Top Republican Lawmaker and Others Shot at Practice for Baseball Game With Democrats; North Coast Jared Huffman Safe While Practicing for the Same GaMe

A shooter wounded Republican Congressman and Majority Whip for the House of Representatives Steve Scalise this morning in Virginia at a practice for a charity baseball game. Others, including at least one member of his security detail, were also shot.

The shooter has been variously reported as either in custody or dead.

jared Huffman by Shanna Archibold

Huffman being interviewed at an event earlier this year. [Photo by Shanna Archibold]

North Coast Congressman Jared Huffman was at a Democrat practice in another area for the same game. He tweeted at 5:20 a.m. our time, “Our Dem baseball team was practicing when we heard news. We’re safe & with police, everyone praying for GOP colleagues, staff & Cap police… .”



  • Triniboldticino

    Where did this occur? Arcata?

  • Triniboldticino

    No, I must have missed it in the quick read-through. But be a turd.

  • Thinking allowed

    No, Mr. Huffman, “we” are not safe. You are safe. Which is apparently sufficient enough for your definition of safe.

    • As a writer, I’ve got to say the pronoun “we” clearly refers to “Our Dem baseball team.”

      • Thinking allowed

        I know that. But thinking back on his embarassing history of vituperative broadside rants, I still think he has little understanding of ‘we’ as most of us mean it. Or at least should mean it.

        And by Huffman standards, my comment on him is the epitome of mild.

    • Too bad. He should have taken one for the team.

      He called for the President’s impeachment this week saying he had “seen all he needed to see” even though there is ZERO EVIDENCE OF CRIMINALITY.

      Huffboy needs his scrawny behind impeached.

      • You are calling for his death? Kym?

        • Taken one for the team is a bit fuzzy and worse case scenario thinking someone should do something is not the same as advocating to have something done to them. I decided to err on the side of allowing free political speech.

  • Who does this, they play this game for charity, over 600,000 raised, sick puppies

    • Since 1909 the Congressional Baseball Game has been the only annual partisan showdown beloved by all and enjoyed by thousands. Every year, with a few interruptions, Senate and House members of each party team up to settle scores and solidify friendships off the floor and on the field. Members usually sport the uniform of their home states and districts, and although proportional representation is not required, elected officials of many states play to win every year.

      Over the last century the Congressional Baseball Game’s popularity has contributed to its evolution into a fundraiser for three worthy and effective DC area charities, The Washington Literacy Center, The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, and the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation.

      They were practicing for this.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      What do they do with and why are they raising 600,000 sick puppies?

      Where do you keep that many sick dogs and why?

    • I am sure they will rethink this for next year…Let’s announce another “This is where we’re all Gonna Be” It is getting crazier and crazier as the days go by… People DON’T DRINK THE WATER!!!

  • 600000 is peanuts compared to what they get in contributions, what a joke

  • Why do people think to use a gun to solve their problems??it’s to easy to get a gun.i remember a story while back about a shooter they killed,and when they went in to the house found over a dozen guns.How scary that people need that many guns. Not like one isn’t enough.too many

    • Don’t worry, guns are on their way out, us humans have found better weapons than guns , get up to speed grandma

    • Once again blame the guns not the nut job, for a country with literally millions and millions of guns im surprised there aren’t more shootings, so it’s not guns that are the problem. And btw criminals will ALWAYS have guns. Law abiding citizens will ALWAYS be outgunned atleast in this state.

    • Amimissingsomething

      G-MAS, So we know you don’t like or collect guns! People who do have several reasons for owning or collecting besides protection. They are a commodity like cars pork bellies or any other investment. The workmanship in some older rifles, pistols and shotguns is truly amazing. They are literally pieces of art. I got my first gun when I was 10-12 after getting my badge for gun safety and marksmanship from my Cub Scouts leader. We were instructed over a 8 week period on care and use, safety, how to load and shoot the gun (.22 cal single shot rifle). It has given me a great degree of happiness and satisfaction not unlike almost every interest a person takes up as a lifetime hobby. JMHO

      • I was raised around guns!! My husbands family as well,doesn’t mean I like them.thats all. Just my opinion

    • you need at least two for hunting. Shotgun and rifle, and everyone’s needs a .22, also you don’t want to hunt Deer with an elk rifle so one more and you don’t want to shoot quail with goose gun so there’s one more and you should have a hand gun, ect. ect. see where I’m going with this, just because you have 12 firearms doesn’t make you Crazy. However if you are a crazy you shouldn’t have any, and that’s where the problem lies. I don’t know the answer I just know banning guns doesnt work at all.

  • Thinking allowed

    Apparently the shooter is an overweight, white Bernie Sanders supporter who hates Trump. But it could have equally easily been a conservative who objected to Republican faithlessness. Or anyone of a dozen different partisans who typically decide that enforcing their beliefs by violence is virtuous.

    I wonder if this incident will teach at least Washington politicians to be a little more civil to each other.

  • Veterans friend

    When the republican congresspeople refuse to meet with their constituents and ban the press from the halls of congress, blowback is to be expected.

    • Thinking allowed

      Like in the Obamacare ‘town house’ meetings where the local Democrat shut down people who simply urged caution by angrily telling them he knew what he was doing and sit down or like the Pelosi comment about not reading the Obamacare bill before voting on it?

      Besides ‘blowback’ does not include shooting or beating up people. At least in civilized countries. See previous 3 posts which confuse insult for argument. And don’t bother with reality if it inteferes with a nasty remark.

  • Good to hear they will be alright.
    I wish I could say the same for our headlines.

  • Hillary strikes again?

    • O man it really was a Bernie supporter! Wtf! you couldn’t make this shit up. Lol

        • It’s was on cnn and Fox News, so it could be fake still lol

          • Thinking allowed

            When I want to have the best current information the fastest, I check with, the Canadian public broadcast news. There are major US news source that have long paragraphs with no mention of the shooter’s threats and political leaning as if it didn’t exist, while others go to obsessive lengths on it. Many times US sources delay a story significantly to check it for political correctness before publishing.

            Usually Canadian news gets info on American breaking news without running it through a political filter several times to delay it. Unless the news involves Canada or is an opinion piece. Then they are just as bad an anyone else.

            • Cool thanks, I usually read them all and belive about none, its funny because fox is so far right and cnn is so far left that they are both insane, yet neither side can see it for what it is, straight propaganda. If they could all sway a little and meet in the middle as Americans our country would be kicking ass. O well maybe I’m the crazy one (almost certainly)

  • Since Huffman wasn’t even at the shooting, it seems obvious that he was not shot and is safe but, thanks for over clarifying how safe you are.

  • My father always taught me that the 2 commodity’s that you should always invest in Guns and Real Estate. That there will always be a need or a want of both.

    Also this is something I read and I can’t remember the author but is really true.

    Fire, ice, asteroids, & pole shifts are bogeymen with which we distract ourselves from the real threat of our time. In an age when everyone invents his own truth, there is no community, only factions. Without community, there can be no consensus to resist the greedy, the envious, the power-mad narcissists who seize control & turn the institutions of civilization into a series of doom machines.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.


    The Eclipse on 8/21 is more interesting.

    Robert Plant turns 69 on 8/20 and I wonder if they’ll sacrifice him for the eclipse.

    The people running the show do sacrifices all the time.

  • The word is spelled you’RE not your!!! Just saying, otherwise I find your statement to be totally true!!! He IS a WASTE… of Air, of Skin, & whatever else you can think of!!!

  • Yeh Huffyman can play baseball(?), but can’t take the time to attend Trump’s Washington inauguration-what a loser still!

    • Why waste your time on a short-timer? Trump will be gone and forgotten even before we put him and most of his family in prison. Huffman returns my emails and phone calls. That’s more than I can say for the Republikans.

  • Thinking allowed

    I noticed the posting of Huffman’s tweet praising the Times Standard editorial about the evil of pointing fingers after the shootings targeting Republicans.

    Sheesh and other things. Huffman has worn his finger to the proximal knuckle with his heckling and harping finger pointing. What he doesn’t like is when someone returns it to him.

    That is what is so wrong. There is way too much designating good as being as nasty as possible, no matter how unfairly, as long as the target dares to differ. And then whining like a two year old when scolded for it.

    Trying to encourage disdain and hatred is the service of a political agenda, whether Trump does it or Huffman does it, is ugly. But even uglier is to absolve oneself of the results and assign the blame to someone else doing no worse. Because it means no improvement can ever be expected.

  • Rand Paul gave a detailed report.

    As far as I know, the Senator and staff thankfully will be okay and are in stable condition.

    My thoughts and prayers to all who were there. May this never happen again!

  • Guest, you are so right. Until we elect politicians that will come together and discuss things like adults, this country will never be great like it once was.

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