Who Killed Randy the Lost Coast Ranch Zebra? Reward for Arrest Rising, Over $5500 Raised So Far

Zebra behind barbed wire

Randy the Petrolia Zebra. [Photo by Jessica Sandford]

Like many, Jim Redd, a local Realtor, is furious about the shooting of Randy the Lost Coast Ranch zebra over the weekend.

“Everybody’s really, really upset,” he explained. “How could somebody do that?” he asked. “Everybody knows [the zebras.]”

Recently, he became friends with the owners and enjoyed the zebras. When Randy was shot, Redd decided to chip in to help post the initial reward of $5000 for the arrest of and conviction of the person who shot and killed Randy. But others have wanted to help also and have pledged funds to bring the killer to justice. Redd says he has heard from people all over the country.

“[W]e currently have $5,500 committed,” explained Jim Redd who is helping coordinate the effort to raise reward money but he hopes to raise more. If you would like to help, additional donations can be sent to Four Star Realty, 331 Harris St., Eureka, 95503. Make checks payable to Randy’s Reward.

According to Redd, “Checks will be returned if not used.”

If you have any information, call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or (707) 268-2539.

The three zebras of the Lost Coast.

Randy in the foreground with darker stripes, Josephine and Lost Coast, their offspring, in the background. [Photo by Andrew Goff of the Lost Coast Outpost]

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  • John Fullerton

    I am happy to add $500 to Jim’s fund.

    This shooting sicko needs to be stopped & jailed before he does something even worse.

  • Who ever did this is just one sick horrible person! This is just so sad! I really hope they catch this SOB and put the screws to him! Such a beautiful animal that people love to be able to stop, look at and take pictures of. Now he’s gone. Just makes me sick and sad!

  • I agree with John. This kinda crap needs to stop. I’m so sorry to the owners. It’s easy to see how well their loved,and cared for.

  • Zebras belong in Africa. Height of yuppie arrogance.

    • Did your Mother beat you as a child? Who gives one shit where they come from. Were they taken care of? Obviously, yes they were. Only some sick SOB would do that to an animal. Zebras are a lot like horses. Why shoot a horse. It’s not a trophy.. Randy was just eating grass and some lowlife inhumane non human POS shoots him. WTF is wrong with you??

    • Ed, You must be a indigenous person. Otherwise, with your logic, you belong somewhere else also.

      Anyway, there is little justification for killing someone’s pet.

    • Yes, and chances are you don’t belong on this continent either. Forgive me if you are of Native American ancestry.

    • And horses aren’t native to the Americas. Do they belong back in Europe?

  • Probably a out of town dope buyer did it .

  • I would be ok with ” an eye for an eye” in this situation…

  • Just another example of the “wacko with gun” epidemic. [edit]

  • WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! I hope people chip in as much as needed!

    What seems of grave concern IS…how are the other zebras being protected from further murderous attacks as they graze like “sitting ducks” in their home pasture?

    Yikes! I love zebras! Need to build a fort with body guards 24/7!

  • So sad and so wrong cops please catch the murderer

  • Condolences to the owners, so sad. I hope they catch whoever did it and there’s a stiff sentence for killing a beloved pet!

  • is there a silver lining, on a zebra?

  • Sounds like something Marci kitchen might do,

  • As a physician, I weary of so much talk about retribution. There is something wrong with a person who would shoot a zebra. That person needs help to reintegrate into society, and we need to work on building a society that includes everyone.

  • You maybe a serial killer if:

    You wet the bed.
    are an only child.
    murder an innocent Zebra.


  • Covelo or busted

    This is usually the work of a cocky hormonal male…16-28 , drunk with an attitude ,and some sort of beef w/ the landowner or their relations. This has happened in Mad River [horse]and Zenia [Ass] a few years back… i think there was BIG reward money there also. Don’t think they ever caught the jerks.. Hoping this sad case gets solved.

  • Thinking allowed

    If some dogs that people let roam free had taken down this zebra, would there be the same level of outrage over this poor zebra’s death?

    Although it might have been a much more horrific death if that had happened, I think many ‘animal lovers’ would probably side with the dog owners in that case. Dogs, one of the animals people know personally, are viewed through rose colored glasses of personal relationship while stock, who suffer much abuse from irresponsible dog owners, are not considered to have worthy lives. Unless killed by a human who it is acceptable to hate.

    Irrationality abounds when it involves animals’ deaths.

    • If you think about it, humans are the worst animals out there. There’s far too many of us. We take over prime natural wildlife habitat and screw the animals that live there. We strip the land of all resources, leaving garbage in our wake. We try to screw each other over, whenever we can. We turned the oceans into a huge toilet. So, yes, the outrage would be the same, because it’s always some stupid human.

  • It breaks my heart that such a beautiful, innocent creature cannot simply exist in this world untouched by the worst of humanity. There is no redeeming such a killer because they are incapable of caring about anything.

  • I was one of three thatchers who thatched The Lost Coast Ranch 6 years ago. I live in the county of Kent in England. !0 miles North of Historic City of Canterbury and just 15miles from the famous w hite cliffs of Dover . On the day we arrived to start work two of the zebras come rushing over to greet us. Randy the male was the most exhubrient he then chomped into my arm.- not breaking the skin but leaving a large bruise.
    I immediately thought these are’nt domesticated (da) animals but I loved them. The owners insured that the animals were put in the barn at night and out in the paddocks again in the morning . They clearly cared for them. What murdering mentalist would shoot an animal like this? I only heard about the incident by chance and i can’t put into words how disgusted i feel about such needless slaughter. David Kenward , England.

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