[Audio] Sex trafficking victim and activist talks CNN interviews; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (9:21): Elle Snow, a local sex trafficking victim and activist, was on CNN last week discussing her experiences and efforts to end “the game.”

“Snow founded the anti-slavery organization Game Over in 2016,” narrates CNN reporter Lynda Kinkade. “A survivor of prostitution, Snow says her trafficker was a drug dealer who first tricked her into thinking they were starting a relationship. But she says when she agreed to travel from her home in Eureka, Calif. to his apartment in Sacramento, everything changed.”

“Working with CNN was amazing,” Snow said. “The executive producer of the CNN Freedom Project, Leif Coorlim, was extremely respectful and really had the right priorities while covering this subject. Unlike all the other major news outlets that have contacted me, they didn’t want to attack Humboldt County and make us out to be a horrific drug-ran county. They wanted to address the issues, but they mostly wanted to highlight what Humboldt is getting right when it comes to combating sex trafficking.”

In the podcast, more information from Snow is shared. Also, info on how she helped secure the first ever human trafficking conviction in Humboldt County, the brutality she had to endure to achieve it, why she tracks local online classified ads for prostitutes, her educational work, and the reach of the CNN piece.

Snow says additional CNN pieces are tentatively going to air in the coming weeks featuring herself and other locals working hard to help those that are trafficked here.

The story begins at 9:21.

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Elle Snow, CNN screenshot



  • In this article, it is said that she was not able to flee because the pimp threatened to harm her sister. Was her sister also under his control? Why not call 911 the first day in sacramento?


    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      I’ve heard there are three sides to every story.
      Just because someone is working with ciann only means their side is being told.
      That said, marijuana growers are known for human trafficking, be it trimmers or [edit]
      Again we see how marijuana is the gateway to folly and a life of crime.
      Report marijuana growers to authorities to save lives, rebuild communities, and make America Great Again by throwing the last seed into the fire.
      The emerald gateway to a criminal lifestyle has done incredible damage & we must rise up to reclaim society from the green demon.

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      • Chump, do you think you sound smart? You must like making a fool out of yourself, and looking like a complete tool.

      • Chump…Gateway drug? If weed was as bad as you say.. everyone under the age of 70 would be addicts.

        Who do you think is buying it?
        You are wrong and trying to use fear or B.S. always adds fuel to fire. I hope you never need to say something that people should listen to because your house may burn down.

      • Triniboldticino

        I’ve come to the conclusion you’re not funny, you’re not a troll, just a dreary, sad lost lying soul with no life whatsoever. You are clearly mentally disturbed. Please, go away and leave Ms. Kemp alone.

        • shawn the fisherman

          Some of chumps words do hold weight. Not all but some. The fact that alot of crime goes hand and hand with growing, These commercial weed factories. I would say its the gateway crime more than a gateway drug.

      • I sincerely hope you are trolling.

  • Chumps opinion here may have some merit in this case. There are strains of cannabis that can turn a heterosexual into a homosexual. Perhaps there are varieties now that will turn a normal person into a pedophile.

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    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Pesticides not labeled for human consumption may have something to do with that.
      Avid makes males grow breasts with acute toxicity, and Eagle exposure will cause women to grow beards.

      I actually hadn’t heard the lettuce turning people into homosexuals, I just assumed it was because they were millennial generation.

      Learn something new each and every day.

      • Please seek mental help. You shouldn’t be able to vote, drive, or use the computer.

      • Hey chump did you know a large percentage of war veterans smoke marijuana for ptsd and it is the only thing that helps them? Meanwhile the pills that people like you think is good for them, are making them commit suicide at an alarming rate (22 veterans a day). So, you think anyone in the military wants to bust pot gardens when it is a plant that is saving so many of their brothers lives?

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  • You people are feeding a troll. You’ve allowed him to derail a really important conversation.

    • “What we do know for certain is that, since 2010, the number of reports of suspected sex trafficking has gone off the chart – we registered an 846% increase between 2010-2014 and this number is growing every year. And we believe a large driver of this has been the increased use of the internet in the buying and selling of children.” -Yiota Souras, senior vice-president at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

    • Whistleblowers blame it on the CIA, FBI, and other organized rings.

      Check out the Robert David Steele + Cynthia McKinney campaign for a summer of peace. I don’t know if they’re good guys or bad guys, but even if we only meet in the middle, it might be a worthwhile endeavor.
      They use the hashtag UNRIG.

  • *Green Demon

  • J. Ripper , I think you are delusional. There ‘s good and bad in all of us, GOOD PEOPLE don’t let the bad come out. It’s not the weed.

  • I guess chumass is giving good service to the community. He’s allowing you to focus away from the problem while it continues on. Someday it will be your daughter or sister, but until then chumass will give you cover from dealing. Go on with your troll feeding selves

  • Keep up the fantastic work, Elle!! You’re setting a wonderful example, educating our community and giving credit where credit is due. No BS and a upstanding attitude. Some of the things you went through cannot be easy to talk about. I know because of Elle less Humboldt teens have had to endure the horrific and traumatic experiences she did.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Remember, forcing a woman to have sex is not sex, it’s violence. Real men respect all women and spend their lives protecting and supporting them, and would never hurt their partners.

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