[UPDATE Wednesday] Motorcycle Lodged Under Car; At Least One Injured

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA motorcycle and a sedan collided about 6:20 p.m. near the intersection of Hillsdale and E Street in Eureka. The motorcycle is lodged underneath the vehicle. One victim is down on the roadway, according to the scanner. An ambulance is at the scene.

The southbound lane of E Street is blocked. Please be careful in the area.

UPDATE 8:43 p.m.: A photo from one of the commenters below.
car vs motorcycle

UPDATE Wednesday: According to Brittany Powell of the Eureka Police Department, “It appears the driver of the sedan made a left turn in front of the motorcycle. The motorcyclist was transported to the hospital with moderate to severe injuries.”



  • Oh jeez I hope he’s ok..

  • Didn’t see the motorcyclist anywhere

    • Apparently neither did the driver of the car.

      • That’s what the driver of the car that turned left in front of me said 40 odd years ago. “I didn’t see him and he was going really fast.”

        I was not, he lied and the CHP officer that showed up had the same opinion. The other guy was cited, I was not.

        I was also much luckier than this poor rider, my bike was totaled but I walked away with only a couple bruises.

        I might be dumber though, I still ride.

  • Damn that sucks. Is the rider okay? Road blocked off and no update for over an. Hour doesn’t sound too promising

    • I never did hear any more on the scanner other than that the motorcycle was badly damaged. I’ve requested more information but I don’t expect an answer until Brittany Powell the spokesperson is at work tomorrow.

    • The rider was talking and answered when asked his name. He was down on the opposite side of the vehicle from his bike, and it didn’t look like he had a helmet.

      • More than likely he or someone else helped removed his helmet. California has a helmet law and it is extremely rare to see anyone without at least wearing one of the half helmets….which for the most part are pretty useless. Hope the guys OK. I was hit in Eureka several years back, not fun at all.

  • ouch! I hurt just looking the photo.

  • Too bad they didn’t smash in the front of that PPM property. The manager is a liar and the company could care less about their tenants.

    • Interesting, I dealt with them years ago, they were useless then!!! I see they haven’t improved sounds like worse to me!!!

      • PPM have always been crooks. Used to deal with their managed properties pretty often. Always dreaded getting those calls.

  • See the Uber sign in the rear window

  • This will be interesting to hear what happened. That same Uber driver tailgated me, weaved in and out of traffic and nearly caused an accident on Samoa Boulevard at the light last week. I remember the Uber sign and color of car. I was thinking what an a** of a driver and wondered how they got an Uber job driving like that.

    • Anyone can be an Uber driver, drivers are independent contractors I believe. It’s not like Uber interviewed them, reviewed their driving skills or anything… the drive simply signed up.

  • All these wrecks lately is just nuts i have lived lived in Humboldt all my life ,and i have never seen so many wreckes ,and Robberys that i can ever recall .what the hell is going on .

  • For everyone who is wondering what happened to my dad or if he is okay ? He is okay he is in the hospital

  • He’s ok still in the hotel but he’s ok yes he had a helmet on. The driver hit him

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