EPD Chief Addresses Video of One Zane Middle School Girl Assaulting Another

Eureka Police chief Andrew Mills

Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills. [Stock photo by Mark McKenna]

Social media in Eureka (and beyond) has exploded today with a video of one young girl grabbing another and throwing her to the ground. Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills issued the following statement on his Facebook page about 7:40 p.m.:

To all of our parents, teachers and most importantly students of Zane; EPD is aware of the assault video taped. A report was taken that day by patrol. Violence and the glorification of it is never acceptable in our schools. The Superintendent and I have spoken on the phone about this and both are taking it very seriously. Thanks for the concern for our children.

The following press release was issued by the Eureka Police Department about 9:15 p.m.:

In response to a video posted on social media of an assault on the campus of Zane Middle School, the Eureka Police Department issues the following press release.

On May 19, 2017 at approximately 4:02 p.m., an officer with the Eureka Police Department responded to the St. Joseph Hospital emergency department to meet with a juvenile assault victim and her grandmother. The officer learned that the victim was assaulted on the campus of Zane Middle School.  The officer opened an investigation into the assault.

On Saturday, May 20th, the investigating officer learned there was a video recording of the incident and requested a copy to be retained as evidence. On Sunday, May 21st, a video of the incident was posted on a social media site.  EPD Command Staff and the investigating officer have seen the video and have saved a copy as evidence. 

The investigating officer has been in contact with the victim and her Grandmother each day since the incident and we will continue to communicate with them throughout the investigation. 

All violence in our society is unacceptable.  EPD is actively investigating this incident and will be working with the school on Monday to secure a positive identification of the other involved party.  Eureka City Schools is aware of the incident and we will update them on the status of the investigation as it progresses. 

We understand this video has outraged many in our community and rightfully so.  It is vital that parents speak to their children about bullying and violence in our schools. These acts are not tolerated and take away from the learning environment and therefore have no place in our schools. Additionally, the videotaping and sharing of such incidents, with anyone other than the police, exploits the incidents and further victimize those involved. 

If anyone has any information on this incident, to include the identity of the person who filmed it, please contact the Eureka Police Department at (707) 441-4044.



  • If Mr. Mills took violence against children seriouse then he would have arrested the criminal on Friday or at least early Sunday when he viewed the video. Me. Mills needs to go to the school on Monday to secure the identity of the criminal? Seriously! Quite the detective. You also need to arrest the person video taping. This was a conspiracy between the two of them to assault this unsuspecting girl and videotape it. Just in case you hadn’t figured that part out either. Do your job!

    • Sohummountainranger

      That’s why the community shares this kind of outrage online, because we can’t trust the law enforcement to do their jobs.

    • Law enforcement doesn’t give a crap about violent crime in Humboldt county, seeing as they’re not even following up on getting video of David Lawson getting stabbed.

      Then again, maybe they’re afraid of finding out this was black-on-black crime, and what that will do to The Narrative.

      • Thats Been on my mind since the beginning. Lawsons boys had something to do with it and their little ‘group’ most likely knows.

    • I am glad someone video taped it, there would have been no evidence of it otherwise. Without the video, nothing would have probably been done.

    • Really tired of peoples excuses

      How about our city officers having their hand slapped by the city council? Our lovely do nothing but stick it to us tax payers, city council has told Mills time and time again, to dial back his enforcement, as it costs the city too much in litigation. California’s laws and socialist attitudes favor the bully, the criminal….and the victim? They get shamed, they do not get help and rarely get justice. But it’s okay, California is the land of it’s not your fault….because…(insert any excuse, cause it’s okay)

      • Because.God knows, we need to send in the SWAT team every time there’s a dust up on jr high playground.. go to Teach those little bastards proper respect for authority.

        • ShadowOnTheSun

          Yeah, have the SWAT teams in beating children and yelling, “You will respect my authoritah!” because the best way to earn anyone’s respect is to scare and beat it into them. It’s not like being *respectable* is what matters.

    • I agree. His press release was mush. He is spineless and ineffective. The entire EPD and HCSO is a joke.

  • Daphney Sanders

    Honestly if anyone took these types of things seriously or actually paid attention to The youth instead of letting them run around gang banging and thinking that they are hardcore this wouldn’t happen. That means parents would actually have to do their jobs and teach there kids how to act. Same way when I went to school in eureka doesn’t matter what school.

    • A huge problem is that too many parents expect the schools to teach AND raise their children. Everybody else is to blame when their kids screw up.

      • Parenting should never be withheld

        I agree with you. Too many parents don’t have a clue with raising children. I would also say that many parents should never have children. Children are a major responsibility. Many guys take better care of their cars or fishing equipment. Many women are more self interested in their looks and their social media contacts than their children. Maybe it’s time prospective parents should need to take parenting classes and like getting a marriage license or a driving license and with a license the parents take on all responsibility for the actions of their offspring including being legally responsible for the crimes their children commit including spending time in prison. Adults are legally responsible for their dogs. Why not their kids? Adults are legally responsible for expecting young people to being naive. Why not the reverse.

  • This all happen because another child dared the bully to attack her!! You can see her smiling, and then nodding when given the “Okay” signal! Then continues the smiling through out the attack!! That poor child could have broke her neck, head or had brain bleed etc etc etc!!! Then the bully says she is the victim!! What is our school systems coming too!? This kind of stuff is happening in all our schools!!!

  • You two discuss me, you are so anti police.

  • If the school took bullying serious it wouldn’t keep happening to my fifth grader. I have spoke with the principle and counselors at his school and they do nothing. On Friday a girl told my son if he didn’t shut up she would slit his throat. They just sweep it under the rug. This is not the first incident either.

  • Disgust? I don’t think they are discussing you, well maybe now.

  • Blur the faces and link the video. Let people see this vicious attack. If that were my daughter, who was blindsided, I would not, could not have slept until these juvenile felons were locked up. That was attempted murder as far as I see it! And should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    Show these kids we will not live in a lawless society!
    Make an example of them.
    As a parent, I’m keeping my aggression over this in check and giving the authorities first chance at punishing these criminals.

  • That was chicken shit. BULLSHIT!!!!!

  • This is eureka middle school. There’s a lot worse than this. Just look at any comments section about it and you’ll understand something about the culture that produces this: people calling for punishment, not extensive counselling and reconciliation between the girls, people trying to explain the context and being accused of making excuses for it, people making excuses rather than simply explaining the context, a culture where everyone blames someone else, the police, the school system, something out there. There may be issues out there, but if you focus too much on them, you’ll ignore the problems in here, in the home. These are often neglected kids being raised by tired grandparents because the parents are too dysfunctional, or tired working parents neglecting their kids. These kids and their parents need a lot of counseling and training to learn to communicate. And they need accountability. Not punishment, but a productive healthy form of discipline. I am not disgusted in judgment. I am deeply saddened and praying for them.

  • Coletta Hughes

    All you CPS Nazis, These are the monsters that you created.

    I’m grateful for my mother giving us an all American whooping when we deserved it.. maybe 3 times in my whole childhood. Back when I was in school if you was bad enough in school you’d also get the paddle. OMG-OMG, child abuse!! LOL yeah right.. We had it far better than these miserable rotten kids do today. We weren’t getting molested all the time like kid do today. We drank out of the garden hose and even went to huge keg parties at 15 years old, but still graduated High School with higher grades than kids do today. We didn’t even think of bring guns to school, much less murdering each other along with all this empty gang crap spoiled kids do today. Why? Because we had firm discipline and room to grow up that kids need and don’t have today. But sadly this is something kids are missing the most today and it’s also what’s wrong with them too. We raise spoiled rotten punks who whine and cry about about their sad lot in life on their $800 iphones. Thees kids have no idea what real life is because they’ve lived their whole entire miserable lives in a constant state fake life hype and drama on social media while watching that reality TV you have on.. because you don’t have time to raise your children.

    • aye’ fucking men♡

    • Yep, I got the wooden spoon lol 😛

      And if I really back talked, dad’s belt would start to come off. .. and believe you me, I STFU! HAHA And you know what, I had more respect for him than any one else. And a little bit of fear doesn’t hurt either. I also drank from the hose, rode bikes without helmets and played sports for which we didn’t get trophies jus because!
      And wow, I had a really hard work ethic instilled to me at a young age, seeing my dad get up at 5 am and go to work every morning and not get home til 6 pm. And we all sat down to dinner together after he was home. Idk that kids get ANY of that these days. Always looking down at a screen, missing the real world that’s right in front and above them. sad just sad.

      • Coletta Hughes

        Yeah, Mom had the wooden spoon too, but that was for if we nagged her too much while she was cooking. My father never really hit any of us, it was Mom you feared in our house. However Dad didn’t like us making a bunch of noise at the table, so he would whack at us with his fork or spoon and guess what.. we’d STFU but quick lol.

        • Are you kidding me? So you were beaten by your parents and you’re happy for it. Great. I’m happy for you, too.

          But to tell everyone that the world is going to hell because people are getting beaten by their parents less frequently is a ridiculous crock of sht.

          I wasn’t beaten, and I am absolutely, completely, totally, and in all other ways a decent human being.*

          *And I’m very modest!

          • Coletta Hughes

            I was never beaten… Beaten means there were marks left on me and my spirit was damaged. My mother taught me to be strong and have the courage to face the consequences of my faults in life. There’s pain in life and if you don’t teach your children about that then they’ll be a bunch of safe space cry babies… As most these days are Boo Whaaa!

        • do you seriously need to post your personal experience? this has nothing to do with you.

          • No, we were not beaten! We got a good ol fashion spanking! And we learned when no means no, to respect authority and to know the difference between right and wrong.

            • Spanking with a (large) hair brush. Stood in the corner with a timer going so I didn’t sneak out of the corner early. Double the time I had to practice the piano (still not very good at it). That and much more. Am 50+ years older now and not scar one. Raised our child that way. Not a single scar there and she raised her daughter that way – also turned out fine. Yesterday was at Safeway. A totally out of control boy about 6-7 dropped & broke a jar of pickles. Mom just kept going while the kid screamed that he wanted THAT jar.
              Responsibility for the kids behavior falls on the parents, not the teachers, cops, etc. WAKE UP PARENTS!!!! THEY ARE YOUR KIDS, NOT THE SCHOOLS!!!!!

        • Life time local

          I was never hit by my mother and respect her greatly for being able to parent by talking too us rather than resorting to anger!!!! Show a kid not to be violent to other kids by using violence good plan. So your allowed to be violent apparently, just not them. I believe people should try and take the time to sit down and talk to their children. Use more constructive punishment than violence.
          I was raised like this …. i know what no means, I don’t blindly follow authority figures but I am well aware of times when listening to what others say is in my best interest. I respect those that show me respect as all humans should. And I know the difference between right and wrong. Advocating violence when dealing with a problem of wide spread violence in the schools seems counterproductive.

          • Coletta Hughes

            Life time local, look at the statistics of today vs the 50’s 60’s and 70’s when some kids got beat. some needed a good spanking, but most just had a few spankings and maybe paddled once at school. Unlike you and your wimpy kids today: We didn’t bring guns to school to kill each other, we didn’t join gangs and murder people. as your safe space wimps do nowadays. I would never trade my wonderful life for your empty social media PC hell. Enjoy you violent safe space world you’ve made for yourself because you deserve every thing that comes with it.

    • You are [edit] ignorant of the facts, advocating violence. Our prisons are filled with adults who, contrary to your ignorant, antiquated narrative, were abused by there parents. The majority of people in prison are not there because they weren’t beaten enough. Exactly the opposite is true; most of them were abused. The more abuse, the worse the adult. There is mountains of data out there to debunk your stupidity and support peaceful parenting.
      Would it be acceptable if your husband hit you with a wooden spoon because you nagged him too much? Of course not. Would it be ok if I spanked my friend with a paddle for doing something wrong? Of course not, and I could be arrested for assault because…..IT”S ASSAULT! Yet somehow, despite all of the evidence out there, people think it’s ok to assault children and call it discipline. Do some research before you advocate ideas that suck. The FACT is, like it or not, that the most dysfunctional human beings in society were raised with corporal punishment. Violence begets violence. Children raised with reason grow up to be reasonable.

      • Did you not also see the part about sitting down to a family dinner every night? ! …. After doing my homework, while helping my mom make dinner.
        You make it sound as if they just went around chasing me with it lol
        I am not advocating violence in any way, shape or form!

        • Coletta Hughes

          Really???, These people will never see it because they’re either spoiled silver spoon fools, or they’re much to young to even remotely remember when people were once decent to each other. I’m in my middle 50’s and my generation will be the last that remembers how nice it was. Once we’re gone it will be just stories left for the spin doctor fools to whip up into something that never was.

      • Coletta Hughes

        rollin21, You’re wrong. Most people in prison are men and most of these rotten to the core men grew up in broken and fatherless homes on the wrong side of the tracks. That’s what made them so violent, they never had a father to teach them how to be men. You can’t compare kids today who have grown up in mostly broken homes to kids of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s who grew up in mostly two parent homes. There’s a huge difference between being slapped down and across the room to receiving needed discipline from your parent. I’m grateful for what my mother taught me. I wouldn’t trade my wonderful loving childhood for this fake social media hell kids face these days. [edit]

        • Coletta Hughes, the fact that most people in prison are men who grew up in single parent homes does not make your case, sorry. Those men, INVARIABLY, were “disciplined” by those single mothers in the manner in which you advocate.
          Yes, there is a difference between being “slapped down and across the room” and being struck with a piece of wood on the back side, but both are assault. Either action towards any adult I know would rightfully land me in jail and end that relationship. Somehow though, it’s acceptable behavior towards children….. that we…..love??? I understand that this insanity is commonly accepted today but THAT is the real problem. Violence perpetuated on children ensures violent adults; the cycle continues.
          Could I claim to have a “wonderful, loving relationship with my wife if I intermittently “disciplined” her with a wooden spoon? I guess if it was voluntary.


      Sad thing is today when there is a legitimate CPS situation they ignore the complaints even when they come in from fellow APS workers…. the children suffer all the way around.

      • Coletta Hughes

        CPS is more interested in taking kids from people who have money. Single abusive drug addict mothers on meth cost CPS and taxpayers money, while hard working people make CPS money and give then a reason to say they need more CPS staff to make more bureaucracy. It’s a deep rabbit hole and it’s all about about the money, not saving children… Just like the so called war on drugs.

  • Kimberly Shuman

    This is what happens when kids go to public or “government sanctioned” , schools. These schools only teach what is necessary to grow, cog turning, adults. Adults who Don’t question anything! Who have been taught in stories, that it’s okay to need help. No princess rescues herself. Her prince rides up on a horse. Teachers who came from those same schools, have favorite students and some even partake in” bull” “s*#t” . Our culture teaches to point fingers, make fun and even call out differences. Alienation is even used to shame different into” normal”. Pull kids out of government sanctioned schools and teach your children how to care and be careful. Teach kids to question everything and respect themselves and all things living.

    • Well, I question everything, and I was a public school kid. You can’t pigeonhole anyone like that. I question your generalization.

    • Coletta Hughes

      Kimberly Shuman, The over policed government criminal industrial school system is in the business of teaching young minds to accept less out of life and be willing to pay back their tuition for at least the next 10 years to be educated at an overrated and overcrowded university… only to end up working at a low paying job. They don’t want kids to end up being Albert Einstein’s because smart people don’t make good factory slaves.

  • One of the big problems I think is schools will not even let students who being attacked like that to defend themselves. If that girl who got body slammed even attempts to retaliate with a single feeble swing she’s liable to get in just as much trouble as her attacker . These “zero tolerance” rules are designed to protect the administration from lawsuits , not to protect your kid. In grade school I got completely unprovoked body slamming twice in a row by some kid . I got off the ground the second time went over and punched him hard as I could square in the face and he went down and didn’t get up for quite some time. I lost the rest of my recess that was extent of my punishment I didn’t need cops , counselors, psychologists or administrators to deal with that bully. He never messed with me after that …Now-days if I had done that at school They would demand that I be medicated with psychotropics and segregated into class of emotionally disturbed kids and swarmed with “helping professionals’ who would have probably convinced me that I really do need to kill someone next time

    • Coletta Hughes

      robash141, Hence why if I had kids these days they’d never be subjected to the violence of public school.

  • Parents are to blame. They let their little whiners disappear into cell phone land. My brother and his wife give their kids every video game and let them watch TV all night long. You get the kids you deserve.

    America is a land of brainwashed zombies. Look at all the sports fans, the Netflix addicted, the middle aged men listening to rap (and dressing in baggy clothing). What a sick society.

    Thanks to MTV, cable TV in general, liberal parenting, and on and on ….

    • MTV? really…

    • Coletta Hughes

      Stormy, I’m a liberal in many ways, but not when it comes to raising children. Lazy parents who give their kids smartphones and reality TV are what’s mostly wrong with kids today.

  • Thinking allowed

    There is the theory of creating well adjusted children with tolerance and compassion and then there is the reality that this theory seems to be very ineffective at teaching children what to do when meeting up those who are resistant to the application of this theory. Not to mention a failure to address the resistant themselves.

    One thing is clear- publishing such actions on social media is clear evidence of the failure of the theoretical child raising techniques to address these issues. These bullies are not only proud of their actions but expect admiration when they show off. They need to have their self confidence punctured and fast.

    Maybe this would clearly be a point to try something else beside “counseling”?

  • “All violence in our society is unacceptable.”

    But we will allow german shepherds to savagely maul suspected criminals, just like the nazis.

  • Kids need to be taught right from wrong, now to be nice, taught to listen and to always treat others as you would want to be treated. They also need to know there are consequences attached to wrong doing. These lessons are taught starting from the age of 1 and by the time they start school they should already if been taught them. Too much put on kids academics before Kindergarden and not enough on social learning, and basic rules of life, which should come from good parenting.
    This girl needs some hard consequences now before she ends up in state prison

  • Private school Mother

    This is a great example of how parenting has gone down the tubes. As for Eureka City Schools, their reaction, more like lack of one, is standard operating procedure. This is why I paid good money for private school. My child got a better education. Let alone all the parents work together to stop this type of behavior.

  • Saw the video last night on John Chiv. Clear cut case of assault. Girl was grabbed by the hair from behind, slammed to the ground unbelievably hard. The aggressor did it with premeditation and aforethought. She was actually smiling before and as she did it. The aggressor was twice the size of the victim.

  • Don't Drink While Pregnant

    Amazing that her shitty excuse for a mother is more worried about internet commenters “attacking” her 12 year old girl than she is about her daughter physically attacking a 12 year old girl. We can clearly see where the little criminal gets it.

  • The next meeting of “The Put The World To Rights” committee meet here tomorrow

  • In my opinion, the mother of this child is a huge part of the problem. She is posting all over online about how her little girl is only in the 6th grade. Why should we make an example of her? This lady is a failure as a parent!!! Make your little brat own up to her mistakes!!! Punish her!!! This kid will end up in jail if she doesn’t get on the right track now. I would be humiliated if this was my child, not defending her horrible behavior!

  • You can look at any school in ECS, Alice Birney has many similar problems. My grandson broke his arm at age 7 from a bully. The bulling continues, you never can talk to principal, she is always busy. So my daughter has been forced to go to Superintendent, twice. If elementary students had cell phone you would see similar occurrences.

    • Ditto! Arm broke in 2nd grade being kicked off of a slide from 4 ft up…. they did not even want to call me… my son had to beg to call. They said” he fell off the slide and bruised his arm he s just needing reassurance” my kid was hyperventilating sobbing his arm was broke and they did not listen or believe him.

  • If the mom of the attacker is going on social media she had better lawyer up quick. Pretty naive of her to vent her spleen about the injustices against her thug daughter in public after her daughter is clearly shown doing her dastardly deed. If the family of the attacker had assets they are now in jeopardy to a civil suit. The woe is me bigger bully needs punishment in the form of counseling, cleaning streets and is most likely a very indulged child. The only good thing about the video is that it is proof the assault took place. A bully is made buy authoritarian not authoritative parents and entitled kiddos who never learn that the world does not revolve around them and that others have rights and value, bullies are thugs.

  • Coletta Hughes

    Poppins, it’s a shame the monster isn’t in juvenile hall waiting to see a judge.

  • Friendly Observer

    I personally know of two lawsuits currently under review in the Humboldt County Superior Court. Both instances involved retaliation against teachers who spoke out, in fact complained vehemently, to their supervisors.

    In one instance (Winship Middle School) the teacher made repeated complaints of a student being bullied by a half-dozen or more students. The student in question was physically assaulted both inside and outside of the classroom. In one instance the student was confronted with a simultaneous attack in the classroom by two students. When the teacher made an inquiry concerning the assault, the assistant principal told the teacher that she gave the students trash pickup duty as she felt that suspensions were ineffective.

    In another incident the same bullied student was sent outside of the classroom, unsupervised, where he was confronted by several (also unsupervised) students with previous histories of attacking the student, one of whom was involved in the incident described in the previous paragraph. As it turned out, two students chased down the bullied student until one cornered the terrified boy, subsequently delivering a chilling kick to his chest. After the assault, the beaten child was left slumped in a fetal position at the foot of the locked door that prevented his escape from his assailants.

    Two school days after complaining to Principal Horowitz the teacher’s Eureka City Schools email was disabled and he was placed on unpaid suspension.

    In another case (Grant Elementary School) after repeated classroom attacks by two students that left visible and photographed injuries the teacher reached out to administrators to report her concerns. After her concerns repeatedly fell on deaf ears, the teacher wrote a note to parents stating, “You should be aware that while your child is here at school she/he is being exposed to frequent and prolonged bouts of violence that require the class to hide behind bookshelves and evacuate the classroom.”

    In result of the teacher’s letter to parents, Eureka City Schools promptly placed the teacher on administrative leave.

    At the meeting where the teacher was handed a notice that she would not be rehired by Eureka City Schools, the superintendent (Van Vleck) purportedly said to the teacher, “If this gets out to the media, it is going to be very bad for your career.”

    Despite frequent pleas from the teacher, Eureka City Schools failed to take steps to insure the safety of the teacher and her students.

    Prior to the teacher’s letter, the only measure Eureka City Schools took to make the teacher’s classroom “a safer place” was to provide her with a martial arts-style foam blocking shield. In effect, Eureka City Schools was informing the teacher that she was on her own.

  • It’s a sad day when bridge graffiti is more heavily prosecuted and investigated than assault.

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