Kyle Zoellner’s Family Demands Arrest of Three Men

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kyle zoellner

Kyle Zoellner

The uncle of Kyle Zoellner sent out the following statement demanding that Arcata Police arrest three men who allegedly assaulted Kyle Zoellner.

Kyle Zoellner was arrested for the stabbing death of David Josiah Lawson before being released by a judge for lack of evidence. These men assaulted Zoellner before Lawson was stabbed to death, alleges Jay Zoellner.  Here is the statement:

The facts that came out of the preliminary are summarized by the following:

1) Kyle was not aggressive when inquiring about the cell phone and was in fact cordial according to all the witnesses (“Castillo said Zoellner was not being aggressive”).

2) Kyle was punched and hit by Josiah and the two Castillo brothers until he was knocked unconscious according the Castillo brothers own testimony (“That’s when a fight broke out between the girl and Josiah’s girlfriend, Ren. They got into a physical fight. They grabbed each other and fought. That’s when me and my brother and Josiah got into it” with Kyle Zoellner, Lawson’s alleged killer. Kristoff Castillo, Kyle Castillo’s brother, testified he believed Zoellner was unconscious when the Castillos, Lawson and Bobadillo left the party.

3) Parris Wright admitted to hitting Kyle twice (“Clark went to the police on his own, he said, to tell the truth. Clark is also the only witness, so far, to state Wright and Zoellner were in a “combative stance” and that a group of about 10 people attacked and punched Zoellner, including Wright”)
What we know from the testimony of the witnesses and from other witnesses that did not testify is that Kyle Zoellner was assaulted as soon as he showed up to pick up his girlfriend and her friends. He did not provoke anybody and was not aggressive yet he was beaten unconscious.

The witnesses that were friends of Josiah’s all tried to portray an image that Kyle and Josiah were then in a separate fight that did not involve any of them. The truth of the matter is that the beating was continual and did not stop. What Clark witnessed was the continued beating of Kyle. It is clear they went on record with their scenario to avoid being prosecuted for the brutal assault on Kyle. However, from their own testimony they admitted to assaulting Kyle without provocation.

The APD and the DA have not file charges against Parris Wright and the Castillo brothers to date for some unknown reason. We have been patient for many reasons but will no longer stay silent. If the APD does not arrest and charge Parris Wright and the Castillo brothers immediately for “assault and battery” on Kyle we plan press charges to compel the APD to perform their duties in a responsible manner. We will also implore the ADP to bring Clark in to identify the other individuals that continuously beat Kyle during the time frame that Josiah was tragically killed.Jay Zoellner


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  • Lets hear it APD whats your excuse for not doing your job?
    Its about time you do at least one thing right in this situation,
    So far its been pretty poor police work.

  • Good. Someone’s paying attention.

  • This should make things interesting, since it seems obvious (with statements) who beat Zoellner, which is also a crime; and Josiah’s family and friends are still pushing to have Zoellner arrested and charged. If they are charged we will probably see another round of protests. I still believe the possibility that Josiah’s friends know more about who had the knife and accidentally stabbed Josiah, but are afraid to come forward.

    • Accidentally stabbed him multiple times?

      • “Multiple” could mean twice. In a group struggle in the dark, with people drinking, it would be possible for someone to think they were stabbing a particular person when actually hitting another. Would make sense how the girl was stabbed in the arm. Someone just randomly pushing the knife. The possibility exists just like so many other possibilities, but justice does need to be served to ‘all’ victims.

  • Damn straight! APD- Do your job!! No PC pussyfooting…Do your job

  • If he was knocked unconscious, the police would have gotten the emts to help him and take him to hospital. Not to mention the cops said he was standing. Wheres the hospital report? There is no mention anywhere that he needed medical treatment for potential concussion. I cry foul. Show us the evidence.
    Wheres your proof of assault and why didnt kyle or his buddy tell the cops that when they got to the party? Therez no hard evidence that he was attacked, and calling for their arrest shows your lack of understanding of police procedure. Maybe if you stop lying on his behalf you could set the example for others to tell the truth. If you do have hard evidence that would get a judge to issue arrest warrants, please do so. Prove it legally or stop talking about it. Prove the community wrong in their assumptions, myself included. I dont think you can.

    Plus you are making it so a trial cant happen here by putting so much out to the press, you must not have gotten a good lawyer.
    Again, when someones been arrested for multiple violent crimes in the past, its hard to believe they are innocent when another violent crime happens involvin that person.
    Maybe its just karma for choking that teen girl and getting no punishment. Id be glad to see him unconscious after hurting a teen like that. He obviously has anger management issues.
    Honestly unc, the more you write things like this the less you are believable. You sound like you are just trying to throw out unfounded allegations and a bit of smoke and mirrors. A few more and folks will be calling for a deeper dig into kyles activities. Like why a police officer said kyle hit a guy over the head with a bottle the wknd before.
    You are not privy to the entire police investigation, you are throwing out falsities which is just what youre accusing others of. The cops dropped the ball at that party for sure, but that doesnt make kyle innocent.

    • The truth should never be withheld

      Someone or ones are lying. Since I (we) were not witness to the altercation it is anyone’s guess how Zoellner ended up looking like he had serious facial and eye wounds. I can’t imagine he showed up that way. Now we are back to racial implications. Maybe reverse racial implications. Everyone involved is complicit in the young man’s death. It demonstrates what a violent micro society we live in Arcata. And every year it becomes more violent. Has this widened the gap between people who the parents and the university should have informed that tolerance should be expected yet violence was the result. The evidence (maybe not factual) shows very little was gained or learned from the young man’s demise. And that makes it very sad.

    • Doesnt make him guilty either.

    • I have seen it alleged several times that Zoellner has a criminal record, is that true? Details please.

    • It’s my understanding that APD took Zoellner to the hospital before he was booked. It was reported in one of the first stories about this case.

      • You are right. This Times Standard article states, “Court filings submitted by Eureka-based private defense attorney Greg Rael indicate a private investigator was authorized by the jail on April 18 to visit Zoellner. The investigator was hired to photograph Zoellner’s “many” injuries that were at risk of fading, Rael’s letter to the court stated.Zoellner reportedly told Rael that some of his injuries were not documented during his time in the hospital or by officers.”

        • I'm not mad, just disappointed -_-

          You just said a PI went and took photos in jail of his injuries and then you say he went to the hospital. Well, which event took place first?
          You don’t clarify your statement.

          What is the date and time for his hospital intake?
          You are being very unclear and misleading with the timeline of events Ms. Kemp, and that is a very disappointing quality for a ‘writer’…

          • I’m either being unclear or misleading. You can’t have both. I’ve very disappointed in your commenting…

            However, I don’t have a time but Zoellner was taken to the hospital the day of the stabbing. On April 18, as would be clear by the fact his injuries were at risk of fading…a PI took photos in the jail.

    • What about mug shot with mashed up bloody face? Also, one minute you are calling APD lying incompetent racists and the next minute taking some random scuttlebutt from a supposed Arcata Police officer that Zoellner is violent racist who regularly tries to attack Black folks. Plus this story comes from Elijah Chandler who has already changed his stories several times

    • ENUF……..Did you miss the part where it was admitted by the Castillo brothers that they and Lawson assaulted Zoellner until he was unconscious?? Justice for Josiah, yes; but justice for Zoellner also.

    • You cannot possibly have been following this case. Even that, I fear, will not convince you to remove your foot from your mouth.

    • Wheres the evidence he was attacked? Um…. the photo?

      It is odd that if there were all these innocent uninvolved people standing around not beating kyle that none of them were filming with their phones and then shared with the police the footage showing how the stabbing was not in self defense to a beating by multiple guys including lawson.

      If there is footage showing kyle viciously attacking lawson who was doing nothing to kyle why is it not being shared? Also if we are going to look up and discuss kyles crimunal history also look up the other three including lawson. And lastly no friends jumping in to help kyle when three people are attacking him does not “say something about kyle” ie mean he is a bad person or else he woukd have friends there to help. My understanding is he was there to pick up his girlfriend. It wasnt his kind of party so he didnt go. She went got a bad vibe and called him to come get her. He shows up a lone white guy and when the guys there find out he is there to take one of the (hopefully few) white girls at the “diverse” party the group attacks him. Three on one is fear for your life mode and combined with his face it looks like it could be self defense.

      Or another person missed with the knife. The same someone who stabbed the girls arm im sure kyle didnt stab his girkfriend.

      It sucks that lawson likely died not because the stabbing but because too much time passed before the emts got to him. Party people if someone is hurt and you want emt to get him fast dont shout and jostle and make poluce emts feel threatened by looking like a mob. Settle down.

      Most of all we are Americans and must remember innocent until proven guilty and just cause a black victim doesnt mean white attacker guilty because of the spoken statement of others who were involved and hope a race bases story will turn the story to racial attack instead of their involvement being exposed.

    • [edit] read the articles. Multiple people stated Kyle was beaten up by multiple people, and knocked unconscious. He was up when cops and emt arrived because in reality a person knocked unconscious is usually knocked out only for a few seconds, minutes …

  • I dont know but if u look at the big picther i see chandler being the perp this guy trys to start a race war he clearly was fakeing the tears in the video he even blamed the cops and emt of wrong doinh to divert attention. To him and the kicker hes the only one that said he seen kile with something; shiney he probally tryed to stab kile and being drunk stabed%

    • He’s done a great deal of diverting attention and playing victim because of his race. He definitely has behaved more guilty than anyone else and happens to be the only person with Lawson and Zoellner when Lawson was stabbed. Three guys in a fight, ones dead and ones unconscious at the end, hmmmmmmm, I wonder who was left out of the three, awake and alive…… Really convenient to hand an unconcious person to the police and say he did it.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    File a civil suit on The City Of Arcata for reckless neglect?

  • The Zoellner family, with their endless, unprovable accusations made public, are not helping the investigation. Opinions are not fact. We don’t care. I dare them to shut the fuck up about it, even for a week.

    • You could do the same.

    • “…..with their endless, unprovable accusations made public, are not helping the investigation. Opinions are not fact. We don’t care. I dare them to shut the fuck up about it, even for a week.”

      LOL. It’s almost like you haven’t been following any of this. Rather, it’s like you are seeing what is happening and trying to fit it into your agenda. The Zoellner family is about the only ones during all of this that are being logical.

      They’re not taking to the streets, forcing people to call, blocking traffic, and “making endless, unprovable accusations” of racism.

      Good try Chandler.

    • sharpen your pencil

      I dare you to do the same. You do realize that Chandler and the rest of this idiotic mob have been making baseless accusations of Kyle being the killer, right? Where’s their proof? The case was thrown out! What does remain is the FACT that these kids beat the hell out of Kyle!

  • So Kyle beat himself up? That can be the only cause of his injuries, based on what some people seem to think. No one is being arrested for assaulting Kyle (even after admitting it in the prelim) because of the fear of having black men arrested, but the white guy being let go FOR LACK OF CREDIBLE EVIDENCE in the prelim (so far). It is a shame what happened all around, but political correctness is rearing its ugly head once again.

    • Thinking allowed

      He wasn’t “let go.” It’s just that the judge recognized that what evidence was available at this point was nowhere useful to obtain a conviction. So releasing him now was probably a choice made in order to continue to develop evidence that would lead to a possible conviction later.

      I doubt whether protecting his rights as a defendant was much more than window dressing and a tool of the defense lawyers. The press loves the churning that give them opportunity for profitable political correctness. And Arcata loves the chance to display their cultural sensitivity too.

      Zoellner’s family’s claim offer the exact opposite. It plays neither to political sensitivity nor cultural sensativity. It’s a lose-lose for every organization involved.

      Would be nice if it really was about justice. That would be a win for society.

      • I disagree. The APD felt pressured to arrest Zoellner that night and once in jail, the DA felt pressured to bring charges. Both the DA & APD caved to public pressure- fearing that releasing a white man might:
        1. Look bad
        2. Increase local unrest (which the APD has already admitted it is not equipped to handle)
        3. Bring unwanted national attention.
        Thankfully the judge took his job seriously by giving Kyle a prompt, thorough and open hearing.
        Having said this, the prelim hearing showed not only that there wasn’t enough evidence to continue holding Kyle, but that the hard evidence that they did have pointed towards someone else. Specifically, the bloody knife had a fingerprint and fibers- neither belonged to Zoellner and Kyle’s boss clearly stated that the knife missing from Kyle’s role was a smaller pairing knife. The murder weapon didn’t match/come from Kyle’s knife set. Everybody who testified said that Kyle was not aggressive/hostile when he got to the party. This would indicate, at least to me- if I’m allowed to think it through- that Kyle didn’t bring the knife. Clearly, you would not have a consensus of Kyle’s non-aggressive manner if he walked up carrying a large kitchen knife. Also, given that several people at the party want to put the murder on Kyle, you’d expect that people would be eager to testify that they’d seen him with a knife.
        Regardless of how you interpret the evidence (as we have it so far), you can check the press release that the APD & DA put out following Zoellner’s release. The DA, in particular, said that the evidence they had at that time was different from what they had the night he was arrested. This, to me, says that they knew the evidence pointed to someone other than Kyle (as opposed to thinking that the evidence was just insufficient for a conviction).

  • Sad mess up in Arcata. APD, HSU and city leaders bending way over backwards to be politically correct. Zoellner has a case but will need a top notch lawyer to swim against the tide of ongoing b.s. machine for the deceased. Police Chief should step down or be relieved of duty for his actions, statements (“we failed
    Josiah!”) and failure to adequately manage a homicide professionally. Will all end up before in courts and let the juries sort it out, really a sad statement of affairs in Arcata.

  • Painfully obvious that assault charges should be pressed against whoever beat Kyle. But in this case, serving justice may cause a race riot.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Some people can’t handle the truth. Need that shot of dopamine from what they want to hear!

    • Enforce The Law

      Ha ha! A race riot?! In Arcata?! Very doubtful. The citizens would shut it down if the cops didn’t. The crybaby parade we saw shutting down Safeway parking lot was just a swarm of young idiots who would run away at the first real opposition. We have very meek wanna-be revolutionaries here. And anyways- that is no reason to NOT arrest violent assaulters or to let justice slide. To refuse to serve justice because you’re afraid of the consequences is a [edit] move that only degrades our justice system and leads to a worse society. Of course- APD is directed by the [edit] Council of Arcata so I wouldn’t be surprised if they all didn’t want to just run and hide until the big bad race issue went away. That is Arcata. Big talk- No spine.

  • Can anyone comment about Chandler’s relationship with Lawson? Were they best friends or really good friends, because he seems to be always visible in the aftermath. If they were at least really good friends, then I can see his continued involvement.

  • Veterans friend

    Short of a confession, no one will be convicted of the murder IMO. The assault…another matter entirely. That has been witnessed & addmitted apparently.

  • what about the Craigslist post? The person that needed to get it off their chest cuz he knows who did it and wanted them to turn themselves in. Said it wasn’t Zoellner but Josiah’s “bro” that was trying to stab Zoellner but missed and got Josiah. I’m sure the post has been seen ???

  • OMG!! I’m happy to see this post, finally someone seeking logical justice in this case. They will probably find Lawson’s stabber after arresting the only known assalients(minus the deceased). Justice for Kyle!! End all racism including black on white!!

  • Kinda like a black man going to a kkk meeting. Jail the racists that are CLEARLY guilty….

    • No one is clearly guilty. Otherwise that person would be awaiting trial, clearly.

      • The ones that beat kyle are guilty of assault [edit]….jail them

      • Lol ya admitting to violently assaulting one guy with two of your friends isn’t clear enough for you.

      • Life time local

        Certain people admitted asaulting another on the stand how is that not clearly guilty. There’s no self defense claim that makes it okay for three plus people to beat someone that bad.

  • what’s with brothers united and there policy of not talking or incriminating any of its members? You want to find the truth they should start fucking talking or shut the fuck up.

    • For reals!! Within 24 hours they kick out the member that wouldn’t back up their story, but yet they want justce? No, they are extreme racist and Chandler wants Zoellner in Jail so he doesn’t have to admit what happened.

  • the 3 demandments

    Uncle Zoellner,
    This is God. I consulted with Santa and we both agree people of our flock do not demand things from a community, nor threatens them. People in my flock look to me for help and answers. They also forgive and know when to be quite. Now is probably one of those times. You are only making things worse for yourself and your nephew. Please stop. Let myself and the authorities handle this.
    The Almighty

  • It’s not racist to point out crimes committed by ethnic peoples in a primarily white area.

    • I'm not mad, just disappointed -_-

      “It’s not racist to point out crimes committed by ‘ethnic peoples’ in a primarily white area.”

      If using the term “ethnic peoples” wasn’t bad enough…

      Luddite: I’m not a racist and/or xenophobe, but lets chat about those damn “ethnic crimes” happening in our white area…damn you Jazz and rock n’ roll!

      smh >_<

  • For me, this whole series of events has really brought into focus the imperfections in our Justice System. I wonder how many have been wrongly accused and convicted. And also how many have never been charged. I will never look at suspects, victims and witnesses the same way again. Thank you everyone for all your comments and insights.

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