[UPDATE 4 p.m.] Miranda Schools on Lockdown Following Report of an Agitated Man With Firearms

Breaking news graphicAll Miranda schools are on lockdown following a report of an agitated man armed with a gun [possibly a rifle and a handgun]. According to scanner traffic, family members have indicated that the man (who was just burying a dog) may shoot himself or law enforcement.

UPDATE 12:38 p.m.: Law enforcement has issued a Code 4–no further assistance needed. This usually means that the situation is under control.

UPDATE 12:51 p.m.: Stacy Hanson, a Humboldt County Sheriff’s spokesperson, said that her department received a call at 12:01 p.m. of a suicidal subject. The subject has now complied with commands of officers on the scene to surrender and the situation is not volatile. She is going to attempt to gather more information and get back to us.

UPDATE 12:58 p.m.: The schools are off lockdown.

UPDATE 1:04 p.m.: Stacy Hanson confirmed that her department had been told that the man killed his dog. According to Hanson, the man is being evaluated now for “health and well-being.” Officers on scene are attempting to learn whether the initial reports are as was first reported to them.

UPDATE 3:05 p.m.:
According to Stacy Hanson, Kyle Adkins age 23 of Miranda had 30.06 rifle nearby when law enforcement came in contact with him. Adkins surrendered without incident to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. He was detained and evaluated. In the course of the investigation, Adkins was determined to have killed his dog because of health issues. However, Adkins was eventually placed under a mental health hold.

UPDATE 4 p.m.: This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at about 1201pm, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the 300 block of School Road, Miranda for a report of a suicidal subject with a gun. It was also reported the subject had shot his dog.

Once deputies arrived on scene they contacted Kyle Adkins, age 23 of Miranda. Verbal commands were given by Deputies and Adkins surrendered without incident. Adkins was detained and placed on a mental health hold. Deputies located and took possession of a 30.06 rifle that was located nearby.

It was determined that the dog was shot and killed due to poor health conditions. Miranda High School was put on a brief lockdown while this incident was taking place.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.




  • Veterans friend

    Well that is pretty awful. Glad it’s over.

  • A 30-06? What’s left of the dog?

  • This is my son and he is getting help! That dog was kyle’s Bestfriend and only friend he had. Yes he shot his dog and he’s very sad to have to do anything like that. Please just pray for Kyle and keep in mind Mental illness is a huge problem in our county. Kyle’s Birthday is tomorrow so maybe light a candle for him and pray you never have to deal with a child that is this depressed.

    • My support to all the moms who have children that are hurting. Many of us have family members who are mentally ill. It is hard on us and worse on them.

  • This is kyles sister and i was the one here when this all took place! This was a horrifying event to deal with and my brother’s birthday is tomorrow! He has suffered with severe depression for many years and refused to get any help for it.. He has been suicidal for a long time and has made one other attempt that I know of!
    He has said in the past a few times that if he was going to take his life he would kill his dog Jarvis so his dog would be with him!
    So when i heard two gunshots fired i ran out of the house and was screaming his name thinking he had shot his dog and then him self! This was one of the scariest moments i have ever been through but when I got closer i heard him yell at me to go back to the house! I asked him why he was shooting a gun and he told me that Jarvis has been in pain and he didn’t want him to suffer anymore! I grabbed him and we fell to the ground both crying so hard and i was holding him so tight. I asked him to give me the gun and he refused! I was so scared, i begged him not to kill himself and he told me to pull it together and go back to the house.
    I did and I set on the porch outside terrified i would here another shot and it would be him taking his life!

    Please pray for my brother, he needs strength to except the treatment and that he gets better!
    Thanks Kayla Adkins

  • That must be very hard for you and your mom to share. I’m glad you did before we had to hear everyone give their uneducated opinion. I know this is very hard on your whole family, especially your brother. I will light a candle for Kyle. Maybe this will be the beginning of him getting the help he needs.

  • John & Terry Schmidt

    We are sorry to hear of Kyle’s mental illness, and are praying for him.

  • Candle for Kyle

    Your an amazing sister! I hope he gets better.

  • How horrific for all of you Kayla, but even more so for the soft-spoken, kind, generous but introved and confused Kyle whom we love so much. Heartbreaking. You all are in our prayers.

    It is important that people be aware of the inadequacy and failure of our mental health system. As has happened in the past, Kyle will likely be “evaluated”, considered not to be an “immediate danger to himself or others” and released from so the merry-go-round can continue. Sad beyond belief and extremely dangerous.

    The impact of Regan’s defunding and closing California’s mental health facilities continues. Despite families best efforts to get treatment for their loved ones and avert disaster (please google Aaron Bassler) our mental health system continues to rely upon the judgment of mentally ill individuals consenting to treatment, rather than relying on the input of the families who love them. Our ridiculous system relies upon the judgment of people who have become too ill to recognize their own need for treatment and it MUST be changed.

  • It is hard in this area to find help for a mentally ill person even when everyone involved is willing and able to seek help.

  • I read a lot of comments but rarely contribute. Reading the accounts from the mother and sister was heartbreaking yet inspiring. It took the conversation to a healing insightful place, thank you and good luck with a supportive family and friends we can go far. My condolences to your pup.

  • My candle is still lit for Kyle.

  • Kayla and Brenda, I hope Kyle is getting the help he needs and that he gets better. You are a great family who support each other. My prayers are with Kyle as he goes through this bad time. 💗 Hugs.

  • Karen (Azure) Kurth

    Sending you, Brenda and Kayla, positive hopes for Kyle. Wow I surely remember how great and bonded we all were. Please put me in your healing circle.
    Karen Kurth

  • Blessings to Kyle and his family and I want to add that Lyme’s disease often shows up as severe depression and mental anxiety, it might be worthwhile getting a test.

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