuana in one enforcement action valued over $740,000.

“This is truly an example of our CBP officers’ hard work, experience and dedication to the CBP mission,” said Port Director Gregory Alvarez, Laredo Port of Entry. “I congratulate the officers in advancing the CBP mission and protecting the public from illegal narcotics.”

The seizure occurred on Monday, June 26, when a CBP officer referred a tractor trailer hauling a shipment of lettuce for a secondary inspection. A canine, non-intrusive and physical inspection of the trailer resulted in the discovery of 5,754 packages containing a total of 3,707 pounds of alleged marijuana. The alleged marijuana carries an estimated street value of $741,186.

CBP officers seized the narcotics. The case was turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security Investigations (ICE-HSI) special agents for further investigation.



  • nothing funny about it.

    dont feed the trolls, kym. chump and his other aliases bring your blog down substantially.

    • Can’t beat ’em, join ’em?

      • Just fyi, he didn’t come up with that saying, it’s been around for along time, but I hadn’t heard it in years until he started posting it on here. Happy 4th to everyone!

      • That there is pretty funny, Kym!! ‘Chump’ has to give you kudos for good research. Thanks for the laugh!!

      • Are you serious kym? I’m not coming on this website ever again. That’s how much I dislike chump’s horrible rhetoric. By the way I’ve lived here my whole life. So thanks and goodbye. Have a horrible 4th you transplants!

        • Sigh, apparently my sense of humor is not appreciated. (Also, who you calling transplant?)

          • Sleepy Alligator

            It happens to the best of us Kym. You have my deepest sympathy!

          • Apologies Kym. I thought it was good for us to laugh at ourselves

          • “Sigh, apparently my sense of humor is not appreciated. ”
            ahhhh, but it is kym.
            thank you.


            • low? what am i not seeing here?

              kym, were you doin’ the damn limbo today?
              i’m happy your feeling spry, girlfiend… :}

              sometimes herr chump gets my goat.
              i try to think of his as playing the devil’s advocate.

              i’m hard pressed to try imagining chump is as bitter, contrary, rigid, ignorant, hateful and lost in the dark ages as he presents himself…

              um, unless he’s my father!

          • he’s talking about me, kym. alas, i’m a transplant.

            but notsooo happy fish is only a sad buggy clone off an old and spent transplant. it has him a little worried, i think.
            and he’s afraid he’s losing you to a chump.

            personally, i think either chump and happyfish are alter egos of the same individual
            maybe a pair of 13yr old kids who are trapped in a virtual but forever shut and padlocked thunderdome for talkin’ stupid n mean about things that scare them.

            did they find a secret trap door between thunderdome and this room of yours?

            ………………………………you know, “inquiring minds”

            g’night ch’all…too tired to think, obviously…

          • What a bunch of sore losers Kim 🙂 I thought is was funny and interesting to see they are putting all that time and effort to smuggle weed into the USA…. don’t they know its flooded and if it’s not A grade it will prolly be blasted for oil this year. 🙂

        • Oh good gracious get over yourself. What happened to humor.

        • Can we refer to him as ‘Unhappyfish’ now?

    • I, as a lettuce consumer, have become fond of his hate for it.

      I also doubt he fits the bill for a troll. He puts his comnents in, but many of us comment much more per story.

      I say kudos kym – for keeping it real.

    • disappointed_reader

      100% agreed w/ “nothing funny about it.”

      Sad. Never thought Kym would stoop this low.

      • What a dull world when we surround ourselves only with those who appease and agree.

        What a dull brain that does not challenge itself to push on through displeasure.

        What a trump mentality we hold close without realizing.

      • The fact is I’m losing the battle to bring discussion between differing points of view. HBC.H.U.M.P. is winning. If other folks don’t start offering thoughtful points of view, then I’ll have to start considering some other options. C.H.U.M.P. and the folks who want to mostly mock at others are winning the battle. Consider this a respectful acknowledgment that the foe is strong and relentless.

        Also, it made me laugh. And laughter is priceless.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          I think you mean “selectively” bring discussion between differing points of view, as long as those points of view don’t differ from my own.

          • Cough cough, since you have frequently expressed opinions I found very different than my own and nearly all of them are still posted, don’t you think that’s a bit unfair? Only three were deleted by me–two advocating violence, one insulting another commenter.

            • Sleepy Alligator

              I assume the two you say were “advocating violence” were both about a child molester and both were replies to someone else’s comments. If that’s correct I stand by what I said because I feel that anyone who harms children, especially in that way, should never have the chance to do that again. Sorry but I won’t apologize for that. I also don’t believe what I said was “advocating” violence, it was just my opinion.

              The one that you say was “insulting another commenter” I’m assuming was the list of bumper sticker sayings that I changed to include chump which was in relation to chumps own bumper sticker comment. There was nothing offensive whatsoever, it was humor.

              • Sleepy A, I’m not saying you’re a terrible person. I’m saying that I allow many comments that are not my opinion. I only delete those that break the few rules. Advocating violence (whether against a child molester or not) and insulting a fellow commenter are two of those rules. Diverse thoughtful opinions are encouraged. Diverse non-thoughtful opinions are tolerated.

    • curiouser and curiouser

      Come on, lighten up. I certainly got a good laugh. Free speech means opposite views are as welcome as your own. Personally I love the diversity of this community. From tie dyed hippies to Ben Davis wearing loggers. Diversity…even more Humboldt than….Devils Lettuce!?

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      I don’t use any other handles than this one.
      Wake up call that not everyone is cool with The Marijuana Caliphate.

    • Triniboldticino

      That was the first thing I thought when I saw the headline.

  • Why it wasn’t illegal hallucinogenic drugs meant to get you stoned at all.
    It was just medicine. LOL

  • Devils Lettuce Crimes

    Ha Ha Ha! You have a great sense of humor, Kym! I gotta hand it to the Chump also- a much better troll than I .

  • Something is wrong with the amount and the value

    • Thatsauceisboss

      Nah it’s Columbian Schwag not humboldt dank. I’m not familiar with drugs but I bet it’s on par with some mexi shit.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        Different Colombia. The weed is more likely to have been grown in Mexico.

      • Prudence Juris

        If you remember the golds and reds of Santa Marta, Colombia that was serious sativa well before anyone had heard of Humboldt County. A shame they all converted to coca plantations. This is not the only place where the cultivation of mj has excelled.

    • Value sounds like a good average , still some quite a bit higher but this is where price point is headed

  • No chump?

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Happy Holiday Ms.Kemp!

    Remember that since fireworks are banned, everyone can have a blast eradicating marijuana for the holiday.

    It’s something the entire family can do while spending quality time together.

    If tearing out marijuana plants or watering them with Garlon isn’t your forte, simply take the time to report growers to the proper authorities, and work towards bringing down The Marijuana Caliphate.

    Happy Holiday everyone-

    Just stay off the emerald path marijuana leads because it’s nothing but a life of crime and folly.

    • Flying drones that are dropping pollen is fun, too! Happy Independence Day!!

    • Twice you have used the word caliphate when talking about cannabis. How many areas of humboldt do you know of that are under Muslim control?

    • You live in the capitol of weed-Something bothers you so much why not move????unless you like trying to push A 10,000 pound rock up hill-Yes down with pot constant scream shaking your lil’ fist’s in the air!
      In your mind do you really think a plant that has been around for thousands of years is just going to disappear????? instead of chump you should go by obtuse.

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    Goodness. Talk about unholy union…

    Happy fourth of July!

    Watch out for drunken Americans, enjoying the fruits of freedom for the sixth consecutive day of drunk driving in Northern CA.

    If you feel faint or otherwise unwell, pop into your nearest emergency room, and meet some fine sober folk. Howard Hospital is open around the clock, beautifully clean, new, and well equipped. Smiling people who are happy to help! AND there is a helicopter pad in case you REALLY need special care…

    Thank God you have some regular people who work for a living to care for you, in this beautiful country.

    Love, love each other!


  • Stockholm Syndrome

  • A Constitutionally legal bust on Independence Day? Am I on Candid Camera? Dreaming? Please don’t pinch me!

  • Outlaw lettuce!

  • “Alleged marijuana”, maybe I’ve consumed too much lettuce today. Am I the only one who think the photo looks like onions😭???

  • The other day someone was telling me how one may extract an opium-like substance from lettuce….so maybe lettuce is actually ‘the devil’s lettuce’.

    ‘Lettuce’ is one of those words that looks weird the more times you write it.

  • curiouser and curiouser

    Fantastically hilarious cast of characters around here! Gotta love this rabbit hole we call home.

  • May the Forth be with you.

  • When the news becomes lost in the comments……

  • Kudos to Kym for giving the devil his dues.

    Some of you’se are being trolled harder than the bullheads stocked in ponds for Fishing Derby Days!


    Thank you to the Custom and Border Protection men, women and especially the working doggies for protecting our domestic marijuana market. Every pound of bloody cartel weed they seize at the border helps keeps an American pot farmer busy and supports the prices for domestically grown pot.

  • I agree keep out the lower grade weed from Mexico, And at the same keeping clamp down on the Drugs; Coke,Meth,Tar………

  • It’s funny. We do have to laugh at our selfs once in awhile.Mean no disrespect,just a smile!!Happy 4th of July all.

    • Laughter is good for the soul whether you live in a bubble or not. We live in an increasingly crazy world. Best wishes to all.

  • Thanks for the laugh Kym! I don’t know what’s funnier though…some of these butt hurt commenters are freaking hilarious! lol

    • HB CHUMP’s comments are systematically aimed at the number one economic engine of the area and at the farmers. Many of them are facing the loss of their livelihood. Understandably, some folks are afraid and angry. It’s hard to laugh then.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        Yeah, but maybe it’s a wake up call many need? It’s been over and just a race to the bottom as the water hole dries up.

        Many of these growers said the same types of things directed at loggers and are facing the full circle the universe takes us all through.

        I doubt many of these marijuana addicts showed compassion towards anyone in the industry and the ones too young to even understand what I’m saying don’t matter because they are millennial cry babies wanting mom to turn off their alarm clock.

        Happy Fourth & May The Sky Rain Garlon Over Every Single Marijuana Plant, Until There Are None Left On The Planet!

        • I’m generally of the belief that over-the-top harsh criticism harms more than it hurts. Some growers 30 years ago may have said similar things about loggers. Didn’t make it right then. Doesn’t make what you do helpful now.

        • Oh Chump. And here was a post to acknowledge you. Do you enjoy where you live. Is this county beautiful. Personally I find your comments entertaining. They are part of the diverse conversations that enrich our communities. We live in a rapidly changing world. I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to come together to preserve what we love. Try, just try letting go of your lettuce love.

          • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

            It’s all satire…

            The one’s that get mad at Kym are yelling at Mom because the alarm clock is going off and it’s time for school…

            May your Garlon spray tank never go dry…

            • “It’s all satire…”

              Jonathan Swift wrote only one “Modest Proposal”.

              If only you were Swift.

  • Not to bring anyone down with facts, but just some background: The USDA has a website where you can track border crossings of produce from Mexico.
    The shipments are tallied by the 40,000# truckload, by the date of crossing and by the ‘Port’ which in actually an inland location.

    I use the system when I want to know when avocados are available (‘crossing’ in a large enough volume that I can afford to buy some) or for a neighbor who likes to make his own pickles but doesn’t want to wait until the cukes come into season in CA.

    So I ran a report for Laredo for the 26th of June and came up with three entries, one for Pharr, TX (about 3 hours from Laredo heading toward the Gulf) and two for Laredo.
    ( I ran the report for iceberg lettuce, there were no shipments for Romaine, Boston or Other).
    There were three TL which are listed for the 26th but there’s a note saying they were added to the 26th on the 27th, and then 16 TL on the 26th.

    Looks like the first 3 could have been targeted before being ‘discovered’ and hauled away from the crossing to be examined in a bonded warehouse (probably also refrigerated…).
    There may have been 4 containers originally and the one with the funny stuff kept at the border.
    Which makes me think that there was a snitch who alerted CBP so they had the dog standing by. Interesting also I think that only iceberg lettuce is being shipped from Mexico right now, so using the same wrapping plastic that they use on the lettuce and having it in a controlled environment (chilled in a reefer truck-trailer) they thought they could get it through.

    Nuevo Laredo, MX is a hell-hole of all kinds of illegal activities and drug sales & smuggling being one of the most lucrative.
    But other ‘ports’ get their share too. Here’s an article about all the stuff that didn’t get thru into the US:

    Produce/cargo that crosses at Laredo or Pharr is destined for the Midwest or east coast…
    Had the truck not been seized, it probably would have changed the truck-tractor, gotten a team of drivers and headed north. It’s about 18 hours drive time to St. Louis, MO. Depending on how many people were involved in the smuggling, there might have been a stop-off to get the contraband out of the truck, and then let the lettuce head on to its actual destination. Or it could have stayed in the container and been removed at the warehouse.

    I worked in international transportation so had to know a lot about CBP & USDA.
    I think the drugs that cross the border into CA or AZ are the hard ones…’lettuce’ is more something people buy as individuals in Mexico and try to get it across.

  • Devil’s Lettuce? Good one Kym! LOL

    “…3,707 pounds of alleged marijuana. The alleged marijuana carries an estimated street value of $741,186.”

    $200/pound. Wow.

  • I got a laugh out if it… packed with lettuce and packed up looking a bit like onions

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