Juvenile Bear Romping Through Redway Area Yards

Bear by car
A juvenile bear has been spotted in the hills east of Redway over the last two days.

The photographer who sent the photo above said the bear “was about 6 feet from our kid when he went outside. [Our kid] carefully backed away until he could dash in the front door and tell us there was a bear outside.”

The US Forest Service has these suggestions on how to bear-proof your property:

Bears are attracted to anything that is edible or that they associate with food. Take precautions by implementing the following ideas:

  • Garbage problems can be solved with the purchase and correct use of a bear-proof garbage container. Save money by sharing one with a neighbor! For approved bear-proof containers and where to buy them, visit the Tahoe Council for Wild Bears web site.
  • Wait to put trash out until collection day.
  • Don’t leave trash, groceries or animal feed in your car.
  • Keep garbage cans clean and deodorize them with bleach or unscented ammonia.
  • Harvest fruit off trees as soon as it is ripe, and promptly collect fruit that falls.
  • Do not feed wildlife.
  • Keep barbecue grills clean.
  • Feed pets inside.
  • Securely block access to sites such as crawl spaces under decks and buildings to reduce the potential of hibernation under structures.
  • Don’t leave any scented products outside, even non-food items such as suntan lotion, insect repellent, soap and/or candles.
  • Keep doors and windows secure from intrusions. Scents can lure bears inside.
  • When unoccupied, empty cabins of all food and scented products or keep them in a scent free, bear-proof container.


  • I hope no freaking bonehead does anything to harm that animal unless it is attacking a human or a child if that’s the case tranquilize it ,and take it somewhere away from human population

    • No way I want a baby bear for my yard lol keep all the Tweakers out

    • eat or be eaten

      ummm….. he sure would make some good salami though

    • If it’s attacking a human, SHOOT IT RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES and take the tranquilizer yourself ! There are a lot of ways to make bears fear humans without lethal force or serious injury. Dogs are OK until the bear gets within swatting range, then you have a vet bill from hell and a bear that knows what to do next time. If you have an unwanted bear around, educate it before things get out of hand. Let the prankster in you get the job done. Great fun. Booby traps, paintball guns, electric fencers connected to dangling bacon, air horns with trip wires, etc.

  • “Keep doors and windows secure from intrusions. Scents can lure bears inside.”

    This is the one I have a problem with. Although I keep the doors shut and locked at night, I leave my windows open to catch the night air, as I don’t have AC. They are screened, but bears have a really good sense of smell. I don’t leave food out, even inside my house, but what to do about the windows? When it’s hot, that’s my only way of cooling my house.

  • They don’t call it Bear Buttes for nothing.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Dope growers fear nature and are most likely to open fire on this animal.
    Dope growers should be feared more than bears.

    More bears- less lettuce heads!

    That’s a cool bumper sticker for black hawk choppers!

    Yeah, more bears & less dope!

  • Oh how I wish that the Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P. would realize what a dope s/he is and do all of stupid horrible things to itself.

  • had a polar bear on the pipe line back in the early 70’s just out of pump station #4. Killed a couple ol’ boys and tore things to shit for about three days. Couldn’t kill it because all polar bears were agreed they were someone’s relative from another life. There fore protected by the treaty agreements between the oil co.’s and nine or ten tribes, who’s land the pipeline went through.
    They tranquilized it, flew it from inside the arctic circle near Barrow Alaska and flew him in a net inside a helicopter to some where in Nova Scotia,3,400 miles away. Twenty days latter that same bear was back in camp and killed seven men in a matter of less than an hour before they blew him away. Bottom line. If a bear is in your home or, any where around your children,eliminate it. Anything else? Leave em alone,,,,agreed,,,get a dog.

  • Heading to work last Sunday about 7 pm going past REDWAY on 101 saw a black bear near exit just watching the cars go by bet it’s the same one.

  • Saw a bear the other day on my property from about 50 feet. He/she stood frozen, turning back to watch me. He looked exactly like one of the carved bear statues they sell by Richardson Grove. My first thought was, ‘I don’t have a bear statue’. Soon he turned and lumbered up the road.
    WHO CAN TELL ME……? Which body and eye position should we keep when we see a bear (and Mountain Lion)? With some animals it’s look big and stare them down. With others, it’s look away, disappear.

  • Covelo or busted

    What eye position?
    the best ive heard all day!

    • Different animals respond differently to a person staring directly at them.
      Some animals take it as aggression. Others will look away and become submissive. It is good to know some of the different animal behaviors and how they react to this, especially if you are out in the hills a lot. Eye position meaning whether you look at them directly or you look away with no eye contact.

      Look it up, it could save you sometime!

  • Fuck the bear. Watch out for the HUMANS!

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    Will someone please just take this big boy to Modoc County or someplace, before he gets himself shot?

  • trash cans overflowing on side of homes, the smell is terrible and it is drawing hungry wild animals, redway is over run with RATS, huge rats, residents are NOT hauling away rotting trash REGUALARLY AND THEY have no pick up service that they pay for, the smell is awful when you go out In your own yard and they are a block away or across the street-wish all neighbors were responsible, leaving out dog food and cat food over nite draws the unwanted animals too, rats living a good life eating from the dish set out for your pet and then making a nest and having babies in the in inner guts of a warm hot tub motor.REDWAY PEOPLE CLEAN UP YOUR YARDS PAY FOR WEEKLY PICK UP SERVICE IF YOU DONT HAVE A WAY TO HAUL IT REGULARLY or you are too darn lazy to clean up your filthy yards. the dog shit stinks to high heaven too,pick it up and be responsible.

  • That little bear was on my porch the other night. Let Jenny out thinking it was a coon. The bear moved off the porch and turned on Jenny and scared the hell out of her. Thank goodness Jenny ran and she weighs 110 lbs . I stared him down and he finally left. He was after birdseed in a can on the porch. I now bring it in at night. Be careful of the dogs getting hurt. He is not afraid. Be careful!

  • Please don’t shoot the young black bears if you can help it. They aren’t fattened up enough yet. Wait until they are eating huckleberries in the fall. I tell you that is the best eating meat in Humboldt. Get a dog is good for around the house with kids…

  • A few years ago I went out of my house in Redway to get the paper (that was when the T-S still delivered), and there was a bear loping down the street. I was so startled, I yelled, “A BEAR!!!!!” The bear turned, looked at me, and immediately ran off through my neighbor’s yard toward the river. Obviously, this one still had some fear of humans… or else of bears….
    We have encroached upon the habitat of bears and mountain lions. Now both species have to defend themselves from each other, using whatever tools and weapons they have.

  • I meant, of course — that humans and wild predators have to defend themselves from each other. Bears and mountain lions seem to have worked it out between them.

  • Hey,Don’t poke the Bear buddy!sorry I couldn’t help it. Hope everyone has a safe 4th of july.my neighbors have started already. My dogs can’t stand the noise.scares the crap out of them.🚀🎆

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