Grandmother Leaves 2-Year-Old Unattended in Hot Weather to Gamble, Says Sheriff’s Office

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Kathryn Marie PerriOn 6-18-2017 at around 6:51 PM the Sheriff’s Office dispatch center received a call from Bear River Casino Security reporting there was an unattended small child that was locked inside a Ford Explorer in the casino parking lot. Security staff advised the child was unresponsive to their attempts to get the child’s attention.

Security staff was able to make entry into the vehicle and found the two year old child unresponsive.

City Ambulance personnel arrived on scene and took the child to Redwood Memorial Hospital in Fortuna for treatment of heat related injuries. As emergency personnel were arriving with lights and siren activated, the child’s grandmother, Katherine Perri came out of the casino and headed towards her vehicle.

Sheriff’s Office Deputies arrived on scene and began the investigation. It was determined that Perri had left her grandchild inside the vehicle for about 40 minutes while she went inside the casino to gamble. After taking several statements and obtaining security camera footage it was determined there was probable cause to arrest Perri for Penal Code section 273a(a) “Willful harm or injury to a child” (felony) and Vehicle Code section 15620, Unattended child in a vehicle (Infraction.) Perri was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility without incident on the above listed charges.

Child Welfare Services was contacted and took the child into protective custody per Welfare and Institutions Code 300.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707)445-7251.

Earlier Chapter: Child Found Unresponsive After Being Left in Car at Bear River Casino



  • Omg when will idiots get it that you can’t leave a child in a hot car, or any car unattended. And to go gamble?? How horrible!! Thank God the poor baby survived and her so called grandmother is a sick POS

  • I would like to comment on this but my comments always get edited so no use

    • Just don’t use Dumb Dumb Head, that got me edited earlier.

      • Insults get edited. I’m pretty sure you’re capable of expressing ideas without insulting the person you are commenting to. Then I don’t have to edit and can go to bed earlier. Yay…we both win.

        • So can I indirectly insult if it’s not personal? Where is the line drawn? Is the N-Word included in that grey area?
          I’m a minority. That is our word, we own it. JFYI.

          • The basic rules are:
            1. No encouraging or threatening violence.
            2. No accusations of illegal behavior without facts or law enforcement having asserted the same crime.
            3. No racial, sexual, political etc. slurs. (And I don’t care what race you are. Don’t use words generally perceived as slurs. Yes, it is true that some black people use that word. But, a) I generally am not impressed by that. b) I have no idea of your race from a comment so don’t go there.)
            4. No insulting other commenters.

          • If black people are interested in truly ending segregation and racism it would be a great first step to stop using an extremely durogatory word towards each other and there would need to be an end towards all racial self seperation. For example black people use this word, white people can’t. Black people watch this channel, black people only clubs, etc. I’m super down for ending all segregation and hateful words but hey, that’s me.

            • Telling marginalized people how to speak as if that has ANY effect on their oppression is….. incredibly privileged.
              This sounds more like bitterness for not being allowed to use a word you absolutely shouldn’t.

              • Veterans friend


              • I think it is about having one set of rules for one race of people and a different set of rules for a another race. The very definition of racism by most standards.

                • unless you are protection for this race.

                • Exactly, I want equality for all and I know first hand from being raised in the south that there is white people oppressing o people of other races and that needs to end, but it won’t end completely until self segregation and separate rules for races ends. I’m nauseated any time I hear the N word and 99% of time I hear African americans use it and it’s a derogatory word. Stop degrading yourselves guys, you don’t deserve to be called bad names!

            • 1.what are you talking about this for? should have this conversation face to face with a black person, in a serious and respectful way, so you can resolve your concern. 3. i have always been wrong in assuming the worse against people based on racist accusations. 4.people are different culturally, we as humans have to learn to co exist. and by the way, my prayers are out for the baby and family.

              • 1. A black man was sad he couldn’t use a derogatory word on here that I think no one should use. 2. I’ve had this conversation with black people before, many agreed. I will also discuss this any time I can because self segregation makes me unhappy and talking provokes deep thought and change. I’d also debate being racist with a white person if I ever meet an openly racist white person.

          • What does this have to do with that poor baby anyways?
            That grandmother should never be allowed to take care of any child ever again! Clearly her brain is not smart enough to know better or care that her grand baby could have died!

      • My “Offense” was Not Too Tightly Wrapped!!! ;-\

    • Ya, I’m told that although my comments are logical with a hint of intellect, I am much too blunt, often including a dash of profanity. But I do believe many people are only able to perform one task at a time, without a clue of anything else around them. Late for work, an argument , fatigue, anger, lets not forget texting while driving, etc. We have even seen stories of police officers, and other very respected intelligent folks leaving a child or pet in a car in warm weather. And then we see just plain stupid and irresponsible.

  • Thank God Bear River Security was looking out for her. They may have saved her life! Good job!

  • Even when it’s 65 Degrees F on a party sunny day, it can get pretty warm inside a vehicle with all the windows up, or even just cracked open. Try it yourself sometime. I wish pet owners would!

    Also, besides the inside of the vehicle being hot. Leaving a 2 year old unattended inside is not smart either. They could easily unlock the vehicle and wander off.

    • Audrey Dahl Gallagher

      Or stay inside and die….

    • Veterans friend

      And…it is against the law

    • 65 degrees with windows cracked, you will find my dog has sought out the one spot in the car where the sun is shining and has balled himself into that space seeking out as much warmth as possible. 75 is a whole different situation, 80 and I won’t even take my dog unless I can leave the windows all the way down.

  • What a fucking world we live in. Hope Grammy won big.

  • Wtf?? How in the world could or would you ever in a million years leave your grandchild in a hot car while you are gambling?,? Shame on you grandma!! 😠😈😠

  • The casino should ban the POS.

  • I quit taking my dog with me, shopping, etc. Unless it’s windows down, straight to the dog park!🌸wth is with this stupid beotch! Smdh…poor baby.

  • Thinking allowed

    I wonder if the grandmother was using drugs that impair judgement. For I can’t think that any grandmother who would bother with taking a child with her at all would have made such a bad decision otherwise.

    One big trouble with the huge privacy rights given when children are involved is that it also protects the adults.

  • Deanna S Gaither

    This woman must have a serious gambling problem, to choose gambling over the baby’s well being.

  • Muddy Black Dodge

    I never leave my little girl in the car. Not even to pay for gas at a station where I can keep a clear view of my vehicle. I hope her parents are not f ups and they could retrieve their kid from the ER. Grandma could be this kids best option in their family. Sad when child welfare gets involved, but sometimes it is for the best. Poor kiddo…

  • When will a mug shot become available?

  • Theres absolutely no excuse to leave a child in the car. That Grandmother doesn’t deserve to be called that!!! She put gambling over her GRANDCHILD no way in hell SHAMEFUL WOMEN you suck!! You had your most precious thing in life and you left it like a box in your car. SO GLAD I DON’T KNOW YOU

    • Apparently her daughter did the same thing to her older child. I guess we know where it was learned from.

  • I can’t believe that pushing the button on a stupid machine brings her more joy than hugging that precious grandchild. Who knows, she may have been in there for hours had she not heard the sirens outside. I’m thankful that we had this outcome opposed to what could have happened. Lady! THIS IS YOUR LOW! Get Help with whatever your addictions are be-it gambling, alcohol, drugs, or a mental illness. Whatever the issues, your behavior is not that of a normal cognitive person.

  • A horrible reminder, early in the season, to be careful about leaving sleeping kids in the car for just a minute, or the pets, or the person you’re taxi’ing for the day.
    My heart breaks for them both. I pray the child will recover perfectly and the Grandma turns her life around.

  • I’d have busted all the windows out of the vehicle to save that baby. Then sent the vehicle to impound after her arrest. Windows, impound fees, jail time, possible fine.. Maybe make you rethink your selfish actions.

  • What does any of that have to do with a child being left in a car to die. Nothing so back to the important thing the child. Is she/ he ok? Where are the parents? And what kind of person does this.

  • Before you go into the store,
    To pay for gas or something more,
    Take the baby from the strapped in seat,
    And never leave them in the heat.

    Children sleeping, or awake,
    It’s hot when left and they will bake.

    Regardless of the weather today,
    No child unattended is always the way.

    With carjackings, abductions and the blazing sun,
    Take the kids with you,
    They are #1.

  • I wonder where the mother is. If I left my kid with “grandma” and she left her inside a car, I can guarantee it would be the last time they were alone together!

  • I’m confused Kym. Is this incident in addition to the other one posted (updated at 10:44 P.M Sunday)?

    • This is an update to that post: This post references the earlier post at that bottom of the page. The other post references this one also at the bottom.

  • An example of a terrible human and a truly bad grandmother . I hope she gets what she deserves. She is not a grand mother at all.

    • Apparently she was not a good mother, look how her daughter turned out. At one point there was a story how she turned her life around, guess that was short lived. Give the 2 kids up for adoption, they will have a better life for sure…poor babies.

  • Brad Thrasher head of security comes to the rescue again.good job brad .

  • DING DING…… Worst grandma of the year award!….. We have a winner!

  • I always made it a policy to never leave my little kids unattended. Not even to run into the 7/11 for a second. Things go wrong, you can get detained. Ya’ gotta’ be there, to be there for them.

  • Now that the child has been rescued from the car by very observant hero’s, we need more hero’s to save the child from foster care!
    I’ve never met a child not harmed by CPS, Courts and foster care.

  • The sad part is that it happened and it is tramatic for child. In the end I have a questions where? were the parents as in mother and father of the child? Was the grandmother babysitting? Was the mother at work? How about the father was he at work also? If so the parents left the child with the grandmother which will be held against them for putting her in danger because they left the child with grandmother? And last question I wonder if it has happened before?. Prayers for the child I hope the child is OK.

  • Child endangerment is not enough. The charge should be attempted manslaughter, although I would personally prefer attempted MURDER.
    Any up-date on the baby?

  • Then do something about it!!!

    THANK YOU foster parents, service providers and community members who DO help every day. You are very much appreciated! We need many more people like you because this community and the children in it need a lot more support. Thank you again……..could never thank you enough 😊

    Interested in being a foster parent? Call 445-6180

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