CHP Releases Photo of Suspect Who Fled Traffic Collision on Shelter Cove Road

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Christopher Sean Basar

Christopher Sean Basar

On 05-17-17, at 1520 hours, a Garberville Area CHP officer observed a black Chevrolet S10 pickup truck traveling westbound on Shelter Cove Road straddling both lanes, and not displaying any license plates.  The officer attempted to initiate an enforcement stop on the Chevrolet and the vehicle fled.

The vehicle fled for a short distance, approximately one half of a mile, and overturned as it negotiated a left hand curve in the roadway.  The officer arrived on scene of the collision moments after it occurred, and observed the driver climbing out of the crushed driver side window and door.  The driver exited the Chevrolet and fled on foot.  The officer told the driver to stop and he did not.  The officer deployed his taser twice, striking the suspect on the second attempt.  The suspect continued to flee and fell over the side of a heavily wooded downhill embankment.

The officer ran to the edge of the embankment and observed the suspect fleeing downhill.  The officer observed the suspect for as long as he could, until he lost sight of him in the heavy foliage.

Responding units set up a perimeter, but discovered evidence the suspect had escaped the perimeter.  Additional resources were requested such as aircraft and K9 officers but none were available.  Every attempt has been made to locate the suspect, but he is still outstanding.  A loaded handgun was found in the suspect vehicle.  Should he be seen, please contact the Garberville Area CHP office at (707) 923-2155, or call 911.

Note: The suspect, Christopher Sean Basar of Shelter Cove, is described as 6’4″, 200 pounds with a shaved head, black beard and tan skin.



  • AnonymousHumboldtian

    No name?

  • Looks like a friendly fellow (sarcasm)

  • Why run? Was there a warrant or criminal history? 500 lbs in the vehicle?

  • A press release 20 hours later…. nice community protection and public service

  • LOL Civil War beard like so many of the local grower scum.

  • Man…I just weep for the loss of paradise. SoHum wasn’t a total Asshole Magnet 40 years ago.

    • I hear you Elvis. Problem is SoHum allowed most of this to occur. We are responsible. We over romanticized the MJ industry, because after all it was “doing no harm, I am just growing, no big deal”. We then allowed a District Attorney multiple terms that only bitch slapped the big growers that were caught or plea bargained with fines. He was also beholding to the grow crowd. Word got out that Humboldt was easy and welcoming to the growers. That included the big ones, and SoHum welcomed them in. “Doing no harm, just growing, no big deal”. The final straw was when residents/community had enough of it, but they did not want to turn in their neighbors because then the “government” would be at their doors snooping around.

      Definitely an Asshole Magnet, could not have said it better myself. I count myself in with the responsibility, should have woke up a long time ago.


      • Recall Estelle

        Don’t blame me I didn’t drink the Paul Gallegos Kool-Aid and anyone that did I hope it weighs on their concious.

        • Veterans friend

          I like your name. I feel very much betrayed by her.

          • I think pretty much everyone in sohum does

          • Lots of ‘alternative community people’ drank the KoolAid Estelle served. People thought, ‘she’s one of us’, or, because of her association with (and her often lackluster job at) KMUD, that she was ‘hip’.

        • I like that he was soft on cannabis crime, but hate that he (and law enforcement) failed miserably to prosecute environmental crimes.

      • Well,…my mother moved to Whitethorn in the very early 70’s and said it was sort of a crazy magnet back then.
        Come to think of it things were wild in a different way back then. My first underage drink at a bar was at the
        Country Tavern. Then it had to get all gentrified and stuff.

  • Maybe he fled due to ICE or terror watch list?

  • As long as there is a market for dope, we will have to deal with this element

  • With that look he’ll breeze through the TSA security lines.

  • Geust nailed it-he’s part of an allah Akbar terrorist cell ready to take over the Scientology bunker. Any county bounty on this sleazebag?

  • Safe House in The Cove?

  • The racist comments are shameful. This guy is a big enough dirtbag to not have to crack jokes about his race.

  • You can run,you can hide,but you will be caught!

  • If the story posted, is “true” ………….. and the cops didn’t catch the guy? Then how would they know who it is and post pictures of the alleged offender??………. and in my opinion, I’m glad he had a loaded gun on him, everyone has the right to bear arms. Its the 2nd amendment of our constitution. I don’t like cops, or anybody with a badge, that tries to over exert or over use their authority. So hell yeah run from that situation! I’m glad he got away, maybe the pigs will train their people better, so then, when a real killer, or someone doing harm to the community won’t escape “the perimeter”. I also despise anyone who sits back and cracks jokes on a posted picture of false accusations, without knowing anything about the real situation. People who do that need to get a life and remember that they, are most likely paying their own bills with illegal activities of their own. I hate “hear say”, hypocrites, badges and social media. F@=K all of them!

  • If he fell down that hillside he’d end up on the bike trail that goes out to kings peak rd.

  • Only DOPES calls cannabis “dope”. Amazing there are still so many ignorants out there. Must be congenital.

    • Lefthanded Lunatics

      Why do you think it was called “dope”? Sure isn’t “medicine”.

      You smoke it and it gets you high. Best used on “dopes”, as it makes you into a dope, and it also changes boys into girls. Pretty soon you will have breasts and your cock won’t work. Valuable stuff, huh?

      • I’m theorizing that you think you don’t know many marijuana smokers. I know multiple men in their 60’s and 70’s that are smoke multiple times a day and have done so for at least 50 years. None of them have breasts and while I haven’t engaged in conversations about their prowess, I also haven’t heard complaints from the ladies in their lives.

        • I’ve been smoking it for 40 years, and I still call it “dope”….. take a chill-pill, Mr. semantics.

      • You probably still think jerking off makes you go blind!

      • Just My Opinion

        I’ve been smoking since 1967 (I’m 62). I’ll bet I’m in better physical shape and my utensil is bigger and more potent than yours. Go get another manicure.

  • Another idiot! Why oh why do these individuals have to travel with loaded weapons? Paranoia, or maybe he’s not very popular and despised, either way, not a very smart thing to do.

  • Thats karma for shooting my jeep up just cause his girl sucking dick at marios bar ..fuk that guy. He two doors dowm right now but i aint no snitch.

  • Totally Basar.

  • Capitalist pig

    This guy was driving a Chevy S 10 people. that clinches it for me this guy is obviously a dirt bag

  • Well, the CHUMP would say weed terrorist, but the guy was driving a Chevy.

  • It must be ma Hogwollow Blood.

  • Amimissingsomething

    The Deputy should have told him to stop “one” time. If he continues to run, then shoot the SOB and leave him lay.

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