Fire in Salmon Creek at the Place Raided by Law Enforcement

Fireman on a quilt

Section of a quilt made by Salmon Creek Community members honoring their fire crew.

At approximately 3 a.m.,  a fire started in an outbuilding in the property raided by law enforcement on June 20 off Thomas Road in the Salmon Creek area west of Miranda. A storage shed burned and flames spread to approximately a tenth of an acre of grass and brush, according to Captain Dave Brockman of Cal Fire.

Three engines responded–one each from Salmon Creek Fire, Miranda Fire and Cal Fire. The flames were extinguished and the engines were able to leave by about 4:30 a.m., Brockman said.

Special thanks to the crew of the Salmon Creek Volunteer Fire Department who have been preparing for several days for their biggest fundraiser of the year which starts this afternoon. If you are a local, stop by and donate. Maybe even think about volunteering.

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