[UPDATE 5 p.m.: Wow, This Video!] Injury Accident at the Bayshore Mall

Just before three p.m., a tan pickup and a silver pickup collided near the north exit from the Bayshore Mall, according to scanner traffic. One person is injured.

Both southbound lanes of Broadway are blocked, according to information over the scanner.

Dispatch said that one person may have had a medical issue which caused the incident.

UPDATE 5 p.m.: According to David Reynoza who photographed the incident, “We were sitting at a stop sign waiting to go,…when the Ford…started veering towards the Dodge in front …Once he hit the Dodge and it was stationary, he kept flooring it.”

Reynoza then began filming.

Tire marks on asphalt

“He burned the asphalt,” said Reynoza.

Pickup smash

A closeup of the crash.



  • Holy Sh!t-take mushrooms makes me wonder WTF the guy in the Ford was on!!! Curiouser & curiouser!!! Glad I’m home!!!

  • What the( edit ) is going on here.some crazy ass shit .I’m glad to be home with my weapon of choice within arms reach ,and let the crazy go straight on buy .

  • He should be charged with attempted murder with his vehicle.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    The guy in the truck looks like he is under the influence. Of what I do not know

  • You can’t fix stupid!

  • Great narrative! Humboldt dumb!

  • Tweaker alert @ 0:38! Dude, get a life! You’re a jerk!

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    So hope we get an update on this Humdumery!

    Great footage, clearly shows why weed is bad.

    • I personally would say it looks more like a Meth induced rage!!! I have never seen someone stoned on Cannabis do something like this!!!

    • Lol chump ,isn’t that you driving the ford 😂,lay off the meth man

  • Thinking allowed

    One of the reasons a police report being available would be interesting. The brief glimpse of the man driving did not look like someone angry at all. At first I thought it was a person who was medically impaired like having a stroke. Like he was unaware if what he was doing.

    Yet others have a totally different idea. Was this guy arrested or taken to a hospital or what?

  • Getting information on weekends is almost impossible for accidents.

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