Money and Totes Full of Marijuana Stolen During Weekend Armed Robbery at SoHum Residence

Humboldt COunty sheriff badgePress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Friday, May 19, 2017 at about 0928 hours, The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 500 block of Woods Ranch Road in Redway for a report of a robbery that had just occurred. It was reported that two male suspects arrived at the victim’s residence and confronted the victim in the front yard. The victim was ordered to the ground at gunpoint and the victim’s hands were tied together. The suspects took an undisclosed amount of US currency from the victim’s wallet. The suspects then entered the victim’s residence and removed four large totes containing marijuana. The suspects fled the scene in a silver minivan.

Suspect #1 is described as a black male adult, 5’8”, about 210 pounds, short black hair, wearing a gray sweatshirt.

Suspect #2 is described as a black male adult, 6’0”, stocky build, partially grown out black hair, wearing a white polo shirt.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

Earlier Chapter: Robbery North of Redway

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Wasn’t this van in a robbery last week?

  • There was a home invasion on the Woods Ranch recently, and also a silver minivan involved somewhere else, can’t remember where. Same people?

  • Spurious Truthyist

    Probably the same fecesheads who killed Bryles last year!

  • Well, that narrows it down to about 10 million Americans.

  • This is the second time a body was found after a community clean up and we did not find it we can only travel so far up river coincidence who n knows praying for the familie

  • Were not safe anywhere! Geeze man get a job,buy your own property and grow your own shit and leave the hard working people who actually work,Alone!!!this year it’s going to be HELL.please take care everybody.

    • Lefthanded Lunatics

      Nice of everyone to complain after making your sleazy drug deals until the criminals got violent. I feel certain that the real story is not being told here, and that no one will ever really know what happened, although it IS quite amusing that law enforcement was called and that several bags of weed suddenly were stolen…

      Hey, let’s get high! Then we’ll tell some lies!

      • I wasn’t talking about growing. We own a construction company we don’t grow.thats what I meant by hard working folks!!! But folks have grown for years and they work hard too.i have lots of friends that grow,and I would hate for them to be attacked this way.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        Sounds like you should get high and stop believing all those lies you’ve been listening to!

        • Trillium Hummingbird

          I actually smoked weed for 40 years.

          So glad I quit!

          I will say it again: growing pot is not a sensible occupation. Making drug deals is a chancy thing. Not everyone is peaceful and mellow. People on drugs are unpredictable and not too honest.

          Being a drug dealer can get you arrested, robbed, or killed. At any time!


  • we saved the spotted owl,,we saved the salmon, we saved the redwoods,,we saved the gay baby whales,we saved Mono lake, we stopped a war at one time and have shut down most nuclear power plants in and around us,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but!!!! Some how,,, we can not save ourselves from this shit

    • Sorry, yes we have come a long way, but we did not save the salmon, especially not in the eel, or the matole, or the Kalamath, they are actually on the verge of extinction. And the spotted owls are probably not doing very well with the huge light up Vegas style light depts everywhere. Just sayin..

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Have the salmon been saved? I must have missed that breaking news. And apparently I also missed the one about baby whales being gay. Whodathunk?

    • Trillium Hummingbird


  • Feb 13, 2017.

    3 masked men, employees of a Russian neighbor, broke into the home of a 71 year old neighbor.

    The 71 year old had been kind enough to let THEM put their 200+ lbs in his garage for the duration of winter. The russians house and infrastructure were not holdin up to the winters heavy snow. So they left, as instructed by their boss, and put the lbs at the neighbors garage.

    We are 7 miles of dirt road behind spi gates. 16 parcels, with less owners. Only 2 of us live here through winter; The 71 year old man at his house, and my wife and I. We are separated from the old man by a mile exactly.

    Feb 14, 2017:
    I go over to the old mans house, it was a rare scheduled visit as we were going to debate some politics..

    I arrive at his house, no answer. I wait for a minute with another knock. I hear his voice slightly, muffled.

    He is saying “help”, “come in.” I do.

    I follow his voice to his bedroom.

    He is hogtied by rope and duct tape. But that wasn’t it.

    They used ratchet straps to secure him to the bed. 2 ratchet straps. Somehow he had wiggled enough for one strap to become loose, so he tried to wiggle off his bed, not wanting to piss or shit on his bed while he is alive.

    Unfortunately, he didn’t know another strap was on his lower body. I found him hanging, hogtied, from his bed. He was unrecognizable; eyes not visible from the physical abuse he had just endured, teeth missing, swollen everything, bloody and loosing circulation to his hands and feet…..

    He is alive today only because I came by.

    The case was given to the TCSO. It went to Det. Josh Ford. He has not lifted a finger or driven a car a mile for this case.

    I have complained to his superior, as if it would help. I have more complaints to file with the grand jury in Trinity Co.

    He had 3 suspects, that we identified for numerous reasons, who were involved somehow. It may have only been one or two of those 3, but 3 prime suspects it was.

    Did he queston them? No.
    Did he visit the crime scene? No
    Did he ever ask the old man questions about his experience? No.
    Did he come out to collect DNA samples, with permission from owner, from the sleeping quarters of the suspects? No.
    Did he get the tape from Safeway in redding that likely showed the culprits? No.

    Why am I writing this? I really don’t know. But if someone important out there wants to know more about this case, I have it all. All important pieces of evidence were documented by me. Gum wrappers, crushed water bottles, cigarettes, orange much really. They never asked the old man anything while robbing him. They knew where everything was. They never asked “where’s the money, pot, stuff”..etc They even knew about his security system, and disarmed it.

    I was not a victim of the attack or robbery. But I was traumatized by the events of finding and fixing the old man. The old man is also my friend.

    Sved or Sve(t), Uri, Gregg – we know what you did.

    Our biggest mistake was giving this case to the cops…..

    • Brian, if you would like to contact me, my email is

    • Thank god you did,Bless your heart for being a good neighbor. We watch out for ours to.

    • Horrifying, thanks for coming forward with this… good luck, Trinity cops ARE paid off. Heard it from too many good sources. The general reading public needs to get it…. as well as plenty of homegrown and carpetbagging jerks… we have an organized crime ring, a Russian mafia group as one commenter stated, run by Eastern Europeans, mostly Bulgarians, operating in not just our county, but a number of other counties in California. While a number may be just fine as individuals, the stories of others bullying/thugging are not hard to find and just how this cartel got their money would disgust even the staunchest ‘Bulgarian lives matter’ defender. These are not a new wave of lowly immigrants seeking employment, these immigrants come with guns and lots of money. Hint: they didn’t make their money selling Girl Scout cookies (not pot pun intended). Get a LEO to talk to you about what they know about the mobsters and you too will want to rant on Kym’s wonderful blog once a month. My sympathy for what you have had to go through sir, I hope you stay safe! Tirade over… enjoy this beautiful day!

    • If you want to make this more public I’d suggest also the Press Democrat in Santa Rosa. IF the PD decided to cover it it would be all over California and then they might do something about it.

  • Brian’s story is shocking! Especially that it involves a kind senior citizen!! (That is telling of how ruthless the perps are!).
    I hear rumors about ‘the Bulgarians’ all the time. I have not though had experiences with any of them. I have seen parcels that ‘they’ have purchased, buying out long time residents, where they put in HUGE green houses, and apparently trashing the environment.
    I have no issue with people making money. I do have an issue with people greatly exploiting the environment and/or disrespecting other people in the process of acquiring their wealth.
    I think most people in the area agree. Lines are being crossed. Bring in the CA Attorney General if needed. Stop this shit!
    The marijuana business ran for decades with relatively few related crimes. We don’t need it. It threatens the sanctity of the community. People coming here MUST KNOW there are BOUNDARIES!

    • shit, the ca atty gen has so many incidents state wide of the law enforcement agencies both looking the other way and being paid & afraid of the perpetrators of these kinds of crimes, he don’t give a rat’s ass about lowly humco.

  • Isn’t it Wood Ranch Road? You can delete this comment, just thought I would point that out.

    • Google has it as Wood Ranch Road. I remember it as Woods Ranch Road (Maybe a local leftover?) and didn’t notice the error in the press release.

  • Kym still the DA has done nothing on my case still no warrent for my son. I don’t see any reason why,and I call just about every other day ,and I can’t believe how still nothing is happening in my case . The assault happened 4 28 17 i am telling you this because I feel for the old guy that brian knows gets nothing , for his case ,and I feel the same way. I’ve written Maggie , and no nothing I have described the assault in great detail ,and nothing I just think there are a whole lot of people like me out there getting no results maybe you can do a story on how laxx our overwhelmed justice system is .thanks kym .I have turned in to the deputy physical evidence his tee shirt one boot and his neckless .to prove he was here even witnesses .still no investigator , but his file is supposed to be on his or her desk .no call from them .all I can do is call them and wait for some action to be taken ,so if and when they ever do something I will Gmail you to let you know what’s happening thanks for listening kym

  • I know the gentleman at Wood Ranch who was robbed. He is one of the most honest, upstanding, kind people I know — a peaceful, contributing member of the community who did not even remotely deserve anything like this.

    While the identities of the actual home invaders is not known (as far as I know), there is strong reason to believe the person behind it is a certain lowlife motel-surfing fake Rastafarian woman who has several semi-feral unschooled children that can sometimes be found aggressively panhandling around Redway and Garberville.

    Basically boils down to a classic case of “no good deed goes unpunished.” From what I can gather the gentleman at Wood Ranch helped her out, she took advantage, noted an opportunity for scumbaggery and alerted some scumbag acquaintances.

    I would strongly advise anyone against having anything to do with this person.

    • There was some controversy or disagreement/misunderstanding about payment from what I’ve heard. From hearing the story from people sympathetic with the victim, I think it was a misunderstanding that really didn’t get handled well by anyone. Not saying anything was justified at all, but it’s always good to be clear and agree.

  • Hopefully weed won’t be worth much soon, so no need for the brothers to come and rob people. Bummer for the growers, no more easy street hoo.haha.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Weed is such a plant of peace & love…

    This entire press release has to be one large typo.

    Who would do that to a Kind Brother over bugs?

    Impossible, I say…. just impossible.

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