[UPDATE: Saturday] Dog Tied Up to an Abandoned Vehicle and Left to Die, Says Tow Truck Driver

A dog’s body almost concealed by a shadow is tied to an abandoned and stripped vehicle.

Thursday, a tow truck driver in the hills east of Garberville was picking up abandoned vehicles for the County Abatement program between Peak Mountain and Zenia Bluff Road. He went to hook up one that had been left just off the side of the road for over a year. When he got close to the truck, he discovered a dead dog tied to it.

The poor animal, he said, had only recently died. The body was in relatively good shape. “It is still a healthy looking dog. It was a pretty dog… [But]there was nothing there–no food, no water.” (The photo shows a nearby container which appears to hold an unknown liquid.)

It appeared, he said, that the dog had died after being deserted in the remote spot.

“Look at the suffering that poor dog went through,” he said.

The photo he took of the scene could disturb some people. Don’t click here unless you are sure you want to see it. He hopes though that it will help bring justice for the tortured creature. “Someone is going to know who the jackass is that did this,” he hopes.

He said that he left the car there. “Hell, no, I’m not going to roll the car over on the dog.”

At the time, he also left the dog’s body there. He said that he was very upset. “I love animals,” he explained. “I just couldn’t deal with it…[But] I plan on going back on Saturday.”

He’ll bring his pickup and some shovels, he said. “If the dog is still there, I’ll bury it.”

UPDATE Saturday: The tow truck driver is on his way back to the site to bury the dog. If anyone has already buried it, please let us know (either in the comments or email us at mskymkemp@gmail.com) and we’ll relay that to him. If anyone would like to help, the driver said that would be nice as it isn’t a small dog.





  • This is more than I can stand. I am not able to look at the photo. Thanks for giving me that option.

  • What the world is going on in this county!!! Some A$$hole shoots & kills a “Pet Zebra”, that was harming No One, & now this crap!!!! This is disgusting, someone who did this to an animal should have the same thing done to them!!!! It makes you wonder how long til they “graduate” up to humans???

    • Dan, I’m not sure “up” is the right word. Other species treat us well. We treat them like this. Whoever did this will answer, one way or the other.

  • People Suck!

  • Why isn’t animal control or the sheriff responding to investigate and care for the body?

    So sick that this poor dog is still there decomposing!

    I’m disappointed in the sheriffs response if they were the ones that called in the abandoned vehicle without any investigation to animal cruelty.

  • Whoever did this needs to be removed from society fo rehabilitation, for a very , very long time.

  • Well it’s going to be hot today I hope someone bury’s him soon.

  • Agreed, people suck! And more and more of these thoughtless people arrive on the shores of Humboldt daily.

  • Michelle Steinwachs

    The unfortunate truth is that even if animal abusers are caught and convicted they are not sentenced and punished in a way that would send a clear message to them, or any future animal abusers, that what they did has consequences here in Humboldt County. Just my opinion formed by my experience with having my dog be a victim of a serial animal abuser and our fight to have the individual convicted and sentenced. My advise is find someone in law enforcement that cares enough to investigate not just take a report and if you run into a wall ask to talk to the next person in charge. Work your way up the chain of command until you find someone to care enough to investigate.

  • What’s so disturbing is that dog would still be happy to see the asshole who did this, I on the other hand would also be happy to see this person but for all the wrong reasons…
    our animals are our babies and are very much treated as such

    Stay safe Humco.

  • Big props to the tow truck driver. [edit] You have to pass a test to get a driver’s license. You should have to pass a test to get a dog license. Most of the county wouldn’t have dogs. Children also for that matter.

  • I am one of those people who loves dogs more than most people. Terrible, I can only hope this was somehow accidental, that this wasn’t what the owner intended.

  • Maybe the dog is chipped. Is anybody going to check that?

    • I doubt that they (whomever left the poor damned dog) would have spent the money to get the dog chipped when they obviously didn’t give a flying fig about it!!!

    • That’s smart, I hope they do check. Adopted pets are often chipped for free so it’s not like the owner pays for it.

  • Sleepy Alligator


  • Sickening! Not that it matters, but it looks like blood on the trash by the back legs, the body doesn’t look too famished could have been tied up and shot, which would be less suffering. [edit] Pure speculation but there is a known scumbag that lives around that area, worthless tweaker pos that steals everything, I wouldn’t put this past him.

    • I was hoping that he was shot also instead of starving to death or dying of thirst. I’ve cried a lot over this I hate to say.

  • Please everyone, call your supe and ask for the county shelter to recieve a good % of the pot tax. I know it doesnt necessarily directly apply here,but theres nowhere to even drop a dog off in south county besides the vet if theyre not full.
    Yes its illegal to abandon a dog but it happens, if you have to, have a friend take it in as a lost dog.
    Give the poor pooch a chance!! So cowardly to leave a dog suffering so much instead of just shooting it, it would die either way. Of course ideally it would be given to someone.

    The shelter desperately needs an expansion and the county owns the acreage next to the shelter, so its feasible. It would be awesome to get a smaller facility going closer to southcounty, right? The drive to the shelter by the airport from benbow, harris, cove etc is multiple hours. Plus animal control has to drive further, costing more money.

    I highly reccomend volunteering at the shelter, the reason the shelter has a low kill rate is due to groups like redwood pals rescue who basically volunteer at least 20 hours a week if its slow,which it hasnt been for at least 6 months. Its constantly overcrowded these days. Putting healthy dogs down because theres no room just sux.
    Give them some thanks 🙂 and consider being a foster home.

    So please lets at least ask for that funding, and ask whats the best way at this point to let the supes know folks would support this. (If folks do)

    Shelter expansion, more staff, behavioural specialist and another shelter building near south county all would create jobs as well.
    Ps if ur a hater pls just dont respond to this here, im not wanting to debate, just throw my 2cents out and see if others wanna help

    • I agree 💯 the local shelter need help. Donate!!! By the time pot tax money actually tickles down a new facility could be built for donation of time, supplies, & money. These animals didn’t ask to have shitty owners. It’s extremely sad!

  • Thank you tow truck driver!!! What an.awful thing to come upon. I can only hope the a-holes who did this are identified and served some back woods justice. Thank you for going to bury the poor thing, it may be worth first seeing if its microchipped which would identify the owner.

  • Something else to wonder is did someone tie the dog up temporarily, and then not make it back for some reason. What if there is a missing person and this is their dog?

    • I’ve wondered about that, too.

      • I think it’s enough of a consideration that all efforts should be made to identify–or at least get a solid description of–the dog, in case later it turns out so-and-so went missing in the area, and had a dog who is also missing. Could at least ascertain last known whereabouts of the person. Some out-of-area person, a trimmer maybe, whose folks don’t even know where to begin looking.
        Personally, i’d rather keep my dog with me at all times… but who knows. I just don’t want to think someone did that on purpose. Could have been hitch-hiking and figured getting a ride might be easier without the dog, then came to a bad end and couldn’t return.

    • It’s still irresponsible dog ownership! Terrible idea in the first place, even if they intended to come back & something happened.

  • Maybe the poor pup drank the “unknown liquid”… 🙁

  • Absolutely disgusting! What kind of awful, cruel person does that!

  • Amimissingsomething

    Dirty, no good for nothing, inhumane POS. I hope you burn in hell for this. Just like Randy. Something needs to happen to people who do these horrible things to defenseless animals. That poor animal had no choice but to slowly die next to a car without food or water. This really pisses me off. Completely senseless!!!!

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kym, tow truck driver:

    When you return to the body see if it was shot in the head.

    That’s just what a lot of country folk will do instead of paying the vet 300$ for end of life shots.

    If this was that kind of situation no one should be too upset: other than the person leaving it there.

    But I do know an old timer that will put his passed dogs in the forest for the animals..

    On the other hand, if it was an asshole who just left it there…..grrrrr

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Seems like anyone who cares enough about their dog to end it’s suffering by shooting it would not leave the corpse tied up to a junk vehicle off the side of the the road.

      • I agree, but I’ve learned that what makes sense to me may not make anything to others.

        But I agree…

        • Am no expert but the pic doesnt look like the head was shot.
          It could be someone who thought theyd be right back, worth looking into tho it sure is awful pet care. Put out an ad for free pooch on craigslist or something!
          Maybe its the cel&wifi or heavy metals or hormones way out of balance from pest/herbicides, but people seem to be going to the extreme everywhere and lising their marbles!!

        • Sleepy Alligator

          That makes more sense to me than anything I’ve heard in a long time.

  • 😱😭😡😭😡😭😥😡😭😥😡😭

  • I would have taken that dog and given it a good happy life. So sad.

  • Had a friend once who rescued mistreated animals he found chained up with nobody around. He was a good man!

  • That’s shitty but can’t say I disagree. Still, an eye for an eye makes everyone blind.

    • I agree shitty, some folks wont learn any other way.
      Throwing someone naked into blackberry brambles sends a strong message too.

  • Capitalist pig

    Lisa I assume u were referring to democrats ??

    • Personally I see nothing political about that particular post perhaps you do but judging by the lack of responses to your post, I’m thinking Not So Much!!!

  • Capitalist pig

    Democrats being parasitic of course by nature I just assumed Lisa was referring to Democrats when she was talking about mosquitoes and other parasitic insects

  • Capitalist pig

    But yet it is still illegal for a mother and a doctor to conspire to murder an unborn child and nobody says a damn thing

    • Im sorry to everyone but im gonna take the bait.
      I bet youre against welfare too, the multitudes of unwanted children is just sad and a major issue. Too bad you folks only care about the fetus. Once its out of momma youre talking shit on the mom for needing monetary assistance. Woud you adopt the kids? Say im pregnant now and want an abortion, if i changed my mind, will you pay for the doc visits, birth,clothes, diapers, crib, blankets, work i’d miss, child care (runz around 500-1000 per month per child), gas and car to get kid to doc, electricity, food, etc etc etc??
      Plus your comment says the opposite of what you mean, its not illegal to get an abortion.
      Just fyi there are 2 federal laws that have been on the books for awhile that no federal money goes towards abortions. Abortions are performed one day a week and cost the woman 400+ dollars. Its not free but way cheaper than raising a kid, minimum 250,000 to get them to 18 these days.
      Its my body. Maybe its time to launch a mandatory vasectomy program that forces at least 50% of men to get one. Then you wouldnt have to worry about abortions. How wuld that feel?

  • Sick & twisted person that would do this…shame on them for having no soul.

  • Lee Richardson

    Capitalist Pig’s pseudonym says all you need to know about him,

  • Just stop . Lying to yourself

  • Just stop. It’s a baby it’s alive it has DNA just like you . Just stop lying to yourself

  • Wow! Just stop” lying to yourself “so you’re saying just because it cost you $500-$1000 a month it would be OK for you to murder your unborn child? Is that really your logic ?

  • Just stop. ” lying to yourself ” your whole post is about the cost .the monetary cost to use your exact words what about the emotional cost to the mother and the father and the dead baby . I thought I was the capitalist pig

  • Seriously wtf does this have to do with a dead dog? Get a room you two.

    • CP just likes to argue period!!! He found someone to argue with so he’s having fun & doesn’t care what the subject of the thread is!!! As long as he can spew his very negative views on life etc he’s a “Happy” Camper!!!

  • Capitalist pig

    Fun fun fun

  • Capitalist pig

    Trying to bring awareness to mass infantacide is negative views ? Hmm wow wtf? .what a backward world u live in Dan fuller when killing dogs is so bad and evil And killing babies is okbecause the Supreme Court said so. That’s the only point I’m trying to make

  • I wish everyone would be as outraged about killing cows, pigs, chickens, etc.
    And some go their whole life not even being able to turn around or see the light of day!
    Back to the topic at hand.. This a very sad story.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Thanks tow truck driver. I wish you didn’t have to go through this, but I’m glad you are. Burying the dog really shows what a good person you must be.

    • A FAR better one, than the piece of human excrement that left the poor damned dog to begin with, for a fact!!! :-C

  • Capitalist pig

    I win

  • Wow! I’m at a loss of words… this is terrible! And to Capitalist Pig… if I could like your comments I would a million times!!!! 🙌🏽 I couldn’t agree more! 👏🏽❤️👌🏽

  • Dan for how do you know that the person who tied that dog to that vehicle did not put a bullet through his head has there been an autopsy I have unfortunately had to put down a dog or two in my life because they bit a child or could not stop attacking other dogs not a pleasant experience but at the time I could not afford the 300 bucks to have the dog put down does that mean that I am a piece of human excrement? A sad situation for sure but no need to be calling people names

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