[UPDATE Tuesday] Backup on Hwy 101 Near Myers Flat

Traffic backing up onto the Eagle Point Viaduct south of Myers Flat

Traffic backing up onto the Eagle Point Viaduct south of Myers Flat about 5 p.m. [Photo provided by Sierra Marshal]

Construction work north of Myers Flat on Hwy 101 forced traffic delays this afternoon of up to 30 minutes, according to witnesses. The photo above shows that northbound traffic was backed up over the Eagle Point Viaduct south of Myers Flat which is over a mile long.

If you experience delays tomorrow, please let us know at mskymkemp@gmail.com.

UPDATE Tuesday: Caltrans spokesperson Myles Cochrane tells us,

That’s an emergency project involving pavement work, striping, and eventually the installation of a retaining wall for slope stabilization. It’s a two-way area that we condensed from four to two lanes, and yesterday crews were striping the new temporary lanes. The contractor has been working hard to get those lanes ready to go for Fourth of July traffic volumes, and the traffic volumes there yesterday around the 4 p.m. hour proved difficult to manage. We’re aware that motorists were inconvenienced and I’ve been assured that sort of backup is not anticipated as the project continues. Now we’re anticipating contractor bids for the next phase of the project which is building the retaining wall. It won’t be for a while, but when we go to one-way traffic control in the area again I’m told the traffic control and signage plan will be modified.



  • Slow day on the freeway. They were rolling rocks down the slide on 101 north of Leggett which was a 40 minute wait. 101 north was diverted onto 271 south of 1. And then Myers Flat. Whew what a day.

  • Veterans friend

    Rush hour in the Redwoods
    Gotta love it🤣🤣🤣💖

  • drop off the highway ,and go the avenue get back on freeway at miranda .,and bloq buy tbe construction. just saying .

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